‘Amber Threatens Matt’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

‘Amber Threatens Matt’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

I think Matt is a great guy.
It’s just — Just wish he went about things
a different way. Do you think that you could
live without him? We all like him, but then
there’s the other side that it just —
There’s some shady (bleep) I feel like once you’re a liar,
you’re a liar. You comforted me
because there was cameras. You’ve been —
Talk about me like that again,
bitch. (Bleep) these cameras!
(Bleep) you! If you call me a liar
one more (bleep) time, I swear to (bleep) God. Chrissy, what do you have?
I’m mentally exhausted. I can’t make you do anything
you don’t want to do. Right. People just think
they can pick and choose what exercise you’re gonna take
part in and what they’re not. You give up.
It’s not called giving up. It’s called
moving forward. Definitely upsets me that people aren’t giving
this process a chance. I ain’t come here
for all this (bleep) Came here for doing what
I was supposed to do. And I have not got one (bleep)
out of it yet, so… I’m good. I ain’t perfect. But it was nothing I could think
of right then and there that I didn’t like about myself
’cause I love myself. The doctors are geniuses, but God needs to come down
and handle this one himself. Dr. V: It’s a shame your mom
didn’t participate, because this would’ve really,
really helped her. You didn’t write
anything down? Don’t look at me. My paddle says —
Oh, that’s weird. “Anger. Anger, anger.
Anger, anger.” What are you feeling right now,
Anger. Matt and Amber
destroy each other. They pickin’ each other apart
up there.
Yeah. -It was hard to watch.
-Yeah. I try to give you
a (bleep) family. I don’t want that family. Good!
We don’t (bleep) want you ’cause you’re not worth
our family. And when I put this in there, say thank you
one more (bleep) time. Say thank you one more time. Somebody take the paddle
out of that girl’s hand, ’cause she’s about to (bleep)
take Matt’s head off. (Bleep) you!

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  1. 😳 I’m shocked to see how angry Amber gets. I’ll never understand why people stay in a relationship when it’s so broken.

  2. Just think Ambers new boyfriend found her from working on this show and saw how abusive she is and then got her pregnant-_-

  3. amber has always been an angry abusive bitch I don't understand how any man can stomach her, she is vile and disgusting

  4. Matt is a damaged man most women have emotional issues but men are like damaged to the core leave this man alone dude seriously go on with your life

  5. Matt came out with that deep shit. He’s in his head right now battling demons yet Amber still makes it about her and not even remotely understanding

  6. If this was a man telling a woman that and showing aggressive and violent signs like that, shxt would have gotten real, real quick.

  7. Yes Amber is abusive, but so is Matt. Matt is abusive in a lying, slimy, understated, opportunistic way. I say Matt brings out the worst in Amber (she has an angry and abusive side, don’t get me wrong), but then uses that to make himself look like the one who is being abused and who is really the good guy trapped in a bad relationship. Just my take, but I think Matt is the more dangerous one. Amber has a good heart underneath it all, and has made terrible choices, and needs more mental and emotional help to lead a more effective and fulfilling life. Matt knows exactly what he’s doing. Makes me sick.

  8. I’m sorry but where I’m from people only act like Amber because they’ve never had anyone that has let them know that that behavior isn’t gonna be tolerated.Amber needs a good ass whopping.I know nowadays being physical with one another is frowned on.But,I bet you she would think before she gets up in someone’s face.

  9. I agree with him 100% I didn't believe it when she was doing it all that comforting yeah right you can't hide who you are when you're showing who you are to everybody don't trust her mat

  10. lmao im shocked but hell..who could deal with amber..And now she is on to the next baby #2And still has no time for her daughter

  11. I know she's always been like this and there's seriously no excuse after this long of not changing, but I swear someday she's going to kill one of her boyfriends. Not even joking. Future, past, present, exes, whatever, someone's going to get brutally stabbed with how angry she gets and how much worse it has gotten thus far. I'm all for being proved wrong because we all love a happy ending but come on now.

  12. I'm sorry but I would not stand for that woman talking to me that way. Society teaches us men these rules of chivalry and composure when women act like that, that we cannot retaliate and that may very well be true in some cases by us being physically stronger. But I'll be damned if you talk to me like that because the minute she would've tried to swing that paddle at me or tried to get violent, it would not end well for her. I dont care what nobody say.

  13. If a man treated a woman like that a national
    Tv everyone would be in uproar. Verbal abuse is not okay!!!

  14. I don't feel bad for amber. Y'all don't remember how she use to beat Gary? Lol she starts it with her unstable ass

  15. There are different ways to be abusive. And abused. Amber clearly has angry issues and Matt is a manipulative lying ass hole of a man who knows how to bring the worst out in people..my dad was EXACTLY the same way to make everyone else around him look crazier than he is

  16. Why is nothing being done about the things Amber has been saying to Matt?🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. So lurch was creeping into Amber's room at Marriage Boot Camp. What a loser to go after someone as hair trigger temper, crazy as Amber. Better get a dna test, could still be Matt's kid. Poor baby having to live with that woman.

  18. She’s literally the abusive one . I hate her. She legit went to jail for beating Gary how can people actually believe otherwise.

  19. Amber be walking up on men like she could honestly hold her own up against them. Like Amber is just an abusive person and she would put her hands on Gary. She better be glad these men don't wanna catch a case…

  20. I love how she puts his ugly creepy ass in place. I'm so happy she left him. I love Amber she's a down ass real bitch!

  21. So glad she left that parasite everything comes to light stupid Matt and so ugly he is…😋👹👺👺

  22. Big surprise that Amber is on here! Every relationship of hers is identical. She screams at, swears at, and hits the guy she's with. Not normal. She's sooo angry & mentally unstable. She could use some intense one on one therapy. I'm not even sure how she has any friends let alone a boyfriend….ugh

  23. Amber's anger is so funny. LOL! The bed Matt is lying in when Amber is all up in his face looks like a big ass crib. ROTFL!

  24. Why is it okay for a woman to make threats like that? I thought woman want “equal rights”. You know damn well if he did that they would have restrained him or kicked him off the show. She should ha e gotten the same treatment.

  25. I really admire some things about Amber… I don’t particularly admire the way she acts when she gets angry. She acts like south side trash.

  26. They’re both fucked. Amber is such a vile person. She didn’t need prison she needed to serve time in a mental ward. She needs to let go of her anger… it’s ugly and immature. A lot of people have been through hell. I have a fully stamped passport there myself, but you can’t let the past control your present or you’ll never find happiness. Happiness starts in yourself, she depends on people for that emotion which will never be up to her standards.

  27. Amber, The Nasty crusty smelly disgusting foul Biatch keeps threatening suicide and quitting the show. Fukn Quit and END IT you attention Ho. You’re a Fraud!

  28. i can't believe she has been allowed to be abusive on TV for an entire decade. started with Gary back in 2009 and now we have the leaked audio and an arrest in 2019. someone lock this crazy bitch up for good, she's a danger to society and will never change.

  29. I hope they fire her from TM. I heard the audio footage between her and Andrew. She didn't give a damn about the fact he was holding their son. She was even yelling "take him and go" and got physical with Andrew.

  30. I'm sorry but Andrew knew what he was getting into and like an idiot he chose to knock her up. He did it to himself, seeing how she acted towards Matt and knowing her history with Gary.

  31. Dang, does she ever see exactly how much uglier she is when she "showing off" for her invisible audience? Little girl wouldn't make it 2 days in the real world, which is where her pathetic, government mooching ass needs to be!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hamburglar needs to come across that one person who will take one for the team and kick the fkn shit outta her. Bullies need a taste of their own medicine.

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