5 SHOES EVERY GUY NEEDS TO OWN | Must Have Sneakers for Men | Alex Costa

5 SHOES EVERY GUY NEEDS TO OWN | Must Have Sneakers for Men | Alex Costa

what's up everyone welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Alex Costa please make sure to hit the subscribe button below to become part of our YouTube family today's video has been requested so many times I just had to bring it to you guys we're talking about the five types of shoes that every guy needs to own now I have a lot of shoes but there are some I just can't live without and funny enough it's not the limited edition ones that are super hard to get it's usually the classic ones that I end up wearing the most so let's start with arguably the hottest type of sneakers or shoes right now especially since it's summertime and you're trying to keep things light and casual I'm talking of course about white sneakers whether you go to the beach or you're going out later to hang out with your boys you can rock some white sneakers they're super clean super versatile so you see guys wearing them all different ways even with this shoot well we don't have to talk about that right now because I know that's kind of a heated discussion and you either love it or you hate it I want a couple of different pairs myself like these leather ones from EXO or they got though with the grey soles I also have the primeknit Stan Smith's from adidas with the green here in the back if you're looking for the best white sneakers though I'd have to say the common projects are probably the ones you're looking for but you're also going to pay top dollar for these they usually go for over $400 next up we have workout sneakers and if you follow me on instagram alex costums and you know that i go to the gym basically every single day which means i have a pretty large collection of athletic shoes my few favorite ones being the adidas ultra boost on cage I honestly think these are the most comfortable sneakers I own and then they're just amazing for traveling because they're so comfortable my other favorite are these Nike metcon DSX Flyknit they're great for training because of the flat soles not so much for traveling of course because these are strictly workout shoes you need something like these right here because if you don't own athletic sneakers then you're probably not exercising if you're not exercising then you're probably not as healthy as you could be so get yourself a pair of ultra boost or if you want something more versatile you can go for the adidas and Indies which are great as well not as good for runny and the OSHA boosts but still great athleisure shoes you guys you know that I have a lot of clothes a lot of sneakers and sometimes I honestly forget everything that I have so today's video is sponsored by schnapps and schnapps is this app that helps me document all of my clothes my whole closet everything that I own into collections so that I can document everything and then go back and see exactly what I have to stay organized this is my account and I've listed a bunch of pieces that I own there already so if you want to see my clothes if you want a peek into my closet I know you guys are always asking just follow me on schnapps my user name is Alex cost of these are the sneakers that I own so I know exactly what I have when I put them here and I guess now you do to my white sneakers are here my of course my Easy's my boots you guys can see all of it on this app right now and these are all my sunglasses for example also when you do build a collection of your top 5 shoes make sure to let me know because I'm going to go over there follow some of you guys and comment on some of those collections by the way if you want to keep things private you can you don't have to share everything publicly so everybody can see your whole closet just go here and make this collection private and you're done nobody else can see it now so go download it give it a try let me know what you guys think and it's helped me a lot to stay organized but not only that I use it a lot for piecing outfits together I piece all of those together within the app without as we're opening my closet door and now I know exactly what I'm wearing later for an event or a party or the bar or whatever link to download snupps is going to be in the description below the video go download it follow me and thank-you snubs for sponsoring this video next up guys let's get formal here every guy needs dress shoes and you can go for black like these here from Jack Irwin which I think are super dope or you can get dark brown like these I own from Aldo as you can see our readies a lot mostly because they work with so many of my outfits a tip I'll give you though the first pair of dress shoes you get should be clean don't get any brogues or anything to stand out design or even a different color go for classic shoes that you'll be able to wear for a long time whether you're going for a work event or a wedding then of course after you have the classics you can invest in whatever shoes you want to make sure that you have that variety in your closet by the way guys I'm listing all of these shoes in the description below the video so you can go check it out and then also while you're there leave a comment letting me know which one of these you're already own and which ones you're planning on getting next up let's this is probably my favorite I'm not going to lie let's talk about Chelsea boots so right now I own two pairs of Chelsea boots and I just ordered a third pair from Vince Camuto and honestly guys depending on the style that you buy you can honestly wear this with t-shirt and jeans or even with a suit the ones I wear the most right now are these from common projects you guys have seen them on my lookbook videos they're suede and pretty pricey as you'd expect from anything from common projects but man they are beautiful I also own a pair from uggs and these are kind of like my beater Chelsea boots they're leather more rugged and unlike the common projects I feel like I could just step on anything with these and not really worry about it if you're just now shopping for chelsea boots I would say be mindful of the shape of the boot these are kind of rounded and these are somewhat pointy get something like the Vince Camuto here that are leather but not as round as the uggs because you could literally wear them with a suit and still pull it off next up we have casual office shoes these are a step up from regular sneakers but not formal enough to be considered dress shoes I've been wearing these brown ones a lot they're from Zara so they're pretty affordable and they go with a lot of my outfits but you can even get something like these high top or low top sneakers here from clay which are leather I love these because I can dress them up or dress them down and they go with basically everything that I own and guys please make sure to subscribe because we're on the road 300,000 subscribers which is insane thank you so much I have so many new videos coming out soon so subscribe and then follow me on instagram at Alex Kosta also leave me a comment saying which one of the shoe that I showed you today was your favorite again thank you so much for watching and I'll see you again soon

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  1. I just recently purchased Chelsea shoes. And it was a great decision. I own 20+ gym sneakers. And but are pretty light in the show department. Pretty happy I brought them

  2. Why would u pay $400 for regular white causal shoes that aren’t a Hugh end luxury brand that well known????

  3. Dang, dude.

    Tell that shoe model to stop skipping leg day. Im afraid his shins will snap under the weight of his upper body.

  4. Thanks for your tips….
    Really help me now my style is getting improving…
    May I have your email address please…

  5. My friend was telling me your channel and I am watching your videos a week and I’m in love to your channel🙏🏻

  6. I can’t find a single pair of affordable Chelsea boots that someone like a teen can afford without having to save up for like a month

  7. He has little fashion sense. If he is a fashion guru, he should know even the basics of facial hair and hairstyle fashion. He accentuates his jawline by shaving his neck, which makes zero fashion sense, and he rolls up the hems of his pants.

    Edit: WHO THE FUCK IS GONNA BUY 400$ SHOES!? This video is targeted to the everyday man, so why even recommend them!? Im hating this guy already!

    Edit 2: ugggghhh! 4:21 Those are ugly as hell! Those are duck feet, not human's. Thats adding unnecessary weight and material to the shoe.

    Edit 3: wow those look really nice, not the second one, but they look like nothing ive ever seen before. But im not trusting this guy with fashion advice, he hasnt got down the basics of fashion yet

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