Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 First Impressions! Donovan Mitchell Signature Shoe!

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 First Impressions! Donovan Mitchell Signature Shoe!

here what up guys sending me here from the soul brothers and today I just got the dawn issue number one in so this is Donovan Mitchell's first signature shoe and of course you're signing with adidas so this shoe is a hundred dollars and so on it's more on the budget side you guys want a cop I'll leave a link in the description box but let's get it start off with the traction in so the traction is actually just falling herringbone you do have two colors and and I was wondering if it's a dual density outsole and it doesn't say anything on their website but me just feeling it the red part actually feels a lot harder than the blue part so I'm guessing that it is when I try to move it with my fingernail the red part is a lot harder to move than the blue part a durability seems like it's gonna be good especially since I'm guessing the the red part is a higher wear rubber it has deep grooves so after you should be okay dust I have no idea I haven't played in media I just got this today and just like on a wood floor like trying it here in my room it seems like it's pretty damn nice like the stock seems good it has a nice little squeak nice little bite to it so overall traction seems pretty nice i what the hell do you want to talk about is this outsole shape it also reminds me of the Mark II booth you know how super flat like a pancake you know it's so like when you're running it kind of like slaps the floor and that's what it kind of does here in non-issue ones I don't like this shape at all you know like I would like it to be a little bit more curb you know like in the 0.2 doesn't even have to be that drastic but just a little bit of a curb here in the heel and also in the forefoot would help so that doesn't feel so like slapping so uh yeah I think adidas should kind of change that but other than that also seems really good moving on to the cushion so the cushion is full length bounce and says bounce right here in the heel area and as you guys already know balanced cushion is really nice there is a nice balanced impact protection that's great but balance is usually heavy so it makes the adidas is fast ball she's like pretty damn heavy yeah we'll get onto wait I haven't weighed these yet but I'm guessing it's like on the heavier side also another thing I don't like about this shoe or this cushion setup is that look at how much the cushion protrudes out in the heel right so your ankle literally stops right here and you have my two inches of like the just the bounce metal coming out right here so it just it does feel a little bulky a little chunky here in the heel area or like not a little bit like a lot the insole is just your regular paper stock in school it's this adidas marvel so I guess this is kind of like a spider-man collab and if you guys can see it but uh yeah it's their usual paper stocking so I'm not very nice but the overall cushioned bounce cushion is really nice so moving on to the materials they use a mesh here in the toe and I guess basically throughout the entire upper so it's a mesh material it's not a mesh either it feels great feel soft here on the lateral side you do have kind of like a wing you know and then the laces go through it acts like an eyelet and I'm pretty sure that's more for like you know a lot of containment I don't support and stuff like that also there is a little type of plastic cage here in the mid foot as well for a lot of support and tongue is actually pretty nice there is a little bit of a padding and also inside of the tongue it it kind of looks like a spiderweb and this is you know obviously the spider-man collab spider right here you can see its logo here swell on this wing pieces well it's just fuse at first I thought it was like a fly wire cable something like that but it's just fuse I guess just to look like flying fire it says issue number one right here stitch thin you do have a very very big heel tab it's really easy to slide this shoe on feels great you know works like a shoehorn you also have achilles pillows here in the heel area you have four of them and feels very very nicely padded feels great for lockdown and also comfort ability here in the ankle area also you do have this mesh material here as well it just feels really thick and puffy I wish they would have like kind of got rid of this because of the midsole in the heel and also this ankle area does make the shoe feel a little bit more bulky than I think it should well other than that materials especially for the hundred dollar price tag it feels great on foot it feels soft in hand it looks actually pretty nice as well it doesn't look like super cheap so you have a tech bit booty tongue so the tongue is actually a to another material that goes underneath everything here for a better one-to-one fit and you do have flat tapeworm laces which is I think a nice touch comparing it to like just your standard laces so materials all in all are actually pretty damn nice alright so moving on to the fit I went true to my dealer size and a width wise I would say it's around normal / slightly narrow so if you're a white footer I would suggest trying it on if you can and before you buy the shoe but also in the toe area it's really really snug oh yeah you have a thick ass foot they should just watch out for that as well for my foot it's actually a really nice fit supporting lockdown like I said it is it actually feels like it's gonna be good louder the support seems like it's gonna be great yeah because the midsole is coming up a lot and you have this rubber part here in the mid foot area and also this wing piece and also you do have an inclusion of the Achilles pillow so it'll lock your heel in very very nicely so you won't have heel slippage you have a nice wide base you have a little bit of an outrigger here as well I don't really like how this kind of like bubbles out I feel like that kind of looks kind of weird but supporting lockdown seems like it's gonna be great moving on to the weight it's fourteen point six ounces so that's really really heavy so I feel like they added a lot of stuff as far as like just like extra materials a lot of foam so it does feel a little bulky and a little heavy underneath your foot not a huge fan of that I would prefer more minimal lighter shoes but you know if it performs and if it is a responsive shoe I'm I'm not as mad as you know if it wasn't as responsive moving on to the aesthetics I started to the shoe I actually really liked it I don't know about this colorway I guess if you like spider-man you probably like this colorway but I think the overall silhouette on the shoe is great I really like how there's no adidas logos besides I guess on the medial side tell us what you guys think of the aesthetics down the comment section below yeah but for $100 I feel like just from a first impression standpoint it's gonna be a great performer the only thing I really like it's the bulk in the heaviness of this shoe but other than that traction cushion fate materials and all that for a hundred other price tag seems like it's a pretty big deal so again if you guys want to cop I leave a link in the description box but that's it thanks for watching now Sierra's next base

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  1. Those actually look good for what is a performance shoe. Wish you didn't say they were slightly narrow and cramped at the toes because I'd of got a pair of the black and green ones.

  2. Dude Sammy needs to stop complaining about weight and bulkiness in every shoe that has a good cushion set up.
    The shoe will last longer with more materials and cushion so you’re not in pain after games.

  3. Can you guys do a shoe giveaway'? I love shoes but i just cant afford em. I'd be so thankful if you guys gave me (or someone else) shoes they'd dreamed of getting. Keep up the good work!

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