Blackstone Sneaker SKU: 9151516

Blackstone Sneaker SKU: 9151516

What’s going on peeps? It’s Jeanalin here with And you are gonna fall in love with this Sneaker, let’s go peep it out, it’s from Blackstone The sneaker has a premium suede leather upper and I like how you have that rawhide lace-up closure It’s gonna be perfect for a durability Now my favorite part, ladies, is that you have a faux-shearling lining on the inside that’s really soft and cozy It’s gonna give you added warmth and then you also have it on the footbed as well So it’s really soft There’s tons of flex as well and lastly there’s this rubber outsole for durability This is the perfect sneaker to keep you nice and cozy, click Add to Cart, it’s from Blackstone

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  1. I own two pairs of Blackstone shoes/boots. The one you are describing has genuine shearling. GENUINE SHEARLING. GENUINE. Not faux.

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