Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge ♥ The Perfect Butt Workout

Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge ♥ The Perfect Butt Workout

hey guys welcome to the bad ass booty program this is a Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge I’ve created for you to get results this program is a two week challenge all the details to this challenge are below go ahead and read it through in a nut shell its about 30 min long strictly working on your booty so if u stick to it for two weeks I promise u will see results if your ready grab a mat some water and lets get cracking ok guys so starting with your feet 6 inches apart exhale come into squat keeping arms extended fingers pointing up deep squat imagine like your sitting right into a chair take it all the way down now releasing here to the mat inhale exhale come into bridge and push for two push up for 3 as the hips come up your hands come down and 7 hold it here squeeze the glutes drop the arms down and lift the left leg up think of touching the ceiling with your toes flex your foot lower the leg point kick the leg up flex point 3 and 8 hold and baby pulses hold releasing your foot switching foot to the next side lift the pelvis think of touching the ceiling with your foot lift as high as you can flexing the foot and lowering the leg point and kick one flex point 2 don’t let the hips start to drop to the floor and pulse 8 more very nice release your foot down and then release your body down rolling over to your side now and bending that button knee forward kick the top leg up and down knee pointed towards the front keep hips square from here bring yourself up to knee side plank right up to our knee side plank kick the leg up 1, 2 hold for 8 seconds flex your foot and pulse 8 more from here release pivot to your knee hands and knees position extend the left knee, tap the tow to floor and kick up kick the left leg right up to the ceiling engage through the left glute hold here and bend the knee cross over the knee and down beside the knee and cross and down left high as you can flex your foot and just hold lift the knee as high as you can pulse it up release down and now fire hydrant to the side extend the knee and then bend and down fire hydrant extend and down open extend and down keep the shoulder square hip rotations side up and down now you want to think about as if your drawing a circle side up and down keep going reverse the moevement your doing the same thing just reversing the rotation lift side and down extend the leg out lower and sit back into childspose take a moment to breathe from here switch to the other side starting with the sun tan kicks lift the top leg up rest you head in your hand lets come back to our knee knee side plank lift the leg up fllex your foot now don’t let the leg drop pulse it up release over and kick the leg back just tap the toe and kick coming up to center cross the leg over buttom leg and then down by the side up and cross up and down lift hold it here flex that top foot hold it here and lift that knee up and pulse for 16 firehydrant to the side extend and down to the side extend bend and down keep going your almost there circle the knee to the side up and down side lift and down if your not feeling a burn right now your cheating reverse the movement up side and down keep going extend the right leg sitting back over to childs pose come up to all fours then slowly from here tuck your toes and up to downward dog walking feet closer to the hands start with our other squats hands to hips as you come up think of squeezing the glutes difference between these squats and the first is that the feet are wider apart sit right into the squat reaching the arms and hold reach arms up from here going into our jump squat up and down releasing back into downward dog awesome job walking on the spot sit right over to the mat very nice job guys you did! you did the first set now if you are on week one good job your done! week two your going to repeat the set once again using my intro as your water break lets do it guys

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  1. Hello guys! For some reason youtube is not letting me respond to everyone here. Not sure if its some glitch or not but if I haven't responded to your question don't worry I'm not ignoring you, as soon as this is fixed I will get back to everyone!! Thank you for all your comments and support, seriously you guys are the best <3 <3 ,3

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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. Wonderful sequence!!! I feel it fits perfect in my routine and my bdy. Managed to do it twice wearing heavy (not super heavy) anklets, but skipping final jumps. Thanks for sharing this valuable content: including, pilates, abs exercises, yoga and meditations!!! <3

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  4. My left butt is bigger than the right one … nd when i did dis whole workout i cn feel my left butt …nd my right one is normal …idk why dis happens … my hips are uneven..plz suggest what to do … whn i do with my right leg still i feel pain in left one only nd nt in right leg n hip …😑

  5. 12 narrow squat
    12 bridge lift
    (12 seconds 1 leg hold
    12 cissor kicks
    12 pulses
    repeat other leg)
    (12 Sun Tan kicks
    12 knee plank kicks
    12 pulses
    12 donkey kicks
    12 cross kicks
    12 fire hidrants
    12 circles each direction
    repeat other leg)
    downward strech
    12 wide squats
    8 jump squats

  6. Goddess!!!!! Thank YOU for this video and all that is YOU!! My new booty thanks you! Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!!

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  8. How much is too much? This x3 and lean leg yoga, 3 abdominal workouts, 3 full body, 3 upper. In All honesty, I have a 'distorted body image' And People tell me I take it too far. Thanks! Its amazing and still very appreciated! ♡

  9. I'm so happy to see people actually giving their results and their positive I'm definitely giving this a go for 2 weeks I'll update you guys

  10. Definitely a well crafted workout. The last couple minutes I just couldn't anymore, butt I will get there. ::snort::

  11. I still do this on a regular basis and I find it is the best booty workout ever! I've tried many more, but I'm always coming back to this one. Huge thanks for making fitness this affordable and easy to reach! You guys are THE BEST!

