CAMINO TIPS: 5 Items Worth The Weight

CAMINO TIPS: 5 Items Worth The Weight

Hey pilgrims, welcome, or welcome back. As
you can presumably tell from the title, this is five things that I sincerely believe are
worth their weight in gold on the Camino de Santiago. If you don’t know very much about
the Camino de Santiago, you can click here. This is my FAQ, slash basics, slash fundamentals
of the Camino. This will be a useful starting point if you don’t quite know what I’m talking
about yet. This advice is based on my first Camino which I did two years ago, I walked
from St-Jean to Santiago, and I’m gearing up for my second Camino, it’s T minus 40 days
until I leave. Take everything I say here with a grain of salt: this is what works for
me. I’m not saying “this is what you need to use!” This is just, you know, everyone
has their own Camino, and that’s what beautiful about it. You live and let live, these are
my things, you may find it useful, if not, that’s fine too! Off we go then. Numero uno…
This one is obvious: ear plugs. Bring ear plugs even if you don’t think you’re going
to use them. They’re cheap, you can throw em away… It was referred to one night as
the Superbowl of snoring… It can get pretty ridiculous, so, it’s good to have the option
to block it out should the need arise. Also, plane rides.. ear plugs… they go together
really well. Numero dos… little keylight thingy. This is useful if you figure that
you’re ever going to be wandering around the dorm when everyone else is sleeping in the
dark. This could be because you kinda go to bed a little later than other people (although
that isn’t really much of an option), or if you have to get up in the middle of the night
to go to the bathroom; or, if you’re one of “those people” like I am that gets up early
while other people are still sleeping. You need to be respectful of the fact that other
people are still sleeping… It sounds really obvious, but to a lot of people it doesn’t
seem like it is. This is one step in the right direction to do that. A lot of people have,
like, head torches and flashlights. Those are really good at findings arrows… they’re
also really good at pissing people off! This allows you to see enough what you’re doing
without distracting and waking up everybody around you. I usually… I have things like,
packed when I go to bed at night, and when I wake up in the morning, I take it out of
the dorm, to like do all my stuff that I need to do. But I have this like on a lanyard around
my neck so that I can just make sure as I’m picking my stuff up that I haven’t left anything
behind, cause the first night, I left my headlamp. That’s kind of embarrassing… there’s a headlamp
somewhere with my name on it in St-Jean Pied de Port. These would not be very helpful in
finding arrows, so bring this as a supplement to your headlamp. A lot of people would never
use something like this, but for me… I am really not good in the heat, so when it’s
hot out, I tend to get up earlier so that I don’t have to walk in the worst of the heat
of the day. Numero tres… An e-reader! I can carry like 30,000 books on this, and it
can be uncharged for like 40 hours of reading or something ridiculous like that. I keep
it in just a little like foam case… this is a Kobo, incase you were wondering. I know
a lot of people get Kindles… I dunno, I have a Kobo. I dunno if it’s a Canadian thing…?
It’s really light, and for me it’s really worth it especially considering the 14 hours
it takes me to get from Canada to Spain. This only costs about $100, so for me, I’m not
worried about taking it with me because I’m not worried about getting it stolen. So it’s
not like taking an iPad where you’re kinda worried about it the whole time, it’s kinda
in the back of your mind. But for me the negative of the cost is the actual cost of the e-books.
You would think they would be cheaper, but I find they’re not. I can get a physical copy
of a book, for the most part, for about the same price, so that’s what I’ve been doing.
But for this, I’m going to splurge cause I WILL read them. Numero cuatro… Walking sandals.
Now, the reason I think these are good is cause most people take a second pair of shoes
as well, usually they’re flips flops or crocs… nice to put them on your feet after having
them in boots all day, cause the last thing you wanna do is put those stinkin’ boots back
on once you’ve taken them off and showered. For me, if you’re bringing a second pair,
you might as well bring something that could be useful incase something goes a little wrong.
I got a lot of blisters last time, and I bandaged up my feet and stuff, and put my socks on,
and it was kind of hard to fit my feet into my boots without moving all that around. So
I decided to try walking in my sandals, and I ended up walking in them for about 250 km,
until they snapped. They were Nikes, and they had, like, just two straps across it… they
were open-toe… This time I’m definitely going to go with something with a capped toe
so that I don’t get rocks in it, and that’s what I’d recommend. And having the two straps,
you know, there’s two places where it can break, and that makes it a lot more likely
to break, I think, especially when you’re wearing it this much, this constantly. It’s
not for everyone, they are a lot more expensive obviously than crocs and than flip flops,
but for me, it’s worth the peace of mind of having that back-up. Numero cinco… (I have
a really weird pinkie). Shampoo bars! Shampoo, soap, laundry soap: you’re good to go. I’m
bringing two, because I have really long hair. Last time, I used it on my hair and my body
every single day and it lasted me until about the last couple days of the Camino, then I
went and bought some shampoo. It’s pretty light; it avoids liquid restrictions on planes,
if you carry on your bag. Basically what you do with it is you get it wet, and you either
just rub it on your hair, or you can lather it up in your hands and use that. It’s from
a store called LUSH. This is about $10-$11, and these tins are from LUSH as well and this
is how I store them. As you can see, this one is made for it, but when it’s wet and
you put it in there, it’s really hard to get out, so I’d recommend getting this square
tin (it’s for a different product), cause then you still have room to pry it out. What
I do is I line this with like a little piece of paper towel, and I just let it dry on there.
If you put it straight in here like this, it tends to get stuck to the bottom. This
is obviously good for any type of travel, not just the Camino. If you want anymore tips
on how to use this, or how I store it… how to choose one because there’s, like, 10, let
me know. And so with that, I guess I conclude “episode two” of “Lindsey gives advice on
the Camino… to people who could use… said advice..?” I hope pilgrims are finding this
video, a lot of people found my last video just from searching stuff about the Camino,
so I’m glad that this is reaching the people that it’s supposed to be reaching! Be sure
to subscribe. If you want more Camino tips, I’ll be putting out more, so if you subscribe
now, you’ll get them. Let me know about your upcoming Camino, or your past Camino. If you
see me on the trail in May, say hello! That would be really surreal for me… that would
be really, really cool! This is when the serious preparation starts, I’m 40 days away from
leaving, and I’m getting pretty jazzed. Okay! Well, um, ultreia, y… buen Camino a todos…
y… I’ll see ya later.

