Bathu sneakers: Shoe no.14

Bathu sneakers: Shoe no.14

I started asking myself what are we
doing as Africans to tell our own story that’s what really got me into sneaker
business What is that one footwear brand that is from Africa
that can be benchmarked, I couldn’t find any and in the word “bathu” means “shoe” in
South African townships Theo is a guy from the hood you know he’s a black kid from an ordinary background It inspires a lot of people, find a person who create his own shoe brand you know like yo, I’m in inspired. 2009 I left home, my dad sold his car for me to get into varsity just for the first semester, not even the whole year I was already at a disadvantage because my
tuition was not fully paid I mean getting textbooks was a hustle. I
remember doing my second year in accounting that’s where the entrepreneur bug bit me,
I used to sell perfumes door to door often people ask me why Cosmetics but a lot of
people really supported our business because we were basically fulfilling that gap in the market because we come from a culture in the townships
where people like dressing up and looking good but one thing that I
believe in my mantra in life doesn’t have to be in business, it’s about
capitalizing small opportunities if I messed up that opportunity to be in
varsity I don’t think I would have been here today I think the most important
thing is basically just starting and defining your hustle. I see a lot of people wearing Bathu you know, eish, yo and to see them wearing it proudly South African sneaker from the
hood, Alex, ekhasi, black owned sneaker it gives hope to the child
sitting at the corner, even if I don’t come up with something I can push myself
to get somewhere one day.

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  1. I have a problem with the pricing. I think its overpriced for recently launched snicker, ok this guy is from Alex and I did hear his story of him struggling to raise fees for his studies, and he goes and charges R1 500 to 1700/snicker? that is the price of a premium brand, would rather buy a Nikey or adidas with that. How many in Alex would afford that? If its locally manufactured then why its that expensive? Lets be realistic. I really want to support our black business but then the pricing is just too much

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