BEST BOOTS FOR MEN 2019 | Men's Stylish Boots | Alex Costa

BEST BOOTS FOR MEN 2019 | Men's Stylish Boots | Alex Costa

what's up everyone my name is Alex Kosta and I'm always talking about how much I love boots and how I think every guy should have at least one pair in their closet so today I wanted to go over the best foods for men of the year to give you guys exact examples and models with the link of each of them in the description below so you can go and check them out and hopefully get your own pair to look amazing of course stay warm this year and just a reminder that I just started a free newsletter that I'm really proud of where I send you guys emails with you know bonus fashion tips personal stories about me and some confidence building tips that you guys seem to really like as well the link is in the description right below the video so it would mean the world to me if you guys would go check it out and let me know what you think alright let's start with some military boots shall we they are definitely having a moment right now and a trendy you know and let me tell you why these commando or combat or military boots are usually pretty comfortable once you break them in all their footwear it can be flimsy they can hurt your feet but definitely not the military boots these babies are made to last they're made to keep your feet safe from whatever comes your way and you know they have a thick sole they're definitely rugged and they give you that military look and feel my favorite are the Doc Martens I've had these for a while now and I love them they're also not that expensive so you can have a couple of them if you want different colors and style they're really chunky so just keep that in mind if you're short for example and you have maybe like huge feet and maybe these aren't for you because they're gonna take over your whole outfit the murdered-out matte black is awesome it's easy to style but the brown is also beautiful and stands out depending on what you're wearing I'll leave the link for them below I also really liked these from Thursday boots they're more sleek than the docs but they give you all the benefits of a military boot the difference is you can actually dress them up a little bit more so they're more versatile in my opinion at least all of these boots in description below so make sure to go check them out next up of course you guessed it chelsea boots I really think Chelsea boots are amazing and as you guys know it's my favorite of all time and that's because it's easy to pull off both in terms of like physically pulling them out and putting them on and also in terms of matching them to a bunch of different outfits that you currently oh there's sneak but they still keep your feet warm and safe they can work with jeans for a cool you know street style look or to go out at night and dress them out with an outfit I've even seen a lot of celebrities rocking these to the red carpet with a suit and it works really really well if you're not a hundred percent sold yet on the idea of wearing boots on a regular basis then this chelsea boots are for you i can guarantee you that it's gonna elevate your fashion game and that you will get compliments for both guys and from girls my favourites are these from common projects which are pricey but they have an amazing shape to the boots the toe box here is perfect and that's what makes them so popular they make them in all different ways different colors and different material I also really like mine from Ankara Flores this one right here it's a classic Brown Chelsea I wore these in Switzerland this week I was just there last night actually which is crazy and the lookbook with these is coming out soon I love the guys who make these my friends Marcel and Modi who took the time to perfect these boots definitely go check them out I'll leave the link to these in a description right below the video now similar to the Chelsea boots alright the ankle boots are also really amazing they're kind of like a step up from the Chelsea boots and a fashion scale in my opinion they're more of like a fashion statement while the Chelsea's are a little bit less noticeable but still really fashionable and really cool they usually have a harness on the sides to add some flair to the boots and also the heels tend to be a little bit higher so if you're on the shorter side if you're shorter than the average guy this could actually be a huge benefit you know you get an extra inch or so in height in Saint Laurent boots are obviously amazing you know really well built but they're pricey so keep that in mind these though from Ankara Flores are awesome I wore them to a lookbook a few weeks ago and you guys really liked and they're definitely more affordable so what do you guys think would you guys rock the ankle boots at the moment or is it a little too fashion-forward for you let me know in the comments down below if you just stick with the chelsea boots or if you give the ankle boots a try another type of boot that you need especially if you live somewhere where it gets really cold in the winter or if you like to travel to the cold places in the wintertime duty winter boots these are usually gonna come up higher than most just make sure that you're protected you know as much as possible from the frickin cold they're also really rugged it's kind of like the military boots so you can go hiking in them or you can walk through snow if needed the soles tend to be slip resistant to make sure that you don't slip on ice so it's a more functional piece than anything but also that doesn't mean that I shouldn't look good right functional pieces can also be fashionable and that's what we're trying to strive here a middle ground between fashion and functionality that's where the sweet spot is for boots I absolutely love these from Timberland I wore them on a video the other day and you guys all asked me about them I'm gonna blow your mind right now okay check these out these actually fold over let me see if I can do this here there we go and then you can fold them down to pretty much as low as you want here so they look even I'm not gonna say better but they looked different you know you do this and then you can just strap them right there and there you go something like that so they're very fashion-forward in terms of for a winter boot anyway but you can change them up you can bring them all the way up here you can bring them down so they're very versatile and of course very rugged these are so warm they're insulated great job Timberland love these and then I also got these boots from Timberland they show you these in a very nice little bag here a little bit different check these out these are I got these for Christmas from Timlin they sent it to me and I have to say I love them they're awesome am I gonna wear them a lot no I'm gonna wear them once a year on Christmas and that's really it but I thought they were really cool obviously limited edition and you don't have to get them with the Christmas patterns alright you can get them in the regular colors but I think Timberland has been making boots forever and I think they're doing a really good job so great boot I'm gonna list everything in the description below so you guys can go and check them out especially if you want a little good with the next Christmas time these from Thor God are all so amazing and sold on Amazon so you can get a pretty good deal for a quality piece the reviews are great you can go check them out you know and it's also a trustworthy brand so it's an easy choice next up guys King boots are definitely having a moment right now and to be honest 20 because it's not because people decided to live a healthy and active lifestyle and go to the outdoors and go hiking they're just being thrown into crazy outfits at fashion shows I know it's it's crazy but I figured I tell you about it anyway it's probably not my favorite trend and I don't think you're gonna see me wearing this anytime soon but what do you guys think would you wear them or no I'm gonna leave all of these boots including the hiking boots if you want to go check them out in the description below pick your favorites go shopping look good this winter especially the Chelsea boots man which which I love and I I didn't really mention chukka boots because I feel like chukkas are kind of like fake boots you know they're more like sneakers than anything else but Chuck the boots I mean I have a pair I like them and you guys seem to really like them as well so I'm gonna leave the Clark struck a booth listed in a description to so you can go and check them out because they're my favorite chukka boots guys don't forget to subscribe to become part of the YouTube family and keeps growing every day which is awesome and of course sign up to my newsletter I've been putting a lot of effort into it hopefully you guys are enjoying it I send emails every week it's free talk about personal things talk about you know different fashion tips confidence-building tips and you guys seem to be really enjoying it so thank you I really appreciate that and I'll see you again soon peace

