$10,000 NIKE JORDAN’S & LEBRONS & KD’S! I bought an abandoned storage unit found this

$10,000 NIKE JORDAN’S & LEBRONS & KD’S! I bought an abandoned storage unit found this

alright it is time to pump it up solar
soft moccasins ooh take my shoes oh I like those ladies and
gentlemen boys and girls of all ages we are back with another exciting episode
of what in the hell do we find in this storage unit right here we got storage
stuff but we split this you know why do we split this unit Alex I don’t know
what could we both wanted the same answer yeah hear about this you’re about
to see why he liked it yeah this is what we bought basically there’s some other
stuff in here if you see over here some other boxes so if you profile this unit
profile you think ok this guy has lots of Jordans lots of Nikes he has only a
few of the boxes so you’re gonna speculate this is probably his other
personal stuff maybe a box of jerseys maybe a little bit of jewelry maybe some
more shoes but it’s like a bed and all of his personal items that the ones
you’re talking these are the same exact ones I have these are expensive shoes
are here these are very expensive shoes the 150 and then if you want to get a
little more crazier Kobe Bryant’s I don’t you know it’s funny though even
though they’re ugly I probably still wear those crazy there’s a looks about
80 pairs of shoes right here in this we’re gonna start going through them now
one time we’re gonna start off here these are freakin heavy how do you
what’s possibly can be the least expensive but those are pretty sweet
heavy those are heavy they might be a little exclusive you see you like the
suede see and then look at Dan California if those were your size I
could see you wearing oh yeah sure I would wear these so close and we got
silica yeah oh there’s a real nice squeeze into
these ain’t cheap I guarantee you parking in the beginning about the glow
speckle this time yeah these are pretty nice they’re high-top duck hide these
are real nice what nice right now are those my size mm if you got a big big
old heavy I want want to in full of money it’s gotta be nice like he was
trapping on the side you know these are like super weird-looking exclus and when
you have super weird looking it’s kind of good but I want to know how much to
sell some ones like these four we don’t because you know sometimes some places
let out some shoes and yeah they’d be really nice I don’t like who you have a
style see as it looks very similar the other ones yeah looking at tens and
twenties 30s looking at fifties and hundreds weight that might be in the
back we’re not gonna count it out it just yet headband doesn’t probably hire ease though is
this yeah he came out with shoes fond okay cool oh yeah I like those these are
nice yeah those are really nice he’s a fetch
probably about 80 bucks yeah in the store the user well honestly they’re
bigger sizes so you might see a 100 do you see the the insights these are quite
exclusive shoes cuz the star yeah and there’s no really there’s really no no
air maxes that you really can’t get for under yeah yeah but especially in that
size oh we sorry little mama can you give my wife a
shout-out for recording for you shoutout to Liz little mama stop real quick
shout-out to my camera woman little mama stock I don’t forget to go subscribe to
her channel because she will be putting out videos so you’re gonna have to
definitely do that yeah but we’re still looking at him I’m telling you like if
we get average 20 30 bucks for the little but I’m telling you even she was
like that’d be like maybe 45 50 bucks you will have to excuse me big sizes my
word is that everybody we had a late night at Uncle Michael son’s wedding
mm-hmm slow going today late night being an
understatement maybe yeah I don’t know what tell me Cody who’s Paul Rodriguez
they’re your brother no but you know what I think that’s a
comedian seriously Paul Rogers a comedian that
because the zoomies they paid ninety four dollars for these Thank You Paul
Rodriguez seven pretty probably athlete that we don’t know that’d be a good if
you know that is go in their comments and leave the comment what that is and
if you it is east cost their wipers something ace zoom but what I was saying
if you have like average like sizes and shoes and clothes you pay like normal
prices but when you’re like a size 11 o a random bag let me pick one out for you
to build a random bag you know what how about you go through about that box down
there love I called is on the gloves trap Oh
Coachella did he have a ticket to Coachella what
is that a weirdly I bet you those are gonna sell on eBay mm-hmm yeah I don’t
know what they do Coachella we can’t see you like this No
Boost Mobile glasses Senior Living okay so this must have been Daniel Wow last
thing I’m trying to Z this morning Oh liquor locker challenge
Oh non Mike don’t even smell that mom I had the last night do not even smell
that yes you owe me a car wash and a clean justin Grimes dear me dear me dear
me Jeremy what is that that looks expensive