  12. This is amazing! My glutes/butt/inner thigs are BURNING! Thank you so much! I found so many of your videos, I will try them all!
    p.s. You are very beautiful (legs of a Godess) and positive, good vibrations coming from you even from the laptop screen 🙂

  13. how do you maintain after the 2 weeks? is it by doing it 2x every other day as if we were doing week 2 forever? thank you 🙂 <3

  14. Every time I start doing this again I get the week 2 and I realize First sets super easy, but the second set feels like the first time doing it all over again. Thank you for the challenging video. I use it as a warm-up before my workouts

  15. This is my favorite glute workout. I just finished this for my first time and it BURNED! Totally recommend doing this workout 👍

  16. Why do u have to be half dressed . I’m sure u know guys use this as porn.. wear cloths I can’t even concentrate . And I’m straight

  17. Hello, I would like to know; Iv'e been doing your yoga and pillates stuff for about a year now; which is the best for further stuff – is it best to become a patron or buy videos? I am a very active 68yr old and this work has balanced my body and totally reduced stiffness, after a horrid knee replacement 8yrs ago. I am so thankful i found you.

  18. Regarding my question below – are you still running the patromonie monthly payment thing? as i saw that i could buy things (like your beautiful bracelets) as well as getting all the exercises! Thanks J

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  20. I’m not Brazilian, I’m an African woman, and I’ve got the butt you’re looking for😂😂😁😁😁Call it #African/Black woman butt#! Don’t be afraid to call it what it is…HAHAHA!😂🤣🤣

  21. I've been doing this workout as part of my weekly routine for awhile now and I am finding that my wrists are getting very sore throughout the workout. Anyone have any tips on how to prevent or help this?

  22. UPDATE AFTER ONE MONTH: Results, results, RESULTS.

    I've always had a bad habit of starting a workout routine and giving up about a week into it, but not this time .First time I did this routine, I quite literally thought I was going to pass out. I was so out of breath, dizzy, my body ached for 3 days. But I pushed myself, nearly every day, and it's now been a month. My butt is NOTICEABLY bigger, more round, and very toned and perky. My boyfriend won't stop touching it LOL. In fact, this routine got so easy for me I had to get resistance bands online ($12 on amazon).


    -Don't give up, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much your hurt. Don't Give Up.
    -Alternate between other videos besides just this one. Otherwise your body will get used to the same routine and you will plateau.
    -Epson salt baths will prevent muscle soreness the following day.
    -Refrain from eating before your workout (contrary to popular belief of eating a "light snack".
    -In order to get real results you have to do the proper form and SOMETIMES to get the proper form, you have to build your muscles up strong enough to do it the right away. For example, you actually need decently strong glutes to do a PROPER formed squat. So don't be down on yourself if you're not doing it 100% right the first few weeks. You will get there!

    Squat tip that gave me even more results: 
    Rotate your feet in a 45 degree angle away from the trunk of your body, widen your stance, and squat down far (not parallel to the ground, go a little further)


  23. Most of the exercises in this video will further tone the legs and butts….no wonder your butts are under developed

  24. Hi! I've just discovered this awesome workout and today was the first day of my 14-day challenge with this! I noticed that the link to the post-stretch is broken (in the challenge guidelines) — do you have an updated link for this or can you share what particular stretches we should be doing? Thanks so much! Looking forward to continuing with this and seeing the results!

  25. Hi, is there a reason why all the day off post yoga videos on this link are deleted? is there a way to retrieve them?

  26. I absolutely love your routines, as a pole yoga fitness instructor learning to get my self going, I love doing your routines everyday….

  27. I think this is a great workout for glute activation before lifting. She should go a little lower in her squats at the end.

  28. Day 1:too hard for me,infact I kept putting the vid in pause
    Day 2:this was much easier
    If you want to know if this works keep checking my daily comments ahahha

    Day 4:it became a little bit easier but still pausing the video,especially in the middle

  30. Your workouts are always great. I respect you very much for your awesome content. Thank you for your efforts to help us become fitter! Peace and Love

  31. Okay I'm sorry but I've done this for two weeks,following all her advices and without pausing the video I became stronger,but I don't see any result and I'm so upset.
    I stopped doing this after these two weeks and now I'm going to try this again….
    Honestly I'm pretty skinny and the only thing I wanted was having toned muscles without cellulite and an upper booty.Maybe It works for my body if I do It much longer….let's see
    Probably I'm gonna give an update after a month of it:)

  32. I started today on this. I feel my legs burning. But your video you recommended for after says its a private video though

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