2016 Tecnica Cochise 90, 100, and 120 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

2016 Tecnica Cochise 90, 100, and 120 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

Welcome to Ski Talk. I’m Thom from skis.com and today I’m joined by Jonesey from Tecnica. How’s it going? Great, thanks for having me. And thank you guys for joining us. We have an awesome series of boots to share with you, one that’s been around for a little while now so you may be familiar, the Cochise. The Cochise is the ultimate boot to take you there, this is what we would consider our modern day interpretation of a true all mountain ski boot, for someone looking to cover every aspect of the mountain. And it really starts with a great performance lower and 100mm package that you guys do a lot of cool stuff with. Yes, 100mm last is what we would consider a mid to low volume last boot, designed for that intermediate to advanced intermediate recreational skier who wants great comfort and support but needs performance in the boot as well. And with that shape you get that nice asymmetrical toe and heel so it’s a really natural fit with a vernacular punch as well. Yes, true asymmetrical shape, so we’ve actually built the ski boot to mirror the shape of your foot. Completely asymmetrical shape in the forefoot and in the back of the boot, the vernacular area is typically that problematic area, that little nub off your ankle bone which generally creates a little bit of problems so we pre-punch it so you have great out-of-the-box fit. So around that great lower you guys really appoint this boot very well, three fully micro-adjustable metal buckles and then a really fantastic ski-walk feature on it. Correct. The ski-walk feature on the back allows us to disengage the upper cuff from the lower cuff so for someone that is trying to explore all areas of the mountain, maybe doing a little bit of skinning, side sliding, walking, hiking or just getting dressed in parking lots, it allows the boot to open up and close easily. But one of the key things about it is when it is engaged it is a metal on metal connection so hooking that upper to the lower just like we would in a high-performance race boot. Tons of performance, transfers energy great. And then to keep with that theme of the maneuverability, walk ability; you guys put grip soles on here so great grip on concrete, rocks, whatever you might be hiking on and then they’re also interchangeable, right? Yes, so everything out of the box is going to come with a standard din sole which will hook into any normal alpine binding out there but we do make a replacement tech sole so if someone wanted to put into a touring system for exploring, they can absolutely do so and same thing metal on metal connection so we get that really strong durable connection from the sole to the boot. Awesome, so the version you’re holding there is the 90, what type of skier are we going to see in that boot? The 90 is pretty much for your solid-intermediate recreational skier, someone looking to get out there and have fun maybe do a little bit of exploring, maybe they’re just skiing with their kids it’s great for going up and down stairs, getting dressed in parking lots; real fun, comfortable fitting boot. Just a super, super versatile boot in the 90? Yes. From there we jump up to the 100 which you get a couple extra features in this boot. Yes, when we go up to the 100, besides getting a little bit stiffer plastic for a little more aggressive skiier, we have a pretty interesting buckle on top that we call Power Lock which just allows up to secure the upper portion of the cuff a little bit closer to your leg so we get great wrap and great fit and just a little bit more added performance to the boot. And you also get the upgrade to the ultra-fit quadra liner, right? Yes. A little bit more performance oriented liner. All of our liners are designed so they can be heat moldable, this is just going to give you slightly more performance upgrade in a liner. So we’re going to see that kind of high-end intermediate up through a solid advanced skier in that boot? Yes, sir. Alright and from there we jump up to the 120 which this one has the liner that I really love. This is the boot that you want to ski in yourself. We added a new liner to it which is called our C.A.S. micro-cell liner but it is a fully heat moldable, customizable liner. Ideally we want to have great out-of-the-box fit but should you have any problems with it, it can be heat, ground, punched, stretched – we can do absolutely anything to the boot. It is one of the best fitting and most versatile liners I’ve ever seen. Absolutely. Awesome, so that really wraps up Cochise, whether you’re looking to start exploring in the 90, push your skills with the 100 or really charge with te 120, you can stop by skis.com and check them out. Thanks for joining us.

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