10 BEST Wrestlers IN THE WORLD RANKED! Becky Lynch HEEL TURN SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

10 BEST Wrestlers IN THE WORLD RANKED! Becky Lynch HEEL TURN SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk news
– I’m Oli Davis. Who is the best wrestler in the world? It’s
a question hotly debated in chat rooms, YouTube comments sections, and awkward family gatherings
where my 8-year-old nephew says it’s Roman Reigns.
It’s not, Sam, it’s not. You don’t even watch New Japan.
Pro Wrestling Illustrated has an annual effort to settle the debate – or, more likely, cause
people to debate even harder – with its PWI 500: a somewhat kayfabed list of the best
500 wrestlers in the world over the last 12 month period, voted on by the magazine’s
editors and writers. And this year’s rankings have now been unveiled:
At the bottom of the top 10, we kick off with The Miz. Tetsuya Naito next at No. 9. Cody
Rhodes is eighth. Roman Reigns is No. 7 – I TOLD YOU, SAM. I TOLD YO-
– at 6 we have Braun Strowman. Seth Rollins is fifth. Brock Lesnar as No. 4. Kazuchika
Okada third. AJ Styles at number two. And in first place, the 7 star current IWGP Heavyweight
Champion in New Japan, Kenny Omega. Oh, this? This is just another excellent pro
wrestling publication – the WrestleTalk Magazine. Order the brand new issue now by clicking
the ‘i’ above my head! One of the more noted absences from the Top
10, considering he’s the current NXT champion and has headlined three TakeOvers back-to-back
in an incredible feud with Johnny Gargano, is Tommaso Ciampa. So he took to Twitter to
give his version of the PWI 500 – where the top 10 are all him:
1. Tommaso Ciampa 2. The Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time 3. The Champ 4. The Main Event
5. Mr. Takeover 6. Psycho Killer 7. Tommy Sports Entertainment 8. BLACKHEART 9. (See
# 1-8) 10. (Photo Below) – with a photo of, you guessed it, Tommaso Ciampa!
If WWE had it their way, Ciampa would count Becky Lynch as one of his esteemed heel colleagues.
But it turns out they might have actually listened to us for once!
Fan favourite Becky was positioned as the plucky underdog going into SummerSlam, where
her best friend Charlotte stole victory from her in the last moments of their Women’s
Championship triple threat. This made Becky snap, finally attacking Charlotte to a huge
reaction from the crowd. It seemed we were getting badass babyface Lynch!
Until she cut a heel promo blaming the fans on SmackDown two days later, and WWE Producer
Road Dogg blamed the fans for being told a badly booked story. So in trying to make a
new villain, WWE managed to create one of most loudly received babyfaces in the company.
You had one job! This Tuesday’s SmackDown was no different,
with Lynch attacking Charlotte after her title defence against Carmella, and saying she’d
be getting her women’s championship back at Hell in a Cell “you bitch” – a line
which got the biggest reaction of the night. According to John Pollock on the Rewind-A-SmackDown
podcast, this was by design, as WWE are now moving away from Becky being an out-and-out
heel: “So I was told this after [this week’s
Smackdown] that last week, based on the reaction Becky got, that they have slightly changed
the direction here where the idea now is much less of a heel/babyface dynamic and instead
it’s two ex-friends that both have valid points and neither is going to back down from
the other and still getting Becky to the same place they wanted to but not so much wanting
Charlotte to be a heel as a result of this.” As a special treat for the SWAFT Nation, if
you visit WrestleCrate.co.uk and use the discount code WTTV, you’ll get a free Scott Hall
autograph in your first box! WrestleCrate is a monthly mystery box full of loads of
wrestling goodies, which has items from the biggest promotions in wrestling.
Has a huge Hell in a Cell match been spoiled by WWE’s Super Show-Down event? Click the
WrestleTalk.com link onscreen now to find out! And give us a subscribe to never miss
a future episode. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  1. nice when you talked about Brock Lesnar there was no pic funny as hell joke LOL you need to do that when talking about John Cena since we can't see him

  2. oh so it's the Bayley Sasha Banks story line all over again pretty much GRRReeeeet NOT because that worked out so well the first time

  3. WWE is really scrapping Becky's heel turn??? They actually listened to us for once??? IT'S A MIRACLE :()

    I cannot argue with PWI's top 2 picks as AJ & Kenny are easily neck & neck for the title of greatest Pro Wrestler in the world today, either one can easily be the #1 guy on the list but I have to completely disagree with Okada at #3 as Seth Rollins should be at #3 instead of at #5!!! Seth is easily Raw's MVP & 1 of the very few reasons to tune in on Monday nights. Seth's matches each & every Monday are the show's biggest & most exciting highlights!!! Okada (post-Kenny) has not had the kind of performances & has not been on the kind of roll that The Kingslayer has been on!!!

    Kenny Omega, AJ Styles & Seth Rollins are the true Top 3 in Pro Wrestling today period!!!!!!!

  4. Becky has one big problem, she isn’t blond sadly in WWE this means she can’t get to the top of the ladder no matter how good she is.

  5. On Becky being dropped as a heel, they are going to screw this up. She could turn into the first female anti-hero face, much like that Stone Cold became. She has a strong look, can show a fair amount of meanness and still turn positive crowd reactions. She is perfect. And after this feud, setting up the Four Horsewomen angle, she could be dubbed the “Enforcer” (nod to Arn Anderson). This writes itself dang it!