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  1. Yay! Another really helpful video. Definitely agreeing with you on 1,2 and 4. Ear plugs were really helpful as you can potentially get 0 hours sleep without them. I used my iphone as a light last time. I won't do that was way too bright. I have bought a little keyring light.

  2. Hola, I leave Devonshire in the UK for St Jean in about 30 days. Maybe I'll see you on the way. Buen Camino. Dios los bendiga

  3. Headlamps are essential for shining a bright directional light at haphazard around a dark dormitory (clue's in the name) where people are asleep. I don't know why anybody needs a flashlight. It's selfishness and indulgence. E-readers define exclusivity and unsociability. Buen Camino!

  4. People who want to start walking while it's still dark need a flashlight to find arrows. 🙂 And while I didn't use my e-reader very much at all this time, on my first Camino I know I would have loved to have it with me. You can be social and still take time to yourself. Alone time on the Camino is important for most people. For some people it's reading, for some it's writing, and for some, just walking alone is enough. To each their own, right? Ultreia.

  5. Eddie Bauer has a headlamp I used, it has several different colors, especially RED and green which is much more less intrusive if finding your way to the bathroom or looking for that small item in your pack or you have lost your little pin light…lol

  6. great 5 items. light is important when leaving early in the day. yes, good strong walking sandals. thanks for sharing.

  7. Yup walked almost the whole way (AGAIN) in my walking sandals… but never used my little light this time, or my Kobo now that I think of it! So much for my 5 items 😉 No list is perfect I guess, every Camino is different!

