Buying Shoes Online- A Good Idea?

Buying Shoes Online- A Good Idea?

– Hi, I’m Parris and I have done something I swore I would never do. I have ordered shoes online. Now I was one of the
naysayers back 15 years ago, who said people will never
buy clothes or shoes online, that’s just crazy. But then it must have been
about seven, eight years ago, I wanted to buy some
clothes from a company called Lands End. They do a lot of catalog sales. They have some of their
clothes in Sears stores, but nothing around here. So I took the plunge
and ordered some shirts. Now they offer tall,
which is the size I prefer and they’re hard to find in
stores, so when I got them and they fit it was great. And I thought well now I
can order the same shirts but in a different color. So I was an online clothes
shopping roll from there. I have not bought pants online yet but just about everything else. But shoes I swore it
just did not make sense because how can you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on. Shirts can be a little
lose or a little tight, you can make do with it. But shoes have to fit you or you can’t stand
wearing them all day long. And it’s not just all
day, it’s day after day. Because most men, I think
different from most women, will wear the same shoes day after day. I have a pair of shoes that I will wear most days of the year, and
when they’re finally worn out and soles cracked and so forth, then I’ll go back to the store to buy another of the very same pair. Now the last time I went
they no longer had that style so I had to start searching
for different shoes. It’s a painful process,
but what I wanted this time was something that I
could do light hiking in and didn’t have laces. So researched, researched, found what I thought would
be the perfect pair of shoes, only problem is none of the
stores around here in Austin carried them. The only way I could
get to try these shoes was to order them online,
so I broke down and did it. ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ Now maybe everyone’s
been shopping at Zappos for the past decade, and I’m the last one to figure this out, but
just in case there’s anyone else here that has not
bought shoes online, I thought I would share my first time shoe buying experience with you. And I did see these shoes at Zappos, but I ended up buying them from
the company that makes them, Merrell, on their website
because the shipping was less. They were the exact same
price and they both say free returns if they don’t fit right, which is my concern with a
completely new type of shoe, is that my size 10 in this
pair, may be a 10 and a half. It’s a regular box of shoes stuck into a brown box. Okay, so this is the return label. So I guess I’d better
take care of this box, because I think I need
to put it back in there, slap the label on it
if I need to return it. Ah, if you return it,
then you tell them why. Too big, too small, not as expected, color not as expected. Says on here, I have 45
days to return the shoes from the time of purchase
but they have to be unworn. Well I mean it makes sense, they don’t want you to wear them around, but I can’t understand
having shoes 45 days and not wearing them. Maybe that’s another men,
women’s different thing. I’m gonna open it the day the
box arrives and try them on. Also, I would think that
making an exchange would be perhaps more common than returning them. Because I’m already pretty sure
I’m gonna like these shoes, it’s just a matter of the size. To make an exchange you
have to go to their website and fill out a form, then
you send them these back and then they’ll send you another pair. Let me make sure it’s correct, U.S. size 10, tan color. Oh I like the color. Seems like they’re packaged
just like they would be at a shoe store. They got wrapped in paper
and they got the paper wads in here so they’ll hold their shape. Looks pretty good. Let’s see how the size is. Okay. Boy they’re snug on the top. The back’s pretty firm though,
it’s not collapsing too much with sliding my foot in. Alright, where’s my toe? Right there. I think these are okay. But yeah, it’s a pretty close call. This or the 10 and a half. Gotta walk around with them a little. Well after walking around with them I do like them as shoes,
sitting they’re fine, standing they’re fine, even walking just down
the hallway they’re fine, when I went outside though,
and walked down the driveway so that my feet push up
against the front of the shoe, as happens when you go downhill, that’s when it wasn’t comfortable, that’s when I wished there
were another quarter inch of space in the front. And so I think I need the 10 and a half. So I went to their website for exchanges. And they want the order number, the name, the zipcode. Says again you have 45
days to return them. Put ’em in the original box. They talk about having to print out a PDF of the return label, but they gave me a return label in there. You won’t be charged for the
shipping and you’ll be refunded the amount of the shoes. I don’t see an exchange thing right here, but let me get to the next screen. On the next screen here I have the option to return this item or exchange this item. Let’s see what happens
when I choose exchange. Why would you like to exchange it? So this must be what size
would I like instead. So I chose I would like
