Aleader Barefoot Trail Running Shoe Review (Aleader Hiitave)

Aleader Barefoot Trail Running Shoe Review (Aleader Hiitave)

hi folks in today’s video I’m going to
be taking a look at the Aleader HiiTave minimalist running shoe before we start I would just like to say
that Aleader sent me these in return for a review however I’m under no
obligation to be biased or any like that this will be an honest and impartial
review.The Aleader HiiTave shoes are basically minimalist running shoes to
give you the barefoot experience as you can see here they’re very flexible but
they do also have a grippy sole as well I’ve had these out on a river trail I’ve
had them out on tarmac I’ve had them out on grass and they’ve gripped to everything
and they’ve gripped to rock as well the one place I would mark them down for is you can feel
the stones under your feet if you’re on a more stony path I think you have to expect that when you’ve got a flexible minimalist shoe some people may like
that as well who like to feel the trail under their feet. I’ll probably keep
these more for sort of concrete, tarmac and sort of earthy trails rather thann stony they are
really comfortable out the box they will fit any shape or size of foot because
they have a nice wide toe box but equally the material is very stretchy
and there’s room in there for your toes to spread that when you’re on the trail
another thing I like as well is it’s got an elasticated lace system with the
toggle which pulls down and this little lace just attaches here where with the
velcro so that it’s in place not a swinging about hitting it ankle or
anything like that they do come with an insole as well just to give it a little
bit more comfort use about two three millimeters thick
just some very slight arch support as well just obviously to give you some
support but otherwise there are minimalist running shoes they are
comfortable I have to say what I’m going to use these for I’ll probably just go
camping with these if I’ve been out hiking for a long time would be good just to
kick off the boots slip these on I’ve tried them with socks if you just want
to add a little bit extra comfort a fun pair of ankle socks these also come in a
range of different colors and Aleader have very kindly given me a discount
code so if you want to buy a pair of these yourself or anything else for that
matter you can use the code which will appear on the screen just now
and I’ll put a link to their website below as well
I have also put a link to their YouTube channel here if you were to check out
that all products and that’s all I’ve got time for if you’ve got any questions
please do drop them in the comments box below and I’ll see you in the next one
cheers! you

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  1. sweet review/overlook dude. bearfoot shoes are great for helping to strengthen them paws up! i used to use merral trail gloves which are way more pricey then these badboys. Do they send from the states or have a euro distro? as i dont wanna get hit with import tax!! happy trails bro

  2. I'd definitely wear these Robin. I would even wear them in water. I wonder if their quick drying in fact. No doubt they are considering the trail shoe design and market right now. Great review. Snappy and to the point. Nice one. I'll check their website out now. Have a great weekend. Mark

  3. Excellent comprehensive review there. Looks like a very well thought out product. Nice touch with the Velcro on the lacing system. Top marks to the company for being so thoughtful. I can see a wide range of uses apart from running. As mentioned they would be ideal for knocking around camp after a long hike. Perhaps also for canoeing. You could swim in them and they would be quick drying too. If they ever got wet that is. If all else fails? Keep a pair by the door for taking the wheelie bun out last thing at night. Looks like a great shoe.

  4. Handy to have in the rucksack on a multiday walk. Did these come from America or can you get them in the UK ??

  5. My running days are well passed but I wish these were around when I did used to run. For me, comfort is what it is al about and I think these would be idea to wear when camping, rather than your big boots. Very good review Robin to be fair and one day, I am going to learn how to do that pointing and a link to a website or previous video appears lol! Cheers Alan

  6. What are they like for driving? After a good stravaig I want a light shoe for strolling around but moreso for the drive home without any pinch on the feet. Letting the blood circulate freely. Got told off once for driving barefoot. It's illegal in the UK apparently but I stand to be corrected.

  7. Looks like a neat pair of after-hike shoes on camp, especially now it’s getting too cold for sandals. Cute velcro touch too!

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