Best Air Jordan Collection In The World!? (Perfect Pair) Episode 2 of 3

Best Air Jordan Collection In The World!? (Perfect Pair)  Episode 2 of 3

These stupid easy shoes that I don’t even wear phenomenal shoe. Good sit leather – yeah The older stuff for me. I mean this does more for me than the new stuff. That’s a bang All right, that one’s still worth money. So that’s a banger right there So those numbers with the ft1 tell you that’s Michael Jordan sneaker. This one came and then they did that one Yes, you can’t you can’t fake the numbers you were saying so So we got Jordan retros, yeah one through 69 this is full ones this is full ones This is full ones and then they stopped right about there. What is that? Like 40 pair wines? There’s 70 so Seventeen’s yeah many Christmas too many Here’s a good one This is a jam right here This is a jam right here that 0z was first sure If they if they only knew admit not the crap they’re getting nowadays the old love new love pack those were good mints – Definitely as a good pack When they started coming out with the highs, I was like I got a star coat I’m not a big one guy, but I have a I have some it’s alright think about it The one has been the most retro door, whatever you’d like to call it shoe of all the shoes cuz it’s the oh jeez the class Yeah, so it’s hard to not have a lot of pair of ones even if you don’t even water like that I get it just happens. I have more I think I have more ones than I do any other greens I might have more force. I don’t know. So what’s your favorite number retro 2? 3 3 yeah 3 I’m 6 yeah 3 all right time 3 retros you gonna have 3 retro. Who would they be? 3 4 5 I’m going like 3 6 11 6 is good. I have quite a bit of them But I the five does look dope on the feet Yeah, so they look real good on the feet, but the tongue beasts messing up my I don’t know problem The wool stitching right here, maybe snagging my sweat. I’ll show you something that blows a lot of people’s minds volume. Oh There they go watch some be way up top yeah Yeah, here’s a good one I Guess you should still be together Wow Yeah Linen joints she’s like this guy I Should that guys still be together man. I had to get rid of mine cuz I started falling work. I Don’t know exactly what you’re talking about on that. A lot of people trip out like know how you do it. I Don’t really do anything crazy is this He’d be walking around in the morning with the pixie dust in the air like this would be like I mean This is what you do when you first wake up in a dingo brushes teeth or watch this face Nothing I just got my first pair like a month ago You got another Nike urge right here, yes, so this one was resold I Can’t fake the funk on this one, but it’s still wearable its original is this which slows is from the most recent? Yeah from a karma. Huh guys ready. I got you But now you got rockin. Yep, that’s nice That’s your custom right there. Yeah, that’s your type of custom something. You can still wear. Like I think I did it to my force These guys right here So I resold these guys and you can already see they’re trying to come back apart ding. I still wear them too They should be flopping and talking in the back a little bit until they fall apart completely All right. These are the fours oars lightnings at Not don’t worry about price don’t worry, I know that what’s right four or five Just for easy. I’m thinking to save it was easy. These might be like triple price and that’s cool All right, cool, but these is wire That got me going from when I was oh man I remember killing up Like yellow too. So yeah, I know I see. Yeah, what’s a little black right there? Yeah Oh, yeah, cuz he wears a suit wait see I think the ones on your feet are right here. Oh Yeah wheat went in today Yeah, I got the white jump man. Yeah coffee, huh? These things feel good For the people that don’t know these are the blackout samples whenever testing the airbags during that era They made a bunch of different wear test samples. And this is one of them different Souls different stitching different stuff like that It’s like a top you’ll see another one up there. That’s the one with the all black sole similar to the Oreo. Yeah And I have one more and they feel amazing Yeah, there you go, yeah what the black so like you said a little different joint here What size did you get these are so 14? I was just about to say a lot of them was in a 14 14 Yeah, all the rest of them are 12, okay? Yeah, I had to 13 and 112 and these but I had the same exact one I wanted to get a different color, but I never could what else we got Decent sixes and then it goes to the sevens eights the nines There’s a ray ray right there. Hold on. Wait a minute Talk to her. Yeah, so well again everyone calls These shoes the Olympics even though Jordan was worthless Evan and Jordan never wore this shoe so again ray made these the Olympic 6mm, so And they’re not falling apart a little yellow. No, goofiness. I thought I could wear this shoe right now I wanted to those are easy, but I could That’s a real P right there. Yeah Yeah, think they got the VIN Baker’s and shit. Yeah, yeah Not that good. What about like Eddie Jones different guys like that was clever to rock. I’ve got some decent stuff. That’s got Eddie I feel like those are always convenient Pease not really desired, but just cool to have type things there in wearable very where We got on this one where you have stuff over here, so decent stuff on this wall, you know, good runners Like the home groans chlorophylls the cherrywood You know stuff that matters if you ask my opinion stuff that comes out nowadays There’s no more good quick strikes