BEST SHOES FOR MEN | Must Have Sneakers for 2019 | Alex Costa

BEST SHOES FOR MEN | Must Have Sneakers for 2019 | Alex Costa

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  1. What are your favorite sneakers right now? Follow me on to see my crazy Coachella weekend!!!
    Thank you,

  2. So funny. Loafers are not dress shoes, lol. And u should get these vans if you going to look like you will never grow up.

  3. The latest ‘dad style’ sneakers worn by dildos and D-bags.

    Stick clean silhouettes like Common Projects, Converses and AF1s.

  4. One The best thing about Alex is that he puts links to every item he talks about.great man.other youtubers should learn from him

  5. i want to see a video of the best white sneakers! I can't decide which ones to buy. Side note> It would be interesting if you could make a video on how to take care of your shoes, i know they exist already but i feel like with your experience maybe you have a good sense of what products to look for and what products to not aim at when it comes to cleaning shoes. Otherwise thank you for the video! Keep it up you're almost at 2 mil!

  6. Best white sneaker of all time goes to the classic Nike Air Force 1! Also have to have a pair of Jordans in yo collection G.

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