Bike Touring Gear For A Fall Tour In France

Bike Touring Gear For A Fall Tour In France

Hello there! Bike Touring Mike here I’m currently on tour here in Provence, France and have been so for a couple of days I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to talk about what I’m bringing on this tour gear wise and so on First of all, this is my touring bike. It’s a Kona Sutra I have a Brooks b-17 saddle on it This time I’m using flat pedals. These are Nukeproof mountain bike pedals Usually I have SPD shoes and a SPD pedals but this time I wanted to do a bit of exploring off the bike I decided to take flat panels instead I have three cages and water bottle mounts for bottles I have a bike lock which I haven’t used more than maybe once or twice during this trip Usually I just leave the bike in plain sight outside the supermarket I go through these really small towns. So it feels kind of safe to leave the bike outside We can take a look inside of the bags and start with the handlebar bag Here we find a smartphone My Kindle This is my Canon g7x, which is currently broken. I’m trying to fix that for later Selfie stick My Garmin. I can put it over here Front bike light Some gum Sunglasses A pair of really thin gloves And in this little compartment I have some Euros Pen and a piece of paper to do some notes on and my passport In the left front pannier I have the following things First of all a sack of all my cycling clothes This is a bit torn. So I’m gonna change this when I get home I have a stove and cooking kit Made by Primus who also do these ges canisters I have my little stove inside. And also some matches and spices and something to clean everything with Below this I have this collapsable mug and also a collapsable bowl I also have some taco seasoning and Panang curry seasoning A knife Spork Another spork Some oats A bit of olive oil and a banana The right front pannier: I have my toiletries Nothing to write home about A pair of Crocs, that I use mainly for when I’m around the campground I also use these when I have to pass through some water As you have seen in a previous video I have a bag of my electronics There’s a couple of power banks And a bunch of cables and battery chargers and so on Plus another one of these electronics bags This is more mainly camera accessories as my chesty for my action cam and other stuff And lastly but not least my bike pump Let’s check the big panniers in the back here In this really bulky one I have this stuff sack as I showed you earlier But these are my clothes to wear on camp like a fleece jacket and a nice shirt and beanie and so on This is what takes up most of my packing this is my winter sleeping bag This is not down, it’s a synthetic one It actually saved me the first night when I was camping in a puddle of mud and slept in kind of a brook This got really wet but it dried out in just an hour or so It’s a bit bulky. But it has kept me really warm If you were to do this tour. You could probably be fine with just a two season bag I decided to take this one since I knew I was gonna be sleeping up in the mountains over 1200 meters above sea level Those two nights were pretty cold I’m really glad I took this one instead of my my really small summer bag Also brought this one but I haven’t used it though. It’s a Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Liner It buys you maybe 2 or 3 extra degrees of warmth when you sleep But I think the main thing about this is that you can keep your sleeping bag away from sweat and so on So just use this inside and you can wash this instead of washing the whole sleeping bag when you get home Camp towel My sleeping pad. It’s a Sea To Summit Comfort Plus It weighs around 750 grams. It’s quite heavy It’s really nice to have because it’s insulated so you don’t get cold from underneath. And it’s really comfortable to sleep on And lastly this is one of my luxury items. I have a Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow It’s an Inflatable sleeping pillow. It’s really comfortable. I can really recommend this one It takes up barely any space at all You can keep it in the palm of your hand This one is really nice And lastly we go through the final big pannier Inside here I have my soft shell and rain jacket Which I have used all the time basically As soon as you’re going down big descents And those are everywhere I just put this on because You get sweaty during the uphills and then when you hit the downhill you start to freeze This is perfect for those downhills Here are my poles for my tent And here’s the rest of the tent I’m using the Nature Hike Cloud Up 2 Like you hear it’s a two-man tent But it’s really tiny for a two-man tent so I would rather rate it at one-and-a-half person instead So it fits me really good for me and a couple of my panniers inside And it doesn’t take up much space either so it’s quite easy to find a good camp spot Also one of my luxury items This is a lantern that I have bought at Decathlon I think It’s both the USB chargeable and there’s also sort of a crank up here you can charge it like this I just hang it inside of my tent I can really recommend this this is even though it’s a bit bulky This is one of my favourite things to bring I have a bunch of zip ties Those come in handy Some tape for packing my bike later An inner tube Patch kit for my sleeping pad Bunch of of tools and bike oil and other miscellaneous stuff I have a multi-tool in there So that’s all the gear I brought on this autumn tour here in Provence, France If you’re into bike touring videos, I really suggest you to check out my other bike touring videos Or perhaps subscribe to my channel Until next time have a good one!

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  1. The audio comes and goes, so if you have trouble hearing what I'm saying there are english subtitles avaliable as usual.

  2. Hi Mike! It’s always interesting to watch such videos! Cool bike and cool equipment. I especially liked the lamp! Thanks. Good luck! 💪

  3. I can also highly recommend the Sea To Summit Aeros Deluxe Pillow. One the best things I've bought in my kit for touring. It's all good but the pillow is exceptionelle. I hope when you were flooded out you didn't have to pay for the pitch as that was dreadful for that campsite to allow that to happen to you. They must have really poor drainage at that site. How about space for carrying food as all your panniers looked quite full? I have exactly the same ones. They're great.

  4. Hi Make, congratulations for your great videos ! After many yours without bicycle touring, I intend to restart. Your equipment seems complete and perfect. Could you give an idea about the total expense of all the tools you showed, bicycle included. Thanks in advance !

  5. Hi Mike, what foods are you cooking while camping, and have you found out how to fix your G7X II, is it under warranty, another great vid.

  6. Another Question, how long would it take to break in the brooks B17 saddle, i know you've been using it for years, but what was it like,
    first time using it.

  7. I’ve tried so many camp pillows and I also found that pillow to be the best and most comfortable, great video, always great to see what other tourers take with them and how they pack. Love the light too 👍

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