#1 Sneaker Aufbewahrung | Julian Woll 👑

#1 Sneaker Aufbewahrung | Julian Woll 👑

Hey hey,
I have now received my shoe boxes and these I will build now the tedious part comes now that I have this
40 boxes must now build *Dust suction* The difficulty with the shoe boxes exists
in that there is a lot in the pact Styrofoam which I am not in
Wants to distribute apartment. I try to suck everything sn Styrofoam immediately. I suspect that does not do so much
becomes. So, hey hey,
I have now finished building the first 23 boxes. But unfortunately there is still a whole stack missing
to boxes. I have the TV before
built up. he will come later to the right on the remaining boxes. Here is still a little stypophr on the ground.
which is extremely annoying. I have often vacuumed the entire apartment,
However, there is always a new place again new styrofoam grains on. meanwhile a week has passed I now have about exactly 40 shoe boxes
built up This is the current result. I still miss 14 more boxes, which
I still have to build up. I just do not want more styrofoam in the
Distribute apartment. On all shoe boxes comes a wooden plate The plastic is very dust-prone. Since I do not feel like dusting every two days
to wipe the boxes thus from above covered So again a few days later
I now have a plate on top of the shoe rack received on top of it. Now the last 14 boxes are still missing,
which I still have to build. Here I hid these
They come from there because there. The entire shelf then needs to be expanded to that point. The cables behind the TV, I have wonderful
can hide.

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