Brown Vs. Black Dress Shoes | Which Men's Shoe Is BEST For You?

Brown Vs. Black Dress Shoes | Which Men's Shoe Is BEST For You?

Brown Vs. Black Dress Shoes Which Men's Shoe
Is BEST For You [0:00:00]
Black shoes? Brown shoes? Guys, what is the right choice when you’re
looking to build your interchangeable classic wardrobe and you want to spend good money
on shoes? In today’s video, I’m going to give you
five tips so that you can make the right decision when it comes to buying the right shoes for
Now, gents, all the beautiful shoes you’re going to see in today’s video are brought
to you by Ace Marks. Ace Marks is the paid sponsor of today’s
video. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go check out their kickstarter. It’s going on right now and you can get
these amazing handmade Italian shoes. These are shoes that could sell for $600 and
up and you can get them for less than $200. Yes, guys. So, two things about Ace Marks that just sets
them apart from all of the other companies out there. First up, let’s talk about the construction. So, they use this blake flex construction
and that’s basically it’s a lightweight shoe that’s flexible and it doesn’t require
a break-in period. Guys, it’s going to be comfortable right
out the box. Next up, let’s talk about their proprietary
Ace last built. It’s designed to reduce the common pressure
points on the ball and heel of your foot. Guys, this allows for comfortable wearing
all day. Next up, let’s talk about designs. So, the guy that wears Ace Marks, he wants
a well-made shoe, but he doesn’t want it to be boring. He wants something that’s stylish that’s
elegant, but is still professional. Ace Marks has done a great job balancing that. In summary, $600 shoes for less than $200. Guys, I’m linking to them down in the description. Take advantage of the kickstarter, it’s
about to be over. Don’t miss this deal. Starting this off, let’s talk about formality. Black is going to be the most formal of all
the colors out there. Any shoe in black and you got the same style
of shoe in brown, the black is going to be more formal. Now, there are certain dress codes such as
black tie that require black shoes. So, in this case, if you are going to wear
black tie often, if you are going to be wearing a dark gray suit, then you probably want to
go with black shoes. So, brown is never going to be as formal as
black and that’s just simply the way it is. But, brown has a lot of advantages over black
because when it comes down to the casual side, you’ve got a lot more options. Now, the lighter color the brown, it is like
a tan, it’s simply going to be more casual because of that color. When you get to a medium brown, this is something
that you can dress up, you can dress it down, you can wear this into a business environment. Now, when you can go with a darker brown and
this one is a two-tone, kind of ignore the two-tone, but a darker brown is going to be
the most formal of all the browns out there. But, let’s say you start to mix, you know,
the two-tone right in here, this would actually make this more casual. So, the winner when it comes to formality,
it depends on your personal needs. If you’re going to be wearing black tie,
you need to go with black. If you’re going to be in a more casual environment
and you’re never going to wear black tie, consider brown. Next up, let’s talk about what’s in your
existing wardrobe. So, if you have a lot of cool tones, if you
already have accessories like bags, watch straps, belts, and they’re all in black. If you like grays, if you like dark charcoal
grays, if you’ve got a lot of black suits, then you’re probably going to want to go
with black. It is simply just going to work with what
is already in your wardrobe and the colors that you naturally gravitate towards. Now, on the other side if you gravitate towards
blue suits maybe true blue maybe navy blue maybe lighter blue maybe like olive green
chinos maybe it’s something that you’ve got dark brown pants and these are the colors
you naturally gravitate towards, these are going to be warmer tones and brown shoes are
probably going to work with you. Again, you’ve got a lot of options here. You can bring in lighter brown shoes you can
bring in some darker brown shoes. At the end of the day, brown is probably going
to be your best choice. So, the winner here when it comes to matching
your existing wardrobe, again, depends on what you already have in your closet. Next up, let’s talk about dressing up and
dressing down. So, this is going to be a weakness of black. Black is formal, it’s not something that
you really want to dress down. So, wearing black shoes with jeans, I’ve
seen some guys pull it off, but I think it’s very difficult and I really don’t like the
look. Now, when it comes to brown, you have a lot
of options. So, these shoes right here, yes, I could wear
them with a suit, but I could also wear them with a casual suit I could wear them with
odd trousers a sports jacket. I would maybe wouldn’t wear them with jeans,
but I could wear this with jeans and they would look great, it would be a very nice
look. I could also wear this with a casual suit
if I wanted to dress it up. Brown has so many more options because you
can mix it with other different fabrics. In this case, a blue suede with the brown,
a lot of options here that you can dress this up you can dress it down. So, when it comes to versatility, I’m going
to have to give this win to brown. Next up, let’s talk style options. So, when it comes to black, most of the style
options are going to be in the more formal end of the styles. Why? Well, it makes sense. Go back to point number one, black is the
most formal of all the colors. It’s going to make sense that we’ll see
black in wholecuts, we’re going to see black in the oxfords, and the variations of that. So, black is really going to dominate there. We’re also going to see black over in boots. I know in the military, I wear black boots
and it’s something I think black boots can work really well especially in chelseas. But, when it comes down to a lot of other
styles especially the more casual styles, I think that this is where black starts to
lose a bit of ground to brown. [0:05:05]
Brown because of the informal nature of the color and the wide variety of the shades that’s
where we’re going to see all of a sudden it’s just going to look better to me when
it comes to loafers, when it comes possibly to monkstraps, I think brown really has an
advantage over black here. To me, it just naturally works better with
this more casual color. Now, I know some of you guys are thinking,
Antonio, I love black shoes, I’m a black shoe man, but I want some other options when
it comes to casual wear. In that case, I want you to look at oxblood,
I want you to look at maroon. To me, this is a great color if you already
love black shoes, have a lot of black shoes and you want something that’s already going
to work with your existing wardrobe. To me, this is where it’s at. All right. So, when it comes to style options for your
shoes, I’m going to have to give the win to brown. Next up, let’s talk maintenance. So, black shoes I think are pretty easy to
take care of. Yeah, you get a little bit of scuffing and
they get a little bit dirty, you simply take a brush clean them off, use some black polish
and you are good to go. Maybe once a week, once every two weeks depending
on where you’re going to use basically a moisturizer and you’re going to go in there
with the leather and it’s going to help re-mineralize it make it a little bit softer,
but use that polish consistently and it’s going to be fine. It’s not always the same though for brown
shoes and brown shoes especially lighter colored brown shoes have a problem. And that is that if you go in and you buy
some polish, well, it may be too dark, it may be not the right color, it’s not going
to match it up exactly, it could actually darken the leather. Now, if you’re going to apply any polish,
any wax, make sure to test it first on the tongue. You want to test it in the area that if it
does darken and you don’t like this, you can actually see it in an area where no one
else is going to see. I would recommend that you work with whoever
made the shoes, find out what they recommend for the particular shoes. A lot of larger manufacturers, Ace Marks,
I know that they do this. They’ve actually got products that you can
buy directly from them to apply on your shoes. So, when it comes to maintenance, I’m going
to have to give the advantage to black shoes. Now, when I tally things up, it looks like
the brown shoes won. But, guys, this wasn’t really a fight, it
wasn’t really a contest. It was about giving you the information to
make the right buying decision for you because at the end of the day if you’re going to
go out there and spend your hard earned money on a pair of shoes, you want something that
is going to be interchangeable that’s going to work with the majority of clothing in your
wardrobe. And when you wear it you are just going to
feel great, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. I’m going to link the description of this
video to the support article which is going to go into a lot more detail than I was able
to go in the video. I know a lot of you guys have questions about
polishes about how to take care of your shoes, more questions about the styles the formality. And, go check out Ace Marks, guys. Amazing shoes at a fair price and like I said
they’ve got also all of the support items. So, polishes, brushes, lasted shoe trees that
are made specifically to go into the shoes. Guys, they’ve got you covered there at Ace
Marks. Great company, I’m proud to support them. And, guys, go check out that kickstarter. It is not going to – it’s about to close. I want – I want to make sure that you don’t
miss out on this deal. Guys, take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye. So, the question is how many shoes can I stack
up and balance at the same time? All right. I’m running out of dress shoes. I’m not going to put the – I’m using
my head. I don’t know if this counts. I’m – I’m pretty good, I think I’m
going to actually run out of shoes which – oh, no, mess – I’m going to mess up my hair
here. This is pretty amazing. I did not expect to be able to get this. Okay. So, if I tilt back I think I can get this. What do you think? I swear I had that for a second. I did.
[0:08:47] End of Audio

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  1. I went on their site abd I like them. But not a single shoe is $200.00
    $299.00 is regular price and with nice patina goes straight to over $400.00

  2. Antonio.. Brother What colour and shoes do you suggest for Banking environment? as we deal every kind of customer in Bank's Branch. Please reply.. I am your Fan.. Thanks for giving us so much knowledge..
    Love from Karachi , Pakistan

  3. When I was in school and my parents were buying things, my mother wouldn't let me get brown shoes because she thinks they would have less versatility for me, but now I have one pair of decent dress shoes, one pair of nice brown suede chelsea boots, and two cheap fake leather chukkas, and the only ones that are black are one of the cheap chukkas 😂😂.
    Brown just works with my style a lot better. Currently my go to style is grey/navy chinos, my suede chelseas and either a black or white T-shirt (it is summer and we are 25°C+ with massive humidity)

  4. Antonio, in one of your videos, you mentioned that ostrich or exotic shoes despite being oxford or Chelsea, would be consider casual. But what's about nice looking alligator belly oxfords or dress shoes? I'm talking about the ones with smooth nice scales. Not horn-back scale. Would those consider formal or casual? I have a few pairs of those and cowboy boots.

  5. I like your suggestion but i try to buy vintage clothing anywhere i can get it, it doesn't matter if it's used it matter about your style and taste in clothes, my favorite dress shoes are a candy apple pair of shoes i got to get them resoled but there really nice but at the end a nice pair of American shoes made back in the day from the 40s, 50s have lasted longer than some of today's dress shoes that's why i go with vintage you pay up or pay down for a peace of American history you can wear.

  6. I simply love your channel, there's no better way to upgrade my style then to watch some of your videos. I have both black and brown shoes and, as for me, in most cases brown ones win. There are just times more options with 'em. Didn't you think, sometimes it even works when you take a dark blue brown-caged jacket with brown shoes and a belt to a formal meeting?

  7. Hi Antonio, i have really wide feet. Currently the shoes i am wearing are size 13, and they're extra wide. most of the time when i go shopping there's only 1 or 2 pairs in the whole store that fit me comfortably. Mostly cuz where i am from people here generally have very small feet. I also have a huge liking for double monk strap shoes. Any suggestions? Kinda afraid to shop online as i always feel the shoe won't fit me properly

  8. ME: black shoes, age 19-45; shades of brown (with black backup), age 46 & on. YOU: Great, if not THE BEST discussion on this fundamental topic, as of 2018. THANKS AND GREAT JOB.

  9. I think about two-thirds to three-quarters of all my dress shoes are black (and yes, I do wear them with jeans). I am a little wary about wearing too light of a brown shoe even though I found a pair of walnut Allen Edmonds Strands that look great. However, my uncle has a pair of wingtips that are supposedly light brown, but their discoloration kind of reminds me of vomit. Most two-tone dress shoes, though, are not appealing to me at all.

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