British Men Try High Heels For A Day

British Men Try High Heels For A Day

my feet hurt others tuckered run I have to run so I don't actually know what's right and left why did I say yes a another lie I think of my break my ankles of my supposed to walk in that oh this is easy Oh everyone complains about time very very good yeah yeah oh my god that's so on that's that's quite scary it's a little bit like you put my skates on let's want to give it go really see what's like you're like you like your lunch women come on I have no idea how a woman up everything up there are you ready how you going how they don't how's the hill not sinking into the grass Oh Conlon I'm pretty sure that Hill is going to snap it was almost traumatized I really I generally feel sorry for women who are forced to do this these are like digging holes out the ground hey how are they sure how are these shoes up nope oh alright um put these in the bin record how I'm done the did what you are

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  1. To walk in heels is to have a straight posture, head up, knees straighten out, shoulders relaxed and walk heel to toe . If your knees are slightly bent then the heels might be too high. Stride like your walking the runway, walk with a purpose, look straight and not down, a lady does not look down, she brings herself up and walks with a purpose. Look good you'll feel good. I know first hand.

    I LOVE high heels, it brings a sense of confidence and an allure to the wearer, they're hard to walk in but is all part of the fun. I don't know how ladies can walk miles in her heels and still looks she can conquer the world, i admire that. makes me appreciate a woman more and helps me boost my masculinity, and makes me thankful to God that I am man and thankful they're women too on God's green earth.

  2. 90 percent of the guys I see in these videos are doing it so wrong. Wearing heels is nothing like walking flat. Guys stop bending your knees and walk the heel don't let the heel walk you. I've got a lot of experience at this so yes I do know. Just a tip.

  3. I've tried them (a guy), takes getting used to…
    Some guys seem to like them, yet some women don't…

  4. Well, that's was too much. Walking on high heels isn't that hard. They shouldn't have walked bending their knees like a just born giraffe.

  5. I wonder how the feminists will feel when Sharia law is introduced, this will happen eventually just like it happened in Turkey. The European birth rate is too low to sustain their country however the Muslims are doubling their numbers each generation. When they are the majority BAM! out goes the western laws, in comes Sharia!

  6. explained those man some tips idiots? like dont dig in shit whith hekls, try walk in toes when its not possible elseway? walk on heels, not kneed… fucking idiotic i bet u didnt said them those shit

  7. Wearing heels is hard! We (2 guys) just ran 100m to set a new world record for our video haha I thought my ankles were going to break!

  8. Whats funny is that heels shoes were originally worn by men in early 10th century, many horseback-riders wore heels on their boots. 😛

  9. 1:37 -> PML at the run! XD

    1:50 -> Putting all your weight on the heels. When wearing heels, shift your weight forward to the balls of your feet.

  10. Now try having a women's hips to balance it all off. PS you walk on your toes. The heels are an after thought lol.

  11. Oh come on guys I wear Heels and Wedges every single day from morning to night. It's a piece of cake and they don't hurt.😂😂👸🏻

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