it up right here right here right here Zak are you kidding me yeah right here in this little sewer so the park right there on that side bro what the yeah there's water inside the sewer don't trust me I'm I need to fish bro yeah there's fish inside that sword there's fish inside that's where trust me I caught this you know for what look just oh yeah we're gonna catch fish out of that little sewer looks over you park right there all right we're gonna catch some fish out of the sewer right now I caught fish in this sewer before I tell me anything I cannot see anything guys he's in the deep Miami you don't have the fish underneath the streets like you yep the water level is high because it's been raining so we're gonna catch a fish out of this right so anyway guys I usually like to trim with cat food but I ran out after all those o'clock we've been catching oh we're gonna go ahead and throw some food in here take it up over here so I'm just gonna Chum it up make sure that bread just sinks seats down just trying to make some like splash so they like know that somebody's getting hit in the surface of the water what chumming it up you hear that bro you hear it it's like a gas leak or something there's something down there wait whoa Raoul that's just maybe that's it snappy I can't see it it's too dark it's crawl it's like it's like crawling though but you have your is it it's look you can hear it can you see that that's like my gosh guys oh my god guys mike is pranking me he got someone to follow anaconda neva mess what a too much boy who you know guys there's a huge snake in here there's a big snake guys if you have more better go that way Mike is praying you can't put this low don't step on that roof yes you you think I put this Nick the size of me that has to be at least eight feet long at least eight feet long oh that thing looks bigger plenty and you see you can this Lucy look it's right below the surface which head is just up the tail is by the way things went down in here but I don't know if the camera can pick it up it's really dark and whoa world there's a fix so we can't fish here because this there's a snake right here what do you want to do no I'm not joking no no honestly he's act like I did not do like Brian would not I was not expecting a big snake like that in the sewer where I catch fish it looks like an anaconda to me I mean anacondas are really big right that's all that's not no water moccasin [Applause] oh I am so sick bro I never seen anything like that before listen listen look listen bro you swear on your life had to come from the bro-tastic of altar Oh across the bushes there's a canal in a lake and all these in look at all who are trying all let the fish goes all because probably a Python that's probably one of those pythons are we row there's gotta be a Python Oracle now you got your care now you're filming you lie I'm not lying I look at my eyes guys okay I'm not sure you see you come to come straight down freak down okay look look at where my look at what my friends I'm not gonna see this we were gonna swim straight down straight down straight down there's a huge snake right here is right on its body it's like right above it can you guys see that or no way I never seen a snake though let's do this what we could put more runs away because obviously this could totally let's find let's I'm not gonna catch you I don't want to deal with no I actually know someone that can catch the handler but he's way out of town let me call my boy shake up shake up the one that I wish they had issues the most it better the monkey cater cool so it's called the one that looks like taco Faro how far is he lives like five minutes away from you guys we're gonna cut we're gonna forget our friend we're gonna see we can get someone over here to handle this huge snake i'ma call Jacob right now already pretty much guy this but his things here go you swear to god bro okay okay whatever okay I believe you whatever why don't know I don't touch ladies call monkey man and we're gonna see you before gonna see what happened so she let's see we get it up yep J cup is on the way right guys so we got this kid I've seen him play with a lot of monkeys and zoo animals but apparently she monster life you're the one who called this boy home but I mean it has to be at least eight feet at least this snake is definitely bit he can probably choke me out and wrangle me I'm not touching it's all wrapped up it's about but did you see how thick Ian's about this thing it says it's thicker than my arm well at least at least it's had its head it's like this big guys its head is like it's just below the water every time we do something every time we throw crazy anything this thing goes crazy like crazy it might have it might have eggs Jake up this year Jacob we won't believe it look what's inside this su-8 the tenth book Zach don't even tell them yeah I don't even tell me the ten-foot check it out watch you're gonna see in lay out watch you get close get close here give me the sound roll Oh Shia dude this pan is sticking that way it was are we last time it's so bad it's monster oh this is Wow Jacob you ever wrangled a snake that big I believe you have right I mean I don't know how big it is I can't see I can just you Ted its head is like this we got a lot of viewers we got it to a million right here two million what everyone loves me all eyes are all eyes on you yeah I believe it you can open it yes a few years ago I did a fish trap so just lift it up and just screwed it I'm gonna step back Zach because there we go there we go Oh guys don't just because it's right there right there you can see it in the sewer alright let's go this is the craziest thing I've ever seen one in a million in the sewer which told me this is a joke no it's not no joke there's no way face me I need to take my boots off I'm like Oh Zack I want to say oh oh you Oh what is that that's where class is actually a girl it's a strong oh my god my hand he's crazy strong ah I look my hands oh my god so what is it guys let me give a major shout out to my man Jacob here major shot out that's crazy yeah I saw him on Instagram with monkeys this is crazy this is the biggest thing I've ever seen in the sewers that I can't believe I'm touching this right right all right Jacob what's this thing Jacob what are you tell everyone your YouTube channel YouTube channel YouTube channel Jacob better go subscribe Josh check it out right here on the screen YouTube channel salt what are you gonna do with this thing bro by the state law we have to you know thank you guys if you want to check out what happens to this oh my gosh I've never been so close to one it's like I mean the rest of his life because I know Mike wasn't going I know I wasn't going I don't mess with Nate the girl right here this girl right here this girl might have jumped in I'm not gonna lie she might have jumped in and grabbed the snake my man Jacob we're gonna put the channel right here this is his channel right here right here you see this cute Palka feral hybrid that Chandler that Blake's non exotic animal ranch boy boy like he's loaded he's 65% loading pack of feral guys this is an amazing human being I should grab that snake it's all of name check out monster Michael Urie no this YouTube channel we've been loving so don't check me out check him out but check out this guy I'm sweating bullets guys guys catching cook snake yum guys stay to tea next episode check out Jacob thank you so much come on get him up

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