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  1. I listed A BUNCH of awesome boots in the description for you guys 🙂
    Please don't forget to check out my newsletter and to follow me on IG: for more fashion inspo!
    Thank you so much!
    – Alex

  2. Is it good to wear a combat boots ? Every time i wear the people are asking me .. are you a soldier ?

  3. Dr. Martens are no military boots. They came up as work boots and the skinheads, punkrockers and hooligans made them famous. Since they‘ve moved the production to asia they are just overpriced junk for fashion victims. If you like the style go and get solovair boots. Those are made in England and come with way better uppers.

  4. I agree, only feminine type men would wear something so princess like, maybe a hint of pink and neon blue would make it more appealing? Get some real boots [(MEN)]

  5. What lace up black boots will you recommend? I like the black leather, black stitching, but brown sole. Closest is a custom 1000 mile boot, thoughts?

  6. Hi Alex,

    I commented awhile ago but guess it got lost in the many comments, can you tell me what brand the black/grey jeans that you're wearing are at the 2:45 mark in this video?

  7. I'm from Texas and while watching the video I was waiting for him to mention cowboy boots… didnt happen😐

  8. Doc martens look like Combat boots but are really just fashion boots. I bought my first pair in the early 80s. They were fashionable amongst the punk rock crowd. Also the Czechoslovakian made “monkey boots” were popular. In fact you can buy those today for about 80 bucks. Doc marten has created their own take on the monkey boot called “Church”.

  9. 1.Dr.Martens
    5.Beverly Hills
    This old skol boots and still do anywhere.i mentioned this because I wear for hunting and riding my Harley street bike

  10. i have one pair of boots that i wear everyday they were $80 and are amazing
    you dont have to spend over 100 for good boots trust me

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