2014 Burton Chloe Womens Boots Overview by SNOWBOARDS.COM

2014 Burton Chloe Womens Boots Overview by SNOWBOARDS.COM

Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by snowboards.com. I’m Jenna. I’ve got Levi from Burton and we’ve got the Burton Chloe that we’re going to talk a little bit about. So, great boot for the ladies looking for a little bit of convenience, right?
Yep. Definitely. This is a fairly new system to Burton. We introduced it last year and just been continuing to dial it in for this year. It went over pretty well but this is our system we call Speed Dial which you may have seen some other systems out there on the market that can twist your boot closed however we took kind of what we saw with those systems and just kind of tried to make it what we would think would be better and a couple ways that we did that were, with that other system they’re using a metal cable, with our system we use this cord that we work with a company called New England Ropes – they make climbing ropes and shipping ropes – so it’s definitely a strong, durable rope. The nice thing about not using metal is the fact that we don’t have to put plastic coverings over the tongue and that can alleviate pressure points there so it could be more comfortable right off the bat but then also one of the big bonuses we like to talk about is the fact that it’s actually micro-adjustable. You can tighten and then, say you got it too tight, you can also loosen it without having to pop it all the way open and start over like the other system out there. So, um…
And the liner on it is Phantom 2, right? Yep. What we call this is our Phantom Liner and what makes it a Phantom Liner is it basically makes it feel like you’re in a liner but it’s actually an integrated liner system that helps lighten up the boot as well so you’ve still got these two tongues here that give you the comfort and warmth that a normal liner would but down below it integrates into the actual shell so you’re saving on weight as well.
So, just super lightweight. Very comfortable, very easy-to-use boot for that girl who maybe beginner-to-intermediate level rider.
Yep, definitely. And then also, this boot gets a DynaLite EVA Sole as well so it’s very lightweight, it almost feels like your just wearing a shoe around. Nice, soft forgiving boot so it’s going to be something easy to learn on, easy to progress on and very comfortable and warm
Perfect. Well, great boot for a girl who is looking for comfort and convenience. Make sure to check out the Chloe on snowboards.com and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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