it’s empty oh don’t smell that one for sure I’m feeling sick just touching it
I’m feeling sick just I am basically I had a rough night ladies and gentlemen now you smile oh no oh man it’s like old
man that’s for you mate that’s why you like will give it on for
Michael there you go atlas no battery charger yeah gift cards we found we found money
$5 Gratton we got to go to casino now right don’t worry we can spend that
$5.00 right Oh Boober gift cards oh my called is on that I might need it
Starbucks gift card Starbucks gift card well fed at those might have cash on –
these are good candles if anybody knows anything about Bath & Body Works house
like 14 bucks apiece delivery yeah yeah yeah we’re gonna say that you know what
that is no him no no there’s a guy street
fighter in it no I look like Arnold all right it is time to pump it up whoo
Artie’s the Reebok pumps you you remember these if I a little bit before
your time oh yeah these were dope Bentley when I was a surprise super
exclusives I don’t remember if you 150 maybe I think these are old you should
look those up see look at the label that’s not a newer labor right this do
this do the Google scan I like the Google scan better I always
wanted some but I couldn’t afford not because my parents only took me to go to
buy school shoes so although cool kids Andy’s well guess
what you got some now no I’m the cool some sort on eBay sorry people you know
what that’s not working people keep texting me just do your eBay
I don’t have the eBay account some excellent just Google Reebok Pump
omni light metallic what’s this where they have got to
she’s awesome incomes time sir multitasking recording taking pictures
making it happen all in one and that is why you want to go subscribe to little
mama stop nothing fell no super super exclusive oh this is getting crazy
we found a man dollar pair of shoes nothing yeah now we just type it in type
it in on um maybe you know there’s another barcode no barcode is that a
Reebok Pump you know what I like open it Mike hoping the bottle is turn look at
the old white pair like this super original ones yeah use $4.99 190 these
ng-if and then their gold they look like they’re special brand maybe they might
be a little different look do you think these are repops or those are the main
ones see there do you know what they do when you Oh
they check on the tag the tag usually has a gear on those shoes Oh feel that
it’s all soft these are nurse they pump up and they and they I believe they put
support next to your ankle and stuff I think the air comes in here and then you
think I really worth something not a lot I think that they’re definitely over a
hundred bucks minimum hundred dollars ten and a half your size mmm you always
wanted to ten and a half makes me too small but the beauty as I said we’re
gonna pump it up and we just did oh my god got to go oh wow
Air Force Ones no – he had a lot of them he like his soul to have this is like the cheap ones right when
you go to the outlet store he’s like the ones that you’re 70 yeah but they’re
still gonna be you know but there is some tractors that are very expensive
yeah very expensive okay these are gonna be $20 bills all
day I like cleaned our bills Katie I know that whoa basketball player in the NBA right now gosh did I see someone a boost him when
I was gonna move more songs those this $100 right here shoes cheap that’s it I have to be careful because
I’ve gotten a lot of green I don’t know if you guys know this but a couple weeks
ago I made a video and I actually put um anal thermometer in my mouth in oh yeah
yeah I was doing checking my temperature showing my daughter how the thermometer
works and partly what they said there was an inner monitor so I’m a little
thing about what I do now for challenges those are those we got a tag at the
house can you grab me that sure kid they’re kind of snakey skinny these are
why do they have the the two sizes like it has the Euro size and in the American
size UK they might be super exclusive interactive I haven’t seen that details
like that on the inside like all the words and stuff it’s almost like a
supreme type thing or a could because these could be like come from like the
okay bottom in like Paris or so yeah he took a vacay what is that this is I’m
gonna go out on my yacht today with my hunting club with my hair these ones always like his these words
every days see how you’re all worn out there every day go 200 TW on the way they look like it the Nikes the chief
neck III standing quads and tears babies are out of lives
d-does oh I like those those are nice they almost sounds like the old school
look what does it say SL loop $74.99 in the store I wore these
like three times maybe five yeah a lot of you are in the right box though right
Nike solar soft moccasins oh those are almost pink nice my trusty shoe sidekick
here there’s incredible are blinding everybody paid in full can we feel about
it what if those are the words from a movie painful no it’s a movie it’s like
it’s a good movie right not from there Oh byesies byesies Oh Cadiz those are not