or you know, there’s nothing to really say I gotta have it So I seen some foam pauses sprinkled up in here a little bit is it some good phones right through here Now remember the foamposite era that was a big deal for me back in the day, please work Those were hard to get man, you know, man, these were hard to get so sorry. I don’t wear phones anymore It’s like I said if I could win no all this stuff down I’ve got money in here. I just don’t I don’t mess with them. Yep Not for me As hard as you transition over collecting for so many years Yeah, probably the one that started all the height for Foamposites Nike basketball That was in Orlando that was that crazy at the mall going that was wild goodwill think Pete I was hard to get Very expensive good HTM joints At one time a lot of money devotion these these are the fire is Different you don’t see a lot of people with these this can’t work There’s no telling of my shoes all over the place, that’s a good one yeah, you know, I collect a lot of these guys I’ve got The two here I’ve got both of the eights So this one got the gold on the bottom here On the bottom. Yeah, so they’re different. This will have more speckles this want to be light speckled. Yeah Different, you know what I mean? Like I think when people come in here They expect to see wall to wall crazy crazy sneaker in that after sneaker after and it’s not like that it’s I have real shoes just like everybody else right but when a certain company came All they wanted to see was the height right? That’s what they got to see and then I got based off of that. Right? Well, that’s all he’s got right I mean, yeah, I do But I also have the regular stuff. I mean I still kind of want these those are good. I Don’t really like these these grew on me after and it was too late anything with that soul, right? There’s there’s a couple shoes that they did kind of mess up wait I think it was a couple Katie’s with the gum songs that I didn’t really like but For the most part they do I think this is the best one this one in all white You’ll know how rare that oh, yeah The changing on you a little bit. Oh, yeah getting old that father. Tom will teach you getting old see? You rocking us? Yeah, they were called the Platinum’s When I was given when I was sold this shoe Can’t show it can’t right. Right, right There’s a there’s some rules and regulations. I’ll tell you after the video That you can they just be trying a lot and you know rules and regulations no more is it’s like Wild West right? Crazy, they be like, oh you can’t snob Rothstein. It’s been so many seasons after the release. I’m good. No These are cool Different pair MVP joints. Yeah, the laser the rare, of course These kind of got me so hype magnets had to have the air no, I paid a hundred bucks for those We get have you have to have certain shoes right, this is one thing I got a complex con for free the Rose yeah, that sounds like these are fit for you Like I feel like you might like these and you’re like, oh no, I’m good already over here Again, just the sevens me rolls pins I’ve got decent stuff Olympics this one. I think these are a cold set right here ofE about the cold I think people at The crash mercy of the shoe. Yes, it’s great No for me, I’m like, ah If anything I’ll go with the blue in Lemoore subtle Like I can’t wear these but see these as well these as well other people got to have these I can yes Dozens like 90 vibes are like that. Is that roster joint this right here The murals are good when I was growing up growing up aka 16 Yeah when I was 16 I was looking on the internet every day like one day I’m gonna be able to get those one day I’m gonna be able to get those and now I’m like, I don’t even be trying to get a little work But those are fire super flames packed everything. They made these four months. You know this super rare with them Jordan when they make it for a month and In leavens, I have a lot of 11th. I go live might have the same amount of letters as I do once Paladins I have a lot of Elevens. Oh Yeah, here we go Well, that’s like wow these is so Gary Payton joints for the Lakers and then of course another PT for the best man to ever do it this Ray Ray these are good, you know seasons induce seattle supersonics days long here Everyone try to say that, you know Boston not a Boston PE It’s comedy man. I have decent stuff over here. It’s not crazy. You know, I think the crazier stuff is up top Okay, like this one here Oh, that’s not the one I thought it was the one I just aware of these literally every day Yeah, that should be the was all along, you know the rips but I didn’t even carry over 14. I was still wearing them I was like, oh, well, I’m aware And I obviously got warm one time I feel about these that when I was a retro knowing that it used to be a PE I’m not a bit if you had the team down on the side the what’s the same thing with this like come on with the Quack-quack look. Yeah, that’s true. It’s not a big deal. I don’t know where yeah, I have it Someone say I don’t I do so it’s looking like Besides the last shots, which we’ll talk about in a minute. Yeah 1 through 13. It’s basically your emphasis when it comes to Jordans That’s all that matters, right? Okay, one two, fourteen. Kindly and I started and then I stopped Okay, one two fourteen after that. It doesn’t matter to me. Okay, so That’s interest and I feel like that’s definitely the numbers a lot of people like one through thirteen Because I guess I mean that was what you play it in and those different things, but I don’t know I’m a fan of the bigger at the higher numbers. I still got into clothes For teens matter