4 Signs Your Shoes Aren’t Working For You

4 Signs Your Shoes Aren’t Working For You

Hi I’m Keiler I’m a certified pedorthist at Kintec and today I’m gonna talk to you about 4 signs that you’re wearing the wrong shoes for your feet and how you can spot them. You’ve bought dozens maybe even hundreds of pairs of shoes in your life and you might have noticed that some of them feel amazing while others feel uncomfortable or even hurt when you walk. Here’s what you should be looking for. First take a look at the wear pattern of your souls if you see any worn through parts of the sole while other parts of the shoe are barely touched that might mean you’re not distributing your weight evenly through the shoe eventually this can lead to callusing or create high pressure areas that are vulnerable to injury. Next look for creasing, creasing in the midsole of your shoes can reveal abnormal motion patterns that are taking place when you walk or run. Next, check for bulging in the shoes upper the same goes for bulging in the shoes mesh or upper this typically means your foot is wearing down the shoe unevenly. Finally let’s check the sock liner or insole of the shoe. In many shoes you can remove the insole or liner to check for wear. Just like with the soles of your shoes areas with large indents can indicate pressure points do you see a lot of room between the indents of your toes and the end of the liner if not this might mean that your shoe is too small. If you’re still unsure whether or not your shoes are a good fit for you drop by your nearest Kintec location and talk to a fitting expert today.

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