you know what I have a feeling this back back side right here is gonna get a
little better than the rest like the front was the shoes that he was wearing
at first or something I’m gonna blur this out cuz I don’t like him LeBron
James okay I don’t know I don’t like all the weighted back see that those were Jordans – they say –
oh no the 23 the caddesi is never look at both of them I like that what’s that
maybe it’s like he knows he had Mayo and all the stuff maybe keeps his mail in
there you put your attorneys it’s a flaw it’s like tires I just don’t like well
you know what I like well avaiiabie compares him to Jordan and it’s just
none at all or some nice honestly his stats are a little better than Jordans I
think but that’s argument we do not want to point yeah it’s not hard to get good
stats when you build a team around somebody the difference between Jordan
was Jordan made nobody’s all-stars for LeBron they had to bring him start we’re
gonna bring you this guy we’re gonna bring this guy Michael Jordan took
people like Toni Kukoc and made him us you know what that makes a lot of sense
because when you literally think about it he went to LA and they his whole
squad was garbage and what he didn’t do nothing but Michael Jordan took nobodies
every year and they they were complete all-stars they became Olympic gold
medalist it was nuts that’s the difference between Michael Jordan and
LeBron James look at Scottie Pippen member Scottie Pippen sucked after
Michael Jordan with him he was considered the greatest all-around
player during that time frame he’s a good fuck riding bikes at night you guys
didn’t know me when I used to wear headband like this cuz I had long hair
so I wore headbands like this to keep his hair look good those cadiz right
there now that is something I can get inside these are aerodynamics when
you’re running the wind goes like this and this and it helps you I wouldn’t
know cuz I these probably have to be exclusive this
has to be a hundred bucks right here they could be we have to look look
getting fun food we have some british bulldogs wow oh wow what they were
supposed to be yeah they’re not original were they this right here should be
perfect in the middle of the laces right there
look at the back the bad yeah yeah for a second that I was thinking that those
were like original Jordan you ever found like a first date would be the original
originals but these are a little worn no telling what we get for him but you
still these right here though are like everyone’s all-time favorites I sort of
hear joints once the first year that was sliced all the way across here $423 oh
wow so you just fix them I like the way these shoe boxes are getting that’s
boring I like those mm-hmm I like I guess you love the my spirit and shorts
mm-hmm the white t-shirt maybe even a light beam in my re-listening what’s
that like a twenty twenty-five dollar sale oh we have a leak I think this is
uh you know what it looks like no poison oak now that’s what that looks like a
poison oak Lee now that I think about it away from you look at that I would rock
those CDs you must have played a lot of ball no um well you know I know I feel
like shoes are primarily basketball shoes can you imagine what you paid for
all this done like I said I think there’s over 10 grand
in just 80 pairs are the average of hundred books up here your turn what Arden the King does it LeBron yeah
damn it cuz I like that shoe those are nice the way those look you warm like
twice those it yeah Mike those better be like 150 125 easy easy
won’t be expensive these have to be a hundred bucks
look at that look like a dishwasher and then we put the dishes and stuff in the
forks Ben oh look at that what it moves like when you present
that’s a nice shoe that’s a real nice shoe I almost wish I could fit these you
didn’t put a sock in there oh my god I had this know one of my last videos I
was called I said I was gonna end up clunking away in some big old shoes they’re so comfy bring out the eyes you
could jump higher yeah you can probably run faster at all these wires then from
what’s that movie the Sandlot I know time with the PA players I love how kids
think they can run faster with special shoes my little fast self trying to take
my shoes oh I like those no these are Kobe’s oh yeah Kobe had the tall ones
like that oh those are kind of rare maybe he kept socks in them from our
briefing yeah maybe these are like belong to an
athlete right and then these were their socks like these healthy food and this
was Kobe socks this is Mayo for somebody’s kneecap
stuff in there those are nice get better we’re getting better real nice all right
I think it’s your turn now dammit LeBron man the bristles I don’t
like LaVon okay you don’t like him but you’re gonna make money off this shoes
yeah can I get your help yeah Jimmy I do this this right here I
think there’s one my dick got right here you slowly do like this right here then
it comes just had to break it you’ll get a finger in holes honestly the LeBrons
