2017 Atomic Live Fit 80, 100, and 130 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

2017 Atomic Live Fit 80, 100, and 130 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

Welcome to Ski Talk, I’m Thom from skis.com and today I’m joined by Mike from Atomic. How’s it going Mike? It’s going great Thom. Thank you for joining us and thank you guys for joining us. We have an awesome series of boots to share with you, one you may be familiar with, it’s been around for awhile, Live Fit. Yeah, we’ve done really well with this boot, it’s basically a roomy, comfortable boot. Absolutely, it is roomy and comfortable starting with that 102mm chassis. Right, and then it has the ability to expand. What makes the Live Fit, the Live Fit are the live fit pannels on the medial and the lateral side, which are kind of an elastomer material so as you slide your foot into the boot it has the ability to expand if you need it to expand. Yeah, it instantaneously adapts to your foot, as the foot slides in. And then to keep with that kind of comfort concept, you guys use flat bottom chassis on this as well. Right, flat bottom chassis we use in some other models of our boots, but basically it’s a really flat bottom of the boot so as the foot slides in, it lays really flat. Yeah, no cupping of the toes and a real natural feel. And then for ease of use, you guys use the giant mega buckles on these. Right, the big huge mega buckles are easy to buckle, even wearing gloves or mittens and they give you the closure of four. And then for exceptional calf fit and the ability to fit a bunch of different calf shapes we guys do an easy macro catch on top. We do, so it’s just a matter of pressing that buckle and then the bail slides that way quite easily. So tons and tons of adjustability. Exactly. Specifically the 80 that you’re holding there, what type of skier are going to see in that? We’re looking at basically an intermediate level skier looking for a roomy, comfortable boot. This is for somebody with a wide foot. Really a great boot for somebody who’s maybe getting out of rentals, or maybe getting into their first pair of ski boots? Exactly. Awesome. So if you need a little bit more power and little bit more energy than the 80, you can jump up to the 100, which I’m holding here. Right, stiffer flex and a little bit more liner material. And then one great upgrade in this 100 you start getting Thinsulate in the liner as well. Right, Thinsulate is the premier insulator material out there right now. Awesome, so from the 100 we just up to the flagship version of the Live Fit’s, the 130. Right, with the the flagship you get a bigger power strap and better lining too, a little more Thinsulate, a littler more heat moldable foam in different zones. And then also, even though this is a big roomy boot, you get a lot of different zones with lots of power in it for the big guy, with a big foot, who needs a high performer with lots of power in it for the big guy, with a big foot, who needs a high performance boot. Absolutely, it’s that boot for that high performance skier that doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort or just has a really big foot. Exactly. Fantastic, that sums up the Live Fit series so whether you’re looking to get out of rentals with the 80, looking to step up your game with the 100 or looking for high volume performance in the 130, stop by skis.com and check them out. Thanks for joining us.

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  1. The Atomic Live Fit boots were something I was looking my entire ski career. I was in major discomfort with every single ski boot I tried until my first Atomic Live Fit ski boot. I have exceptionally super wide feet. The Live Fit was the answer to my prayers. I use the Atomic Live Fit 70 for family time skiing, the Atomic Live Fit 90 for ski instructing and all around skiing on the mountain and the Atomic Live Fit 130 for racing slalom and GS. A couple of my buddies also have very wide feet and I turned them onto the Live Fit series. They were eternally grateful.

  2. I have a very wide foot (11.5 6E,) and I didn't think any ski boot would feel good. But the Atomic Livefit fits perfectly. I love my Atomic boots, I am very happy with them. The best skiing purchase you can make is a comfortable pair of boots.

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