Classical Musicians React: IU ‘Red Shoes’

Classical Musicians React: IU ‘Red Shoes’

Kevin: *being extra* *look at those eyebrows* *Rossini’s Semiramide Overture plays* Emiel: Awwww Umu: Ok so this is IU you already reacted to her other song it had all the modulations and the goose (Macaw XD) and the dude who couldn’t play the instruments remember that
Fiona: Oh yeah
Henry: Geese
Emiel: Laa- Both: 3, 2, 1 Kevin: Two classic movie references just within the first Second davis: yeah, 20s for sure Yunyi: Red Shoes, Oh hey
Kevin: And it’s film Naoki: You know Dorothy does she have red shoes as well
Shimon: Yeah Kevin: Yup yup yup there it is Hugo: Red shoes r-
Gwen: Ooh it’s film Lindsey: The- the sign it looks like 20s like the intro thing that said like the- whatever it was Kevin: Wow Is this an origin story for the movie Naoki: I wonder if she’s gonna fall in love with this guy as well
Shimon: Probably Umu: movie?
Kevin: For the movie the red shoes cuz there’s a poster that’s literally-
Yunyi: OOHH what happened in the piano Lindsey: Oh this definitely looks 20s
Davis: Silent films Yunyi: You know I wonder if that was improvisation Fiona: I’m actually taking an early film class right now so that looks pretty legit *Crinkling bag*
Silent films are awesome Hugo: *jumps* huh god the scared the sh*t out of me ha I don’t know why that scared me Henry: Is this like a Wizard of Oz spinoff thing The boots The boots ha Umu: The boots XD
Henry: Slippers Kevin: It’s the ghost of film past Both: Spoopy Emiel: Aw That’s a beautiful chord Yunyi: More planing chords Both: *gasp* Kevin: Oh Hollywood here we come
Yunyi: Yeah Emiel: Heha
Fiona: Loving the strings Fiona: Loving the strings and harp
Henry: It’s in F sharp major Naoki: OOOOohhhh well that’s fun Yunyi: Oh flute!
Kevin: *clapclap* Yunyi: That’s something we haven’t heard in a while
Kevin: SING SING SING Henry: She’s-
Fiona: 20’s Shimon: That’s very very Broadway-eeyy Henry: The background looks like it’s flapper but her dress is not flapper and her hair isn’t- Henry: She doesn’t have a bob
Fiona: The drum beat got me excited Hugo: I really hope that at some point she- it’s like blasted into color Yunyi: I like how she changed her vocals
Kevin: The chords are more spicy than lala land, lala land is- Yunyi: She changed her vocals to fit the jazz style that’s awesome cuz she’s now got that rasp in her voice Gwen: Yup we’re in color now
Hugo: Jumpin into those dm’s like Fiona: She’s so beautifuul Kevin: OAAHH Ok, ok There’s still gas chords in there
Yunyi: Married to the music Fiona: All the violins
Umu: Ok I’m sorry
Emiel: That’s all jazz fusion Fiona: It’s still so disco-ey with the Brrringg
Emiel: I love jazz fusion Emiel: It is kinda disco
Fiona: The major- major violin transition scales Kevin: But compared to that verse, man Emiel: Nice- nice C man Kevin: Ooh
Yunyi: Oh wow Henry: This is so all over the place Henry: Harmonically I’m really confused
Emiel: He’s talking to 3 brass players Fiona: Yeah it’s like-
Umu: Wait what’s confusing about it harmonically? Henry: It’s just sort of all over the place I thought it was in F sharp, it was in F sharp in the beginning and now it’s-
Emiel: Oh we modulated, it’s broadway again *clap* Lindsey: It’s like a Gatsby themed party Fiona: this is so cute, I love the rolling drum beat
Emiel: It modulated Emiel: The drum beat is pretty cool Kevin: I like this slidey voice very- vocals Gwen: It’s adorable, I love big band jazz Lindsey: I really like this though it- it really feels very showtune-y But also popy Gwen: That’s what it sounds like
Hugo: And she’s doing a good job with it too Umu: Are you liking the music so far Lindsey: Yeah Kevin: Here comes the popy chorus Emiel: Modulate here Theerll Yunyi: I’ve like given up on trying to make sense out of the key relations at this point cuz there was so much Fiona: Her voice is getting kinda buried to me Like it’s like another instrument in the background Hugo: I really like her voice in s- I really like her voice in this style of music
Gwen: Oh yeah, this is her style Kevin: Good Henry: There’s so many tracks right now Woah Emiel: Yes this is a lot of tracks Fiona: I’m in love with her she’s soo cute Kevin: See not sexualizing
Yunyi: Oh scatting Kevin: Wow Hugo: Oh get it clarinetists, sorry Kevin: Oh, oh clarine- oh Getg- get out ugh Yunyi: You don’t like clarinet?
Kevin: Huh Kevin: No I love it, as in like a good way Shimon: Two pianos at once, can you do that Naoki: I mean He’s playing the treble with his left hand and the bass with his right hand
Shimon and Umu: XDXD I mean why would you do that Henry: AAaahh haha
Emiel: Wooooaa we’re in color
Fiona: AW HE WINKED Kevin: He was gonna wink but then he did a double eye that’s what it looked like, he was like- he was like Yunyi: It was cute Lindsey: That was weird that was a weird modulation Emiel: The shoes are moving without herr Henry: Have we been in every single key I think so Hugo: She’s running away from the shoes
Gwen: Oh n- oh my god the shoes are alive Both: *scream* Naoki: It’s chasing her Hugo: SPOOPY Both: hahaha
Naoki: It’s a ghost again (Dreamcatcher reference) Remember Kevin: Woah there’s Orson Wells- Orson Wells going on Gwen: Is she about to get murdered By shoes and the strange caped man in her dressing room Davis: Wow this guys is killing it on this bass drum though Gwen: I was into that chord
Hugo: That was a good chord Yunyi: Wooow Davis: I’m not gonna lie though some of those- some of those bass articulations sound like a tuba that got really excited But it’s just the bass Yunyi: Woah Emiel: We’re ina completely different key than when I last mentioned Fiona: Wasn’t her dress red earlier
Henry: We’re in C and we started in F sharp Emiel: Oh there’s a new one
Henry: now we’re in B flat Emeil: Chords