are like the best didn’t I have some like this that I wore for those purple
ones and I believe they weren’t good work shoes yeah I had those same exact
ones I love them shoes they’re so comfortable some of them are a little more Elevens I
was gonna say when that windows came out when he pulled the box out is now making
us all four comfortable playing basketball maybe he was an athlete maybe
he was these are like the same ones ahead of us those are nice what are we
gonna be selling these LeBrons for I don’t know look at that
it’s again do a little research on so hiccup on three let’s think soccer shoes almost like a UH a runner maybe like
Ackley these look like you’d be walking down the road in a bag had a whole uh
motherfreakin uh ice cream bar looking shoes ice cream bar you know like
walking down the red step on something like that it’s okay for them all super
thin shoes these old subway footlong sandwich shoes these old orange dipped
burritos skinny shoe you want to be able to tell orange popsicles creamsicle but
you know what that wasn’t gonna bring us money so I love ya Wow pink box it looks interesting please
open this one you like him no open that colors just it needs your hand did you
like on three one these are weird they’re a skater shoe stretcher but your
those are like a collab of some form because this is a brand when I was a kid
Thrasher they’re gonna be war Thrasher skateboards January 1981 Thrasher yeah
maybe it’s Louisville vintage it could be I don’t know if they’re vintage or if
they’re late that’s one that’s that evil rapper might have started that was not
he was in the box the bark that’s a different shoe but in
that box that’s crazy they’re copy yeah I mean the London next
two are probably just gonna be those last box well we still have some boxes
over there so it’s like a killing it could be boxes of shoes like the good
shoes give me boxed up in those shoes look like a really ugly car Wow when you
put your foot up somebody’s you can even H okay hahaha this is a good watch isn’t
it diesel yeah I’m gonna put stuff in here to make them usable there’s a cool
water bottle right nothing the thing you just put your water in there and we’re in and out Chipotle yeah all the
place everybody nice Maude pizza he liked Coachella you like the party
what you haven’t seen you do a locker food challenge in a while have you guys
watched any Mikayla’s video see her and Jasmine keep doing challenges
Makayla licked and hold Molly popped the other day what do you want
Jasmine eight astronaut food it was actually uh an emergency kit but she
thought it was astronaut food I look like this it was the funniest thing yeah
I gave them props for trying because they’re really trying hard with the
videos doesn’t look like expensive almost no more this the wedding I think of the line reminds me of Talladega
Nights either I like to wear a nice tuxedo shirt kind of says I like to
party what I mean business but it’s not some exact words he said so he had a job sweater had some style necessary I used
to wear it me before your time cuz I was much younger than you so when in like
the 80s we used to wear them Leave It to Beaver sweaters it was like the cool
thing and then you pegged your pants your pants but you do know about pagan
pants though right his clothes yeah he has some style he
did oh I would almost rock that one it’s got
a seal of approval they’re just regular clothes what you’re talking about with
us I think you can tell wrong Niner fans do you know no I don’t think so lincecum but it had the feel of it again I was
thinking Jean LaRose did yeah that’s a good jersey that I still there was 40
bucks Jalen Rose right no no that’s not it
it’s uh something rose but he was hurt for a while
through a promotion we’re gonna burn this LeBron James no I think we should
make money off of it who you know who this is
this is vintage well it’s newer but this is from its Richmond Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose yeah you wait wait you guys just now figured that out okay that’s pretty much a wrap on this unit
we got some cool stuff that you will have to go to Alex’s Channel I know you
know this man if you don’t subscribe store stock I’ll be right here here here
here and little mama stock at her link will be like this – or maybe below and
you’ll see all the things that I didn’t put on this video it was well you’ll see
we got a lot of nice high-end brand name stuff and this wall of shoes amazing I
speculate there’s over ten thousand dollars retail in these shoes easily
what would you say I was at least ten thousand eleven basically well over ten
thousand dollars and shoes crazy just this little unit we paid $1400 I’m quite
sure we’re gonna make some money on this comment below right now what was your
favorite pair you saw in this too though you on that side of me on this side and
we’re both like um yeah hanging upside down from the roof is there a way you
could take this couple poses recording yeah we’re recording well no we got a
blooper yeah go more couple more

