10 Rules You Need To Know Before You First Triathlon | Race Tips For Beginners

10 Rules You Need To Know Before You First Triathlon | Race Tips For Beginners

– You spent all this time training hard, putting in the hours, so the last thing you want
to do is get disqualified. Make sure you know the
rules ahead of race day. ‘Cause it’s amazing, even the obvious ones can suddenly slip your mind
when you have the added stress of the competition. (light music) In non-drafting races, you
must keep the set distance behind the bike in front of you, but when it comes to the swim,
there are no drafting rules. You’re allowed to get as
close to the swimmer in front and basically, the closer you get, the more advantage you’ll have. That leads us on to the drafting rule and it’s pretty clear in most races, but make sure you go to the race briefing as sometimes the distance can vary, but something that isn’t always as clear and that’s the time which you have in order to drop back if
you’ve been overtaken. So say it’s a 12 metre drafting race and you have five seconds,
an athlete overtakes you, you then have to make it
to 12 metres behind them within that five seconds. In the cycling, make sure
that when you overtake, you always overtake from the outside. So if you’re doing a race in the UK, we’d cycle on the left, that means you overtake on the right. And check the rules, even when overtaking, you quite often have to
stay within the white line in the middle. If you’re going out for a training ride, or riding with your
club, you wouldn’t dream of taking a gel out of
your pocket, eating it, and then throwing it on the roadside, so the same goes for race day. Make sure you know
where the drop zones are and you can leave your
litter in these areas. And if you do drop your
litter outside of it, it’s a violation, and you can
quite often be disqualified. In most big races, and definitely in Kona, you’d be hard pressed to find a bike that’s not a time-trial bike. So in non-drafting
races, there are no rules as to what you can ride. So if you’ve got a bike
sat in your garage, you have no excuse, why not go
and do your first triathlon. Staying with the bike, and this was actually a common mistake, even if you do know the
rules inside and out, it’s the helmet. Make sure when you come into
T1, the first thing you do is put your helmet on. You’re not allowed to remove your bike until your helmet is securely done up. And the same comes when
you’re coming back into T2. Run in with your bike. Keep your helmet on until
your bike’s securely racked and then you can remove
your helmet and off you go. Now this rule is an obvious one, but just make sure you
know the course markers. So different races will
have different colour buoys. Make sure you know on the swim which side you’ve got to be of them, and the same for the bike and the run. Transition areas are
different in every race, so make sure you’ve
checked it out beforehand. Sometimes it can be
quite a long way to run until you’re allowed to get on your bike, so make sure you know
where that mount line is and you don’t get on your bike before it. And then vice versa
when you’re coming back. Do not try and get off your bike too late. That’s often where the problem comes because you might be
speeding into transition, trying to make up time, but make sure you’ve got
enough time to stop safely and get off your bike
before that white line. Knowing these basic rules inside out and then checking anything
specific to your event ahead of race day will make sure that all of your work
won’t have been wasted. So if you’ve enjoyed this
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  1. Last year you could carry your brother over the line, despite the ITU rules implying that was not allowed. And Individual country rules like US saying no. This year it’s really not allowed.

  2. Heather, for 2018, you should do a sprint and Oly and post a vlog series about the differences from long distance races! If nothing else, I'm sure you'll learn something from the experience!

  3. Make sure your bike is race legal, not all bikes are good to go. Especially important in draft-legal races, where the rules mostly conform to the UCI ruleset…

  4. If you wish to overtake a cyclist how long do you have to overtake them before falling foul of the drafting rule?

  5. Questions about swim rules:

    1 – Are you required to use the crawl stroke for the swim or can you use a different stroke? I've got a fast breast stroke that I can sustain for long distances and would like to use it if the weather is windy and the water surface choppy. Would that be allowed? If other strokes are allowed, has anyone ever used a different stroke and can you offer any advice on avoiding kicking other swimmers with a whip kick? Would taking a line along the outside edge be sufficient?

    2 – Are swimmers allowed to temporarily submerge and swim underwater? For example, when circling a buoy to reverse direction in a very crowded field of swimmers, can a swimmer submerge to cut the corner and resurface just beyond the crowd? I'm not talking about swimming inside the buoy — that would be cheating. Rather I'm talking about getting past the swimmers who are jammed up at the turn.

  6. I only did 2 triathlons in my life, but since I have been watching this channel, I can smile at myself, how not knowingly I managed to finish those races 😀 The only rule I checked was the time limit for the swimming, as I am terrible at that 😀

  7. Question on the drafting rule, if you overtake someone then that guy/girl overtake you again, can u keep doing overtaking alternatively within the time limit (kind of like team timetrial )

  8. Hi Heather!!
    Very usefull! Nevertheless, could you make a video tackling mandatory rules all at once? (like the one about the helmet being cliped).
    I am heading toward my first triathlon (half-ironman), and I wouldn't like stress making me forget half of them.
    Thanks for this good quality content!
    Kind regards,

  9. No mixed drafting. Man on man and woman on woman. Women get away with drafting all the time it seems. The last triathlon I did a woman drafted four guys for 6km

  10. Do you need to be part of groups or subscribed in any organisation to partecipate in a triathlon race?

  11. What a fabulous video! Attempting my first tri in a few weeks and didn't have a clue about the official rules. This content totally lines up with the rules for my local race. Thanks!

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