hi everyone this is my first video i will try to make a top ten of my fav sneaker after we will see, I will start with my 2-3 fav and after we will see. i start 0:20.6
with the Jordan 1 travis scott, with nubuck material. it looks like suede but it’s nubuck. I love too much personally, I wear them too much I already folded them really it’s my fav pair. I put it above all the others, it’s still nike but, i find the colorway sick, everything is hard the design is hard too so big like on this in second pair that i have buy recently ,man I want a pair that sends, that we do not see on social networks, because on networks we are drowned in the mass so I said to myself, we’re going to go to chanel, where i find this beauty, I put it top 1 with my travis in truth really… the work on this pair is crazy on this there is a mixture of materials i don’t know if you see, there is suede here, reflective material, tweed and wool and i found the interesting work, the small reflective chanel logo in reality it is gray, so big big work on this pair it is of high quality hence the price. warm welcome in the shop, very good customer service so this pair is big big like. a little classic, she makes a lot of people dream. the work is still good on this pair frankly the monogram is good, we do not see well on video but it’s small cells it looks like a little honeycomb but really cool this pair is pretty worked, just it hurts the foot when it new she stay a converse model for me we can dress it up with everything, i have wear them a lot but we can’t see because i clean all my pairs, i take care of them I have worn them a lot, but I try to wear them less not to damage them and also because we see them everywhere and I don’t want to get tired of it in truth because I want to say to myself, man in six months the trend will be blown and I want to look at my pair saying to myself I want to go out with my pair and i go out with, i still love her so much I want to thank Edmond sneakers, the shop in Paris I no longer remember the address but I put it here I don’t know if many people know this pair so, it’s a pair that I bought used but it doesn’t look like it is new I didn’t even fold the toe
the pair dates from 2017 I look inside if it is written. it’s a 2017 I really like it, especially the vinyl effect we clearly have a 70’s effect on her and I love too much the disco’s years after that it remains that even an air force, i can’t say anymore the shoe has a good flow, there is a way to make hard outfit so i validate. The next pair is a, air force so it’s the air force swoosh pack sails. Exclusive to U.S.A I found them deadstock on grailed for 300€,
so i have make good deal,I negotiated with the seller for a week for the little tips, when I received it, there was almost 200 € customs to pay (thanks U.S.A) but I don’t regret this pair is crazy, you can change the swoosh wait i move the light the little ” air” who can scratch , it’s come with more swoosh colors pink, black, green, yellow and blue. all colors are pastel you have understand right ? so the difference with the classic swoosh pack is that this pair is creamy, not white …..a little Jordan that I had not long ago it’s Aj1 retro hight twist (panda) you know me, i like the jordan 1. I love play with different material, they are in panda faux fur and i found it really really cool.there is very little black and white jordan so it’s difficult to found and i have find this in facebook sneakers group and i had put a post in. i had search the resale price of this pair and i have the same size of more people ahah. i have see the resale price go 4-500€
it’s really crazy so i have found a guy, really top guy who sell me this for only 210€ alll included and he worn it one time so .. for me its really really good deal the downside with the jordans 1 is that it’s complicated to buy at the release and the resales prices are crazy !
Air force 1 Blue gale it’s a big big surprise in truth,
at the time I was not winning my life,
in fact I had no money..
at that time, i was with my girlfirend at shopping center we stop at Foot locker and my passion is to go to sneakers shop for all time see the new I often go with a pair but I like to go there anyway, even if I buy nothing. So we stop at Foot locker and I see this pair and I say to myself: this pair i need it, i need it. my girlfriend insists that I buy it even if I had no money.
i have buy it I noticed some time after, that there was not much stock so impossible to found it after. the resale price is not too much, around 300€ but for an air force is not gitfed ahah what I like about this pair, is not same classic af1 the finishings, the whole pair is in leather, the interior also (it is not foam) it has a little UNC side that i love so much it’s a pair that I don’t wear a lot because I don’t want to damage it I really like it and it’s a pair that I will never sell I have had it for a year and a half and I intend to shut it up There is the Prada cloudbust, so it’s the precursor I don’t know if that says it like that but you understand so this is the precursor of the Cloudbust tunder I much prefer this model to the tunder, always. and i have never bought the tunder ahahah I think to wear this pair you have to have some distance with fashion I find the work crazy, and the shape of the pair is sick the materials are simple, i think Miu Miu it’s not concentrated on the materials, but on the design of the pair itself we see that she played between the chic side and the sportswear side. I think it’s a good compromise i have the same in black suddenly in black with a little suit or whateverthis matched perfectly in the evenings.if I have a dinner, an important meeting I put it I find it interesting to remix chic with a bit of sportswear not everyone is used to wearing chic outfits, including me if you want this pair it’s easy to find the base price is 640 € but there will soon be the sales so feel free to send me a message on Instagram or a YT comment so that I can find one for you at a fair price they are often half price like 300 € and you can leave with a new pair ahah
so this is dior 24 it’s a good compromise between the B22 and the B23 ( B23 we see she everywhere ) the work is interesting on this shoe, there is nubuck, leather, mesh and reflective material.I really like small reflective pieces on the favorite detail is the laces fastening you just have to pull to tighten it, it’s cool the design is not bad, it looks like a pair of sports from the 90s the shoes you put on for morning jogging ( i never do morning jogging ) so love this. amazing shoes ! and thanks again EDMOND big work with the writing “christion dior” behind the monogram right here, we would think that the pair is simple but no it is very worked here I would like to show you all my sneaker but i have a lot of them the video is going to be already long I will have to reduce it and I just saw on the screen of my camera that I forgot to present this pair it’s one of my favorite, Jordan 1 Game Royal 2017 if i’m not mistaken it came out in 2017.
all in leather and nubuck that we love the jordans 1 who no longer need to sell their merits their success he is there.i love it this royal electric blue, he goes well !
the resale is expansive especially for my size the 8,5us it takes 4-500 € but really big love so you understand bro this shoe is crazy !! so we will let ourselves be on the last pair, i don’t show you all now but I still think I will do another video to show you the rest of my pair so I’m counting on you!
the next video will be on the bags because you often ask me where they come from etc.. so we’ll do the bags, after the clothes, and whatever I like to film. this week-end i go to tattoo so i will film it you will see me hurt but fuck so the last shoe is the New Balance 530, we see them a lot at this moment Foot locker gave them to me a month before the release (thanks loic). I love the side dad shoes of 90’s for morning jogging I haven’t done to you since a while ago).
there is reflective on the side we find tennis well, the pair is super light, she let me think a little of Nike air zoom X supreme, samr vibe of light with this pair you can fly ahahah
she is available a 500 …. no stop smock weed man 130€ is the retail price ahah but i think there is little size available in real if you want it write me on insta or in comment YT I’ll try to find it for you if there are any left really great work on this, i don’t have anything to add on this I was not a fan of New Balance at the start but for my first pair I loved, so that’s it for my first video, I’m counting on you for share it a maximum
went ciao ahah

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  1. La vidéo est lourde ,ta collection inspirante ,fais juste gaff au son des musiques qui est parfois trop fort.

  2. top vidéo mec, je kiffe ton style sur insta et tout continue et continue avec une ée partie de all my sneakers ! grave lourd !

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