and that’s original from the day. Yeah, I beat these up So, yeah, the whole know what it is I just remember like our walls it is clean 15 for me. I don’t know why I just love them. A lot of people hate him. I Mean I s bees runners Jordans LeBrons Kobe’s Up top I wish you guys could see it all up there because a lot of the Air Force one Kobe joints a lot of the LeBron What do they call that back in the day? The four horsemen. Oh, yeah, it’s all up there. You know the VIN the Vince Carter. Okay there I’ve heard everything is up there Yes, there’s yeah, there’s a lot of good for some way to get there is That a ladder right there It’s like I’m feeling low risk e today I’m let the hop on the ladder I’m afraid of heights – a lot of these 15 feet out there as high as my hand goes I get up That’s why everything up there is dead stock if it’s got if it’s got to come down from there Someone’s gonna do it for me. I ain’t doing it. That’s comedy. I’ve fallen too many times Oh Okay with us, oh we got stuff we can convey here The re joints this was Maybe five six years ago and you had the cool little little ad and he got the The ashtray in there. Yeah, what’s crazy is how much these shoes go for now? What did they go for excite me? 15 – what? They’re not nuts. Oh, that’s it. That’s it. All so cool that this dude re took a stand to say a Certain brand I might do what I wanted. Right right. He got a cease and assist but that’s about it. So I hate good things He definitely did his thing right? It’s crazy But yeah a lot of stuff over here, you know I got Ruckus joints. I’ve got the Levi’s joints a stack of Pease that have cost me a lot of money So good But yeah, so again like I was saying like og slick shoes He signed the top of the box for me one of my favorite artists BB sketch did these for me right here? Okay, kind of some clean stuff with me and my brother I’m holding my brother’s fours right there. A lot of people don’t understand this photo. It’s more of a homage to my brother Like I miss you, you know, I’m Sam I carry your feet. I got you so yeah, this is sneakers man what I do seem like these new collectors talking about You know my off-white shoes or my Kanye shoes, but they’re not able to break these To me, that’s not they don’t understand where you’re the collab here ideas. Have you done? Well, three they hit the public Okay, I did four total. Okay One was friends and family for just a space Jones which is at the bottom. Oh Yeah You got any more collabs you only the only thing I’ve done lately is a bag with hex We did a smoker duffel oke holds for shoes and puts dope as you can carry it in your hand Carry it on your shoulder, or you can carry it as a backpack. Okay, so it’s Yeah, though versatile joint and it comes with a full sneaker cleaning kit inside it though still This is Michael Jordan to me. Like whenever I people hear about shoes or see shoes or white cement Slyke to me. This is This is 5th grade Fourth grade. This is an era of real shoes real people real basketball not flopping actual hard foul real ball hard-nosed real basketball so this to me is This always be number one. My brother’s was the white cement 4 and then second favorite Will be the black cement with the Nike Air on the back Again, this was the only retro or sorry the only original sneaker that I ever got growing up Was these guys so I mean the sevens and the eights and all that I think it’s kind of irrelevant when you say oh geez fire rate five Probably one of my more favorite of the fives the yellowing means it’s old and it’s real The nike air on the back says it’s old and real and the shoes still together I can still wear this shoe to this day. No Reese. Oh, no, no goofy stuff So just again another one of those silhouettes. You saw Mike do a lot of crazy stuff in or these shoes. So three four five easily my favorites Since everyone likes s B’s again This shoe to me when I moved to California, I Knew about probe’s We had a couple out a couple Nike classics like that back in the day But I wasn’t an SB collector until I moved to California so paying homage to move into California and getting into SVS Would be the California and then I think that this just Jordan 11 It kind of just represents the era for Kenny G there was pretty good times for me and I think I I Shook up the world whenever this shoe got introduced to certain social outlets And I got a whole lot of questions as to where did you get it? I was on ESPN Countless conversations about this sneaker, so it’ll always be near and dear to my heart and again You’re welcome for your cap and gowns and perfect perra needs a damn paycheck So that’s easily my favorite five right there take us up here So the infamous room room with RTZ, they’re starting to sweat getting hot Yeah up here is what everybody wants that’s my opinion. And this is what I think I’m more known for Are these shoes? I’m sorry, but I had to end the video We just finished up the second segment and it’s time for the third coming up tomorrow. So stay tuned for that one We’re gonna be talking about his Pease his samples how much money he spent on his most expensive sneaker in his collection But these numbers are gonna blow your mind stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode If you guys haven’t already please hit that subscribe button join the family say what’s up down below in the comment section hit the like button because that actually really helps to algorithm Let’s continue to push this content out to each other with that being said, my name is DJ and it’s time to go I will see y’all tomorrow

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