Henry:; B flat minor Kevin: No no keep on acceler- oh they should’ve kept- Yunyi: WOW oh my gosh
Kevin: Is this Cowboy Bebop slay that alto sax Naoki: She’s a ghost
Shimon: OOOHHHHH Paris Kevin: Soprano Henry: Woooaaah what is it like a Moulin Rogue thing
Emiel: Hey we’re in Paris Yunyi: It sounded like it was too much effort for a soprano sax
Kevin: Paris, maybe Yunyi: Like soprano sax is supposed play that
Kevin: So this is an alto at the end of Cowboy Bebop Yunyi: Oh they have composer Kevin: Oh we couldn’t read it
Yunyi: Lyricist Fiona: I love that, just- it just gets you going Yunyi: I was like, this has to be some classically jazz trained people Henry: Peppertones? oh were they just background people who were singing
Fiona: I need that- that drumbeat going as I wake up in the morning or as I like just walk to class Lindsey: Cuz it’s just groovy, it’s like jazzy like Emiel: Poor trumpet player
Henry: huh Fiona: Wait that’s the pianist guy Shimon: We should- we totally should’ve caught the fact that they were in France Like their outfits Umu: So you like the instrumentation, the style of music
Davis: Oh yeah of course
Lindsey: Oh absolutely Both: Woah Davis: Yeah whoever- whoever- whoever did this is Henry: Fhi Fan Fiona: That’s mee Henry: Ahaha Emiel: Oh yeah you read that book Henry: Yeah read that book really good Emiel: I don’t know Henry: Wow, really really excellent piano playing Henry: Really matchin it up super well Yunyi: Oh dang he was Shredding away
Kevin: Yeah Yunyi: That was some good piano technique Or keyboard technique I should say cuz he’s playing on an organ Oh he’s a very good looking man- *phone goes off* AAWWHWHHW Not again I’m sorry Davis: Hahaha I like how the shoes get a credit that’s really funny
Lindsey: Mr Shoes Gwen: Oh is this a blooper reel for the credits, that’s really cute Naoki: No I like the contrast in the styles between the flapper music and the other stuff Fiona: It’s like Wizard of Oz vibe Umu: Yeaaahh Davis: Oh yeah yeah I think- I think honestly it’s the style of music and it was done well enough You know where I can find myself being very critical of how they were doing the music Soo Umm I think it just brought in all the elements, like it hit all the bases for me More so than the first video did Lindsey: I agree Kevin: There’s definitely a lot of homage to old Hollywood Which you know I couldn’t catch all the references but I- it’s super dope Super dope Davis: Oh no she’s
Lindsey: NOOOOOOO ON ONE AND THREEEE Kevin: And yes there’s definitely Lala land vibes even though Lala land came later But Lala land has IU vibes Fiona: AWWWHAHAHA She’s literally so cute *They’re all yelling over each other* Emiel: Why is she off UMU: EDITORS FAM Umu: Editors why are you doing this to us
Fiona: That’s so weird Fiona: Well in- ok- early movies you know all the timings and sounds were off
(My captions aren’t though just sayin) *More talking over each other* Fiona: Like the speed of the camera just themselves weren’t in real time
Henry: That was really confusing
Emiel: I like how she’s popping into the parts too Yunyi: No I think it’s an alto sax
Kevin: Really Yunyi: Cuz when they went down to the more middle register it sounded a lot more warm Like whereas soprano sax sounds a little bit more oboe Daang that was art Umu: What did you think of her voice other than like-
Hugo: I thought it was good, I thought it was- I actually thought Hugo: And it fit the style really well
Gwen: This style, it was really good for this style Gwen: It was very- it was very 20’s Shimon: I guess it’s nice for them to like go back to the 20’s or whatever
Naoki: That was ?? Shimon: and to bring that back to modern day pop music Naoki: Yeah Shimon: I don’t think any group really does that, now
Naoki: Yeah like Naoki: Why would people bring back the 20’s
Shimon: Yeah but I mean that was a great example of why they should Umu: Ok so is there just too much to listen to and that’s why you’re like wait Emiel: There is a lot going on
Fiona: I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an ?? song itself
Henry: There’s sssso much going on, I could never listen to that because I’d feel like I was on cocaine Umu: HA MODULATION SAXOPHONE MODULATION TRUMPET
Henry: I’d be like AH ahbashfkbasdfjasf Fiona: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH This one was a lot less disco a lot more musical
Emiel: I’m- I like the o- the first one Yunyi: I think that was art, like
Kevin: That was solid All the stuff they do, all the stuff that’s in kpop is pretty artful but this was like actual art You know like some of them are just like this song-
Kevin: I think she liked it more than I did Yunyi: Like songs for the sake of being catchy
Kevin: I thought it was just fine but some- somethings didn’t- yeah Yunyi: *I’m so done with your interruption sh*t Kevin* Kevin: I like the verse more than the chorus The chords kinda let me d- I can see myself kinda listening to this as a daily jam Yunyi: I mean the thing is that- they got the sorta showtime cabaret vibe, that’s what that kind of music was like
Kevin: Yeah that’s true Yunyi: So it was fitting to the style Kevin: I could tell the chords at the chorus and then that’s- I guess I-I- I prefer not knowing what the chords were
Umu: Oh so you like- you like a challenge Kevin: Yeah well it was more like I don’t know where this is going and then all it- dindandan and I’m like oh I know where this is going Umu: Ok
Kevin: Do you know Cowboy Bebop Umu: I’ve never watched
Yuniy: Duhduhduhdudhudh Kevin: There’s a part in the end that’s exaxtly- and Cowboy Bebop came first so I wonder Kevin: This is the theme song, you hear this before every episode Yunyi: It’s so hype Kevin: Ready
Yunyi: It’s a great anime Kevin: It’s the duhduhduhd it’s the exact same- yeah Umu: THAT WAS MY ???

