19 Best Cheap Eats at Disneyland

19 Best Cheap Eats at Disneyland

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  2. Don’t forget Joe’s Italian Ice on Harbor Blvd.! They layer smooth italian ice on top of ice cream and its some of the best dessert I’ve ever had! 😊

  3. Chris. I don't know how you do it. These are incredible finds for any visitor to Disneyland. By the way, I also love corn dogs. I also love ketchup on my hot dogs. That sir is very east coast. Are you sure you were raised in San Diego? Jeff from Nu Yawk.

  4. A corn dog and chips for almost 10 dollars? Well its cheap considering its Disney land but if it was a food truck in a downtown, that would be really expensive. I would also would not have the 15% off since I live in Canada and I haven't Been to Disney yet. Well thanks for the tips so when I do go to Disney land, I can have some cheaper options!

  5. Oh, that holiday sandwich sound delicious Chris! I went to Disneyland in November with my cousin and his son and I was looking for that corn dog cart but I missed it! Ill have to remember the Stage Door cafe for more corn dogs. My cousin also has a daughter so I'm sure I'll have another chance.

  6. EOS and Dole Whip my favourites. Had a T-bone at that Denny's, it was so thin I was worried that it was going to blow away. The breakfast dishes were excellent though. Will give some of the other choices a run next October.

  7. Chris, once again, excellent tips and recommendations. Our trip to L.A. is now just 10 days away and they will be very important for us to have a great vacation !!! than you so much and keep up the great help !

  8. Funny today I had lunch at the Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs in Orlando! You've mentioned it so many times I had to try it. I ordered the original 1762 sandwich and it was very good.

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