  8. Hello Lindsey…love your videos. I looked up at Lush Store for the soap but they only have the Bombs and others…not soap. Where can I get them? or are the ones you use are the bombs? thanks

  9. Hi! Thanks 🙂 Hmm for me they are available in stores and online. The link to them in the online Canadian Lush store is in the description of the video. Perhaps they're not available in your country? I don't know! Good luck!

  10. Lindsey…great video !!…I will be going end of April 2014…maybe I will see you !!Please tell me, do I need my boots or a new pair of tennis shoes will do just fine. I will stay in touch. Thank you again !!

  11. I have done the Camino Frances completely from start to finish 5 times and will do it for the 6th time this year 2014.
    I have also walked the Camino via de la Plata from Seville to Santiago at 1000 kms.
    It is a drug for me and each time i walk the Camino Frances i see something new or meet new interesting people…i am lucky being from England because Spain is only 2 hours to fly from here…..And i do not take this for granted…I hope that you Lindsey and all the people that walk the Camino, enjoy it 🙂

  12. I'm going April 11th, first time I've ever backpacked as well so I'm starting to freak out! hahahaha, thanks for the tips, I'll be hitting up Lush in the eatons center 😀 

  13. Really good advice here. I'm one who can usually sleep through anything so I didn't bring ear plugs. However, on the plane trip over to Europe I was handed a sleeping package that included a set so I brought them with on my Camino. My albergue in Sarria was next to a bar that was playing loud bagpipe music all night long. The earplugs saved me that night.

    I didn't bring walking sandals, but if I do it again I will. It wasn't easy using flip flops to walk around town.

    Personally, I wouldn't waste the space / weight for shampoo though. I ran out of shampoo and after not finding any small travel size bottles at stores in Spain for a few days I realized using plain old water does the job. Maybe if I had long girl hair I'd bring one bar, but only use it once every few days to make sure it lasts.

  14. Great tips!  I've watched this before and came back to search the comments for your soap.  Lush!  Thanks.  I'm be starting mine in 6 weeks…May 13th!

  15. Good news for folks like me who need extra ankle and arch support or die. 🙂 Timberlake  makes fab  boots which have great shock absorption and NEVER have stunk for me. They are so comfortable, and to me so attractive, lol that I wore them all the time, and flip flops were indeed perfect for around the dorms in the evening and mornings. Plus these cool boots have ample room around the toes to comfortabley accommodate blister bandages. 🙂

  16. That tiny little light will wake up anyone that it shines on the reason most people carry a headlamp is cause it offers a red light option that the human eye cannot see when they close there eyes. Just some thought on getting a headlamp.

  17. It's hard to know which video is my favorite…you have been a huge and comforting help to me…thanks so much!
    Leaving 9/18…yikes!

  18. I would like to say thank you for your friendly advice to pilgrims. I watched your videos in prep for my departure and they were a great help. Best wishes, Philip

  19. Great to hear your suggestions about respecting others early morning sleep! Hope your second experience was all that you hoped it would be. We can't wait to walk again :>)

  20. love your advices !!! doing the camino in may from oviedo……………..where can i get the soap??? thank you for all the advices !

  21. For your eREADER or iPad or other mobile device: your local public library has zillions of ebooks and eAudiobooks that you can download free, even while abroad, where you have wifi access. Check the library's website and/or call the library for guidance. New books, best sellers, guidebooks, fiction, nonfic… They usually expire after 3 weeks but you can download again at the next wifi stop. All FREEEEEE

  22. ugh i feel like the reader is a waste of weight… I thought I would read but I had so much fun talking to new people or I was in too much pain to be bothered with reading. I have to say hiking sandals are a must!! From burgos to Finisterre I wore sandals! I ended up having to buy hiking ones in Leon (borrowed a friends until I got there) and spent more than I would have liked to!! I even walked in socks and airplane slippers at one point!

  23. My friend and I are walking the Camino del Norte in spring of 2016. Hopefully your Dad can share his experiences and wisdom from his experience.