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  1. : Paul Rodriguez (actor) (born 1955), Mexican-American stand-up comedian and actor. Paul Rodriguez (skateboarder) (born 1984), American professional street skateboarder and actor, son of above.

  2. Alex you and Mike going to get paid off that unit don't let them shoes go cheap I was watching Alex Channel and those shoes look amazing like I said to him I used to live in my car and Colorado for 9 months and I used to work for a company that was called us again we used to pick up the clothes in the shoes out of the bins and I found 16 pairs of brand new Michael Jordan in there and I sold them for 80 bucks a piece homeless with no money and my wife was in Spain and my daughter and I made enough money to catch a flight out of Colorado to Spain the universe can be kind to you when you manifest what you need in life thank you for letting me watch your Channel cuz his amazing all the time God bless you and your family and see you on the next video peace out

  3. Your girl got that backwards by the way she said they’re worth more because they’re bigger sizes, they’re actually worth less being size 11 which is one of the cheapest sizes. You want sizes 8-9.5 for men’s shoes which are money sizes and for grade school shoes you want sizes 4.5-6

  4. This is a very nice little unit. Well done on this one. Hope you make some real good coin on it. Have a great day Pirate.

  5. Loving seeing you and Alex together again. There's an energy that surrounds you both when you work as a team. Great haul of Nike (and others) there. 👀 $$$$$$$$$ 👀

  6. Hey there brother pirate 🏴‍☠️
    so very happy that God continues to bless you and I pray it will continue to keep blessing you
    And Alex of course also and Your women and families
    And the camera woman doing a good job


  7. I have a nice pair of royal blue high top leather air max size 12 that I never wear. I got at Salvation Army seven or eight years ago .are they worth anything do you think? I tried to look them up but I can’t find a pair like them. I would think they got to be rare @12:53 my shoe i’m trying to find out about are the same color blue in those shoes


  8. I know the name and price of every pair of shoes you showed.you have what they call "grails" in the stack. Honestly if you sale any and I mean any of those shoes even the runners for $20-$30 your losing big time.good luck👍

  9. Love shoe units!!! Have not seen one for awhile… this was very cool!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

  10. I love that you all work together. You're showing the world how you do it. kindness #understanding #respect

  11. Shoes showing sizes in three different categories are American sizes, English sizes, French and Italian, awesome locker.. good luck Margaret n Iceland

  12. Paul Rodriguez is a professional skateboarder and his dad is the comedian! Nike SB stands for Nike skateboarding and older pairs of Nike dunks high tops and lows can have very decent resell value on them. Look into every pair of shoes you have! You’re sitting on a lot more
    Money then you know.

  13. hi mike & alex great find ! as we were all guessing what he did.do ya think may be he sold shoes himself it would sure be a good way to collect them like that & @ discount right ?! much luv janice g 🙂

  14. Pirate make sure you keep a pair for yourself. You need to spoil yourself once in a while plus where are you gonna find a pair of Jordan’s for that price that were maybe worn once

  15. You people are CRAZY!! – some of those shoes will sell for HUNDREDS, possibly THOUSANDS! not $40! Some of these were only made in the HUNDREDS. You need to look up EVERY SHOE!

  16. LOOK HERE! RAREST Nikes. And there are websites for every rare sneaker. I can't watch anymore – you all are giving my HUGE anxiety!!! You need to get knowledge! I've seen you throw away CRAZY valuable stuff in your other videos.


  17. Paul Rodriguez is a comedian, but his son is a professional skateboarder and has his own line of shoes, good find…

  18. Paul Rodriguez is a comedian , but his son who is Also Paul Rodriguez is a famous skater. I actually know Paul Rodriguez sr. Used to hang out with him at his place a few years ago .

  19. My favorite player of all time Dominique Wilkins aka the Human Highlight Film wore the pumps and Dee Brown

  20. i liked the olive colored simple nike shoes the best.. they inspired you all to "complete the look" (white shirt, khaki shorts..etc) Good find !!

  21. Wow that’s awesome so many sneakers god bless you and your family always and keep those great videos coming

  22. when my went to play baseball pippen became one of the best players in the league and led the bulls to the playoffs

  23. Little mama needs a new phone cover. Something sparkling. Unlike her personality. Like Mike has his mohawk

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