  6. Road Dogg's tweet makes no sense, I get the feeling he does not watch the show he is producing at all because that is not the story they told. With Charlotte being on the shelf that becomes part of the story because this is not a movie. Everything that happens on tv by intentions of the writers or someone being out for a while due to injury counts towards the story. The viewers saw Becky scratch and claw for the chance the entire time Charlotte was out. Then Flair returns and bam she has her chance without doing all the fighting to get there. All the announcers talk about how everyone goes to the back of the line ignoring Roman getting 20 shots in a row, we are just not that stupid.

  7. They might as well just turn Charlotte heel. Just make her get more and more cocky until she's full heel again. She's way better as a heel

  8. Come on I lvoe AJ but he is NOT #2..Okada is number 2 who could actually arguably a possibility as being #1 even over Omega. But AJ done little to nothing special in WWE in 2018.

  9. WWE might not want Charlotte to be a heel but the fans are going to treat her like she is the heel, everybody is behind Becky Lynch, everybody is sick of Daddy's little girl getting whatever she wants just because she is the daughter of a womanizing Coke snorting alcoholic jackass

  10. What part of Becky lynch is a heel don't you understand. She is a heel just like stone cold Steve Austin was. She is gonna be a heel that everyone likes. So what part of Becky lynch is a heel don't you understand

  11. I guess @wwe forgot that any story is based upon perception. And they do a bad job at writing the stories with the results they want.

  12. Just like I said they can’t have their money cow Charlotte be like like that piece of shit Roman Reigns! Getting boos everywhere she goes, god forbid!!

  13. Man fired up last kicker Becky Lynch yes yes yes she turned heel it's awesome Charlotte gets over and over cause of her pops becky deserves woman's title hard work and even heel fans cheer her cause their annoyed and 316 Becky rulzzzzz


  15. Roman Reigns is better than Brock Lesnar and and Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins is better than Brock Lesnar, Okada, Aj Styles, and Kenny Omega

  16. How are wrestling fans so stupid??? They don’t want Becky to be a heel because they love her. Then you want The Miz to be a face??? You want Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era to be a face??? You want Velveteen Dream to be a face??? You want Andrade Cien Almas to be a face???

  17. How is The Architect ,The Man, The King Slayer Seth Freaking Rollins not #1?.

    Seth is a hundred times better than Kenny.

    I honestly thought either Seth or Roman would be number 1.

    Seth because he's the best an Roman because whether you love him or hate him he can generate a massive reaction from every arena he steps into an he has improved a lot his mic skills are better an he gotten even better in the ring.

    Roman has always been good in the ring but he's gotten even better these past few months.

  18. I love how the statement is like "Yeah we're going to MAKE it more like they both have good points" as if that wasn't already there they were just too fucking stupid to realize that's what they fucking wrote.

  19. So what you're saying is that WWE got……Lynch Mobbed? And THAT'S what it takes for them to listen. HA HA we know the way.

  20. I don't know why WWE refuses to turn Charlotte heel. Charlotte is epic as a heel, her best work is always as a heel. Charlotte is a natural heel.

  21. So, it's not about listening to the fans and making Becky a face, but it's about being afraid the fans will organically boo Charlotte as the heel in their rivalry. Wow, WWE is hitting a new low here.

  22. Finally they listen to us, now turn Finn Balor and Bobby Roode heel. Then give EC3 the million dollar championship. After that change the Universal title to a Universal title that actually looks good.

  23. They also said Lynch will be more the anti-hero anti-authority figure and if you see her posts towards WWE on her twitter you can see where the anti-authority comes in.

  24. PWI 500 list getting people to mass debate so hard over top 10 Best Wrestler ranking. What a bunch of rankers. (…I thank you. :)-

  25. I can see "Straight Fire" Becky Lynch actually work out.

    "Straight Fire" says: "You are just a bitch"

    Super-kick to the face followed by the dis-arm her.

    Fans chant: "Tap Bitch Tap, Tap Bitch Tap"

    omg PG13 this asap =P

  26. Wtf 70% of that list is garbage.Roman would make it,wwe is constantly trying to make shit work for that mutt.when is he gonna under stand the fans.maybe if they took his act to Disney he wouldn't get booed cus all the kids and lady's love.he's a good wrestler but top ten get the fuck outta here with that shit.

  27. Sorry calling bullshit Becky is 1,000,000% heel there is no way you can splice it how else if you're gonna have a heel turn without someone attacking the other for no reason

  28. That bitch line was epic.
    Bad ass Becky is female Steve Austin.
    He couldn't be a heel if he tried, neither can she.

  29. No shinsuke in top 10!!!!!!!
    Kenny omega is probably good to be in top 3 and yeah he is a revolutionary wrestling superstar but being on top for him seems only to be a controversy against wwe

  30. Brock wrestles like 1 match for the whole year where he just spams Suplex till his special meter is filled… Is ranked in the top 5… Yet no mentions of Shinsuke Nakamura… K

  31. If reigns is Vince's boy, Charlotte is Vince's girl. Charlotte is really over, but if she's presented as the squeaky clean baby who always manages to win and keep the women's strap, people will tire of it.

  32. I'm confused by the wording when he said, "still getting Becky to the same place they wanted to." It sounds kind of like they still want Becky to be a heel, just not until after her feud with Charlotte ends because of the obvious crowd rejection. Or do they mean they merely wanted to elevate her, regardless of alignment, and this accomplishes that too?

  33. Maybe I'm crazy, but since I was following the Becky storyline from the beginning I think it made sense the entire time. The seeds for the heel turn were planted weeks ahead of time

  34. Didn’t Roman win PWI top wrestler a few years ago?!?! Yeah I think he did still his yard the BIG DOG Michael Cole Voice

  35. I am liking Beckys Heel turn. Don't mess it up. I think she needs a full heel turn maybe lead a faction once she regains the title. New Entrance Music is a Must.

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