  24. Thanks for you advice.
    This is my camino, if you want see :

    Enjoy 🙂

  25. Great advice! Doing my first solo trip in April-May 2016. Flying into Paris then taking train to SJPDP. One question…Do you think Albergues will be busy then or is it still a little off-season? Thanks for the video 🙂

  26. You're the best! 10 days before I head off for my first Camino. That soap bar is an absolute life saver, so much room saved cause of that thing, thanks!

  27. I was wondering which lush shampoo bar you would recommend if I intend to use it for both my hair and clothes. I have medium length hair and will be gone about 45 days. Will one be enough? What do you recommend?

  28. I just finished my Camino. I used the Lush shampoo bar and it worked great. Best advice about what to bring. Thanks a lot. Deacon Andy.

  29. Do you really need a lamp?, Every smarthphone has a lamp nowadays, I used it during my camino, inside as well as outside finding the arrows.

  30. Going there to st Jean pied de porc next week from Dublin , my first one . Thanks for all the great tips , and I found your channel only this morning , and I am going true your video like a wild fire .Josy

  31. Ok, so my friend is from Canada, she worked at Lush. She gave me the same map that you have on your wall (the country scratch-off!) Then she moved to Spain!

  32. I've been bingeing on your videos. Very helpful – I'm planning/saving/hoping to do the Camino Frances next summer, like the minute school ends. Thank you for all of your hints and wisdom!

  33. Thanks for these suggestions and your other tip videos! I'm planning to hike the Camino in 2018 (if I can't get enough $ together then 2019) and document my journey over on my new hiking + traveling channel.

  34. I have a question for you. It seems that the Camino is marked out in stages and that everybody walks the same distance from one place to another. I would like to walk shorter distances and allow myself more time. Do you think this is possible?

  35. Re: soap holder. Coghlans sells a large yellow bar soap holder with holes in the bottom to drain water, and a cord attached to hang it on your neck or on a shower head. $5 at

  36. The only item she listed that I would put on my top 5 is the walking sandals. Just completed the 800+ km Camino Frances in June. I was so tired each night I had no energy to read and never heard a single person snore. Many others had issues with snorers though, so ear plugs are a good thing to pack for most people. My top 5 would be well broken in walking shoes, toe socks and outer liner socks, floppy sun hat & ibuprofen.

  37. Fun to listen to your prep/advices for the Camino. my husband and I had our first experience in 2015 with a group ( an guide) in Spain. Just 11 days. Of course it was easier for many reasons but it also gave us the idea to go back and manage on our own. In 2017, we chose to do a section of the Camino in France ( GR65- from Conques to Moissac), that time we walked the 9 days with our backpack. We love it. We are planning to go back in May/June 2019 and do the whole GR65 from Puy-en-Velay to St-Jean-pied-de-port and maybe continue to Pamplona. We walked in different areas ( mostly in Europe) although we live in Canada. It is great to see enthusiasm about the Camino. I am blogging about our walks . My blog is on WordPress , the text is in French . It is a good way for me to share our stories and show some of the photos I love to take while traveling. Sorry for the long comment. I will watch more if your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Great! And something I wish I had was this book!

  39. thanks for the videos, very informative. i had been wondering about taking keen sandals and now they are definitely getting packed. thanks

  40. Why to take shampoo and soup? you will go through many, many towns that have Pharmacies and they have those items in their inventory

  41. I never knew I snored loudly before walking the Camino and caught a shoe to the face in the middle of the night. I went outside and threw the shoe in the river and the woman who threw it had to go find new shoes…

  42. 5 people wake up and ready to prepare and go, 2 people still in bed and complaining light and noise, that,s very absurd, 2 people should,v stay in private room and they should respect the people who need some lights and prepare. Understanding, accepting is the great part of " El Canino"

  43. My advice is not to hike sumer time in spain its unbelievable hot you can easy die no joke ! I see many memor memorials in the trail to Santiago! Its not a joke is serious business

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