2016 Atomic Hawx 100, 110, and 120 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

2016 Atomic Hawx 100, 110, and 120 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

Welcome to Ski Talk, I’m Thom from skis.com and today I’m joined by Mike from Atomic. How’s it going Mike? It’s going great Thom. Thank you guys for joining us today we’ve got a really cool series of boots to share with you, something that’s back for it’s second year in this version, the Atomic Hawx. Right, the Atomic Hawx is a great fitting boot for a lot of different people. And that great fit all starts with 100mm chassis. It does. 100mm last and then also flat bottom chassis which allows the foot to lay really flat in the bottom of the boot. It ensure that the toes don’t cup, there’s no weird pressure points towards the outside of the feet. Right. And then with that flat bottom chassis, you guys also incorporate sole flex which is really unique to the Hawx It is, we’re the only company doing this and the sole flex allows the skier to create a really natural bending line which allows them to get their weight over the balls of their feet more efficiently. Awesome, so it really helps you keep your balance and stay forward off the skis. So the Hawx fit amazing out of the box, with that 100mm and the flat bottom but if you were to incorporate any hot spots, you guys do a really unique process called Memory Fit. We do. Memory Fit means that the whole shell is heat moldable and it’s a very quick process. So, easily eliminate any hot spots or pressure points. And from there, you guys also focus on ensuring a great wrap with four full-metal micro adjustable buckles. Right, and then also we have a bigger power strap for different boots and then different liner materials within the boot. With those liner materials, one thing that you guys add to all of the Hawx which is absolutely fantastic, is Thinsulate. The premier warmth material out there. And it also keeps the feet really dry. It does. So starting with the Hawx 100 what type of skier are we going to see in that boot? We’re looking at an intermediate level skier somebody who is looking for a comfortable boot but will be performance based for their ability. So pretty broad range from that kind of low-intermediate, up through that low-advanced? Exactly. So if you do need a little bit more, you guys offer the 110 flex which also comes with a really cool extra feature. Right, the Power Shift basically allows the skier to adjust their forward lean in a matter of minutes. So guaranteed to give you the right balance point in the boot with that one touch. And then you also get a little bit higher performance liner there too? you do, you get the T2, a little more Thinsulate material. So the 110, we’re talking high-end intermediate up through a solid advanced, maybe even pushing lightweight expert? Yeah, lightweight expert, definitely not the hard charger yet. For the hard charger that’s where the 120 you’re holding comes into play. Absolutely, nearly all the bells and whistles. Excellent liner, bigger power strap, just and excellent boot. Awesome, that really wraps up the Hawx series, whether you’re looking for the 100 the 110 of the 120, stop by skis.com and check them out. Thanks for joining us

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