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  1. Fun fact : That guy at 4:23 / 6:58 passed his music school audition with "Bartók's incarnation" title from his professor 😂

  2. I really liked the video but I don’t understand why the man with the red shirt is keeping saying about the cord…Is he just showing off..? I hope they more talk about how they feel about the video not judging..

  3. they were not impressed with her voice..i think i will stay blissfully ignorant and love how she sings.

  4. I’m coming back to this video months later, and I’m curious; did anyone know of the story of The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Andersen? Because that’s why the shoes were chasing her….

  5. 재즈 하는사람으로써 분홍신 변조나 화음은 맘에드는데 클래식부문은 잘몰라서 저분들 의견은 딱히 모르겟음

  6. 자막이 뮤비영상을 가리는게 아쉬워요ㅠㅠㅎㅎ 패널분들이 뮤비의 어떤영상을 보며 리액션하는지 좀더 잘 보고싶어요! 좋은 영상 감사합니다~

  7. i heard the cowboy bebop theme in the opening and I was blessed, such a good piece. Also, I had been hesitant to listen to IU but I really like her style! Thanks for introducing me!

  8. The Red Slippers is a fairytale about a girl who cares about nothing but her red shoes and they come to life and dance her to death.

  9. I know your to-react list is suuuuper long, but would you consider reacting to IU's Peach and Ga-In's Apple (the live version with Amber Liu blows me away every time!)

  10. 아 저 쪽발이 맨날 일본이랑 연관짓고 , 그외엔 부정적으로 하는거 존나 꼴뵈기 싫다 ㅡㅡ 음악적으로 우리는 너네 일본에 진짜 1도 신경 안쓴다 이 찐따 쪽발아

  11. A lot of people think 20s is a catch-all decade for "old music" but this is much more late 30s-40s music/concept.

  12. 뮤직비디오 영상을 화면위쪽으로 올려서 영상제작해주실수 있을까요? 자막이랑 겹쳐서 보이 힘들어요ㅠ

  13. Thank God I'm not the only one who recognised the Cowboy Bebop's Sax at the end. Haaaahh, makes me miss Jet and the crew

  14. pretty sure that "alto sax" was just a clarinet outfitted for jazz. the different mouthpiece equipment (can't remember what it's called but the thing that holds the reed) makes it sound a lot more light and airy than it does in classical pieces

  15. He is a real pianist is one of the best composer of Korea is one of the CEOs of Antena entertainment be said the man who play a lot of instrument in the other song of IU

  16. 케이팝스타에서 아이유 분홍신을 우예린양과 안예은양이 리메이크한 거 반응 궁금해요!!!! 해주세요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  17. They r only reacting to her dance song that is not her style they shiuld react to songs that she wrote and not a dance music

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