a 10 and a half medium and that I found it was too small. Do I just send it to a different place than the return place? Now there is a PDF. Okay, return to them. Order date, order number, delivery number. Reason 102. So I will print this out. They’re not saying anything about sending me the others though. I assume I have to wait
’til they get these back. Is this gonna take a week, a month? No information telling
me what’s gonna happen about them getting me a size
10 and a half pair of shoes. Hmm. I’d like to find out
when I will be receiving my size 10 and a half shoes. So I’ve decided to try their live chat. And see if someone there can help me. And I’m talking with Renee here to find out when I might
get the other pair of shoes. I’m kinda wishing at this
point I’d gone with Zappos. Okay, here we go. “I’m sorry we can’t
send out the new product “’til we get the old one back. “Ship them to us for an exchange. “When they’re processed through returns “you’ll receive a return
confirmation e-mail. “At that time your exchange
order gets released “down to the warehouse for shipping. “You won’t get a new shipping confirmation “e-mail on it though, due
to system limitations.” Yeah, Merrell sells
lots of shoes in stores and I’m thinking their internet
sales is a secondary thing. Whereas Zappos, all they do
are internet sales of shoes and I imagine they have this down to a T, they give you all the information so you know what to expect, I don’t know if they have
system limitations over there. Since I don’t think the
shipping label they gave me is for speedy shipping
to send the shoes back, this could take a while and that could be a couple three weeks before I would get my new shoes in the right size, I’m thinking. So I suggested to the agent, then how ’bout if I just return ’em and they’ll credit me the money for them when they get around to that. And in the meantime I’ll
have to spend the money again to buy another pair in
the size I think I need. And it appears that Renee agrees with me that the exchange thing, unless you’re worried about the money, so long as you can afford
to order a 2nd pair before you’ve had the 1st pair credited, it’s gonna be a lot
faster just to return ’em and order another pair. So I think that’s what I’ll do. So I’m thinking I’ll just return these and then put in an order
today for the 10 and a halfs and by early next week I should have them. But then I’m thinking,
what if the 10 and a half isn’t quite long enough in front and the toe is still
getting jammed up there walking on the downhill? Why doesn’t somebody carry these locally so I could try them out? The DSW, they have
something similar to this. This is the Rover Moccasin. They have the Jungle Moccasin, the difference being the sole. This has the Vibram sole, rubber sole that’s nonslip. Much better for when you’re hiking. And that’s what I really wanted. So I’m racking my brain, isn’t there any other
place that has these? And I looked, it occurs
to me there’s an REI not far from here. And I look and I put in the size and I don’t know that I’ll get the color exactly that I want, but at least size wise
they have the 10 and a half at the local REI store. So I’m going, well I’m
still gonna return these. But I’m going to go over there, try them on, walk around with them. The 10 and a half isn’t big
enough, maybe try an 11. If that’s too loose,
it’s just not gonna work, I’ll need a different style. At least I can try out all
the options right there and leave the store with a
pair of shoes that fit me and I know are going to work. And if this isn’t quite
the color that I want that they have at REI, but I try them on and the 10 and a halfs do fit
and are gonna work for me, I can go back online
to the Merrell website and order this color in a 10 and a half, knowing when it arrives it will fit. So in a way my experiment
with buying shoes online was a failure, or rather it went sort of how I was always afraid it would go, that the shoes wouldn’t fit
and it’s gonna be a pain. You gotta return ’em, try
’em in a different size. The time that I think
shopping online for shoes, for me, would work, is if I do find a model that I like in
a size that fits me, I would feel comfortable
ordering that exact same thing in that exact same size online again. But for trying out shoes that
I’ve never tried on before, I’m not liking the system so well. I’d be curious to know whether
you buy your shoes online. We have a poll going with the
little i up in the corner. If you click on that
you can answer the poll whether you’ve bought shoes online or not. And in the comments down
below if you’d like to comment what your experience has been
if you’ve given it a try, I’d be really curious to know. And I may be putting my off
road shoes to the test here pretty quickly. A company contacted us
that was on Shark Tank, that has designed a new way of gold mining and panning for gold, and they’re gonna be sending
us that kit to try out. Very excited about it. So you can keep checking
back for that video or you can click that
subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our videos go up. See you on the next review. ♫ Shopping is easy when
you know what to buy ♫ At Epic Review Guys we give stuff a try ♫ What does the fox buy, nobody knows ♫ But before he goes shopping ♫ He watches our videos ♫

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  1. i buy all my shoes on ebay/amazon,way cheaper than the mall,and i get to buy shoes nobody else is wearing around town!

  2. uhm… ever thought of ordering different sizes and models at the same time? That's what I do. in Holland you don't pay for shipping so maybe that's the reason why you don't order more at once (shipping costs) but ordering more at once solves all the problems you mention in your video. you can try all the shoes you want and just send the once you don't like back for free!

    anyway, I enjoyed the video! keep up the good work!

  3. I love buying clothing gifts from Walmart because all items come wrapped in plastic bags so they are not touched or worn by others…At the store, hanging off the rack, sweaty slobs try them on, stretch them out and put them back on the rack.

  4. Sketchers makes this same style, and I buy them all the time, very comfortable. You can find these in Sketchers most places online, Amazon and such.

  5. I turned 40 in 2015.I thought the same thing, I can't EVER seeing myself buy shoes online.Now I ONLY buy my shoes online,because I have a size 14 shoe.I struggle to find shoes in my size locally. Online I can get Tons of styles,and colors,and usually cheaper.I buy mine from Amazon, most of the time they are cheaper than most other shoes stores online (and on Amazon I can use prime to get my free 2 day shipping).I also buy mostly Saucony running shoes.

  6. i vary in shoe size by brand anywhere from 8 1/2 to a 10 so i dont think i could do online unless i was familiar with the brand and knew what size i would need in that brand

  7. I've ordered shoes online from Zappos,, Amazon, Crocs, and Shoebacca. Amazon usually will send out the exchange before they get the original back, if I remember correctly. But next time, just order more than one size and send the size/s back you don't need. I like shopping for shoes online bc I hate shoe shopping. Also I have lymphedema, and need wide and supportive shoes which are tough to find in shoe stores. And I'm practical, and don't need or want to own a bunch of different styles of shoes. When I'm happy with something, I stick with it.

  8. I don't buy shoes online either for the same reasons. I would only ever buy if I bought the same pair before in a shop but other than that to me it's just too risky with the sizing

  9. hey I'm diggin the shirt your wearing in this video. I don't think I could ever buy shoes online. it takes me forever to find a good fit in person. lol

  10. New brands are a no no unless the seller has a superb exchange policy. But I went online for my favorite pair of true religions because they stopped carrying them in any of my local stores.

  11. i buy all my casual clothes online. my dress outfits for work I go to Kohls to try everything on. There is a great site called JimmyJazz. Found my favorite retro adidas shelltoes at a great price and shipped fast. Great shopping experience.

  12. I don't think you are suppose to wear them outside to try them out. I believe they want you to stay on a clean surface so they can resell them if its only a fit issue. Just FYI.

  13. I've considered it, but haven't for this exact reason. One of my feet is a bit bigger than the other and it's a pain trying to find a pair that fit both feet without being too big or too small.

  14. Try Skechers shoes. I ordered a pair from them a few years ago, they fit true to form. Also, there are stores (Sketchers and stores that carry them) all over so you can try before you buy. This way you'll have a reference to fall back on.

  15. Try They will ship the return item right away. They also have great promo codes just about all the time. I got 2 day shipping every time.

  16. I buy shoes on line because there is more variety and I can't find many size 10s in shoe stores or department stores. Initially you will need to buy a few pairs to see how certain styles/brands fit then you're set. I buy most of my non-dressy shoes from the FootSmart catalog and dressy ones from Zappos.

  17. I remember when I ordered my Belle dress from the beauty and the beast movie 2017 from hot topic and we had to do my measurements since I had to order the plus size online and it fits perfectly!

  18. i have the same exact pair love them have had them for 3 years now. bought in store, tried on before i took them on sight

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