Club Dance Footwork Moves Tutorial part 23 (Beginner Hip Hop Step) Heel In Up

Club Dance Footwork Moves Tutorial part 23 (Beginner Hip Hop Step) Heel In Up

hi guys welcome to my channel welcome back to my Channel today I have a brand new clam dance move tutorial for you stay tuned to the end of this video I'm going to show you how you can use them move from today and mix it with other moves when you freestyle this movement you're going to move the feet mostly you're going to start with right foot having no body weight on it so the entire weight is on the left leg you're just going to twist right heel in then untwist it go back to the center and then live the same heel up okay so it's gonna go in and up no try again one and two then you're going to shift weight onto the right foot left is free you're going to do the same exact thing healing reset up again just decide in and up one and two and then you keep switching let's try it over from the right side we have heel in reset up shift weight in reset up this one is maybe a little bit more complicated so for now I'm just going to show you slow you can ignore the rhythm just learn the order of movements in Center up down in Center up then our accents on the beat will be N and up okay those are the main movements everything that happens in between is just resetting to the starting position so the main moves again in up in and up and this is what's going to happen on the beat but you do have to reset on your own the