Bursitis (Retro Calcaneal Bursitis) at the Back of the Heel Explained by Brisbane Sports Podiatrist

Bursitis (Retro Calcaneal Bursitis) at the Back of the Heel Explained by Brisbane Sports Podiatrist

Hi guys, my name is Peter I’m one of the
sports podiatrists from Shoes Feet Gear. Today we’re talking about bursitis
in the back of the heel here. So, this retro calcaneal bursitis is a
fluid-filled little sac that sits there and it normally provides the cushioning
between tendons and bone. So, this little sac sits between the Achilles tendon and the back of the calcaneus here and the Achilles tendon joins in just below it
and wraps over the top of that Bursa. So, we’ll start off by drawing a little bit
of anatomy. I’ve got the calcaneus here that comes down. This is the main
heel bone through the back of your foot here. We’ve got the Achilles tendon that
joins on to the back of this calcaneus and runs up through here to the calf muscle and this Bursa sits right in this little space here. Right in between the
heel bone and the Achilles tendon. The main issue with that is with this
bursa tucked in this little spot here and the Achilles tendon wraps over the top. When we were walking and we lean forward and bend through the ankle this Achilles tendon is wrapping over the top and
starts it irritate that Achilles tendon. The first step is to add some height
under our heel. As soon as we do that, instead of in this position, we go up to this position. It opens up that space through there. We can see on this foot as we
go forward with walking it stretches or pulls over the top. As we add height to
the heel, it takes the tension off and gives it a chance to settle down. We will
combine that tension coming out with some rehab programs, because whenever we have this bursitis, there usually is some amount of insertional achilles tendinitis,
where the tendon itself has a little strain. That creates the inflammation that pushes on the bursa and things escalate up. The first step is to get tension out of the bursa with some height under the heel. Then we can start our normal
rehabilitation and get this one back to normal. If you have any dramas with
bursitis at the back of the heel, come and see us at Shoes Feet Gear in Paddington.

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  1. Hi
    What’s the best treatment for retro calcaneal bursitis. I have exactly same situation that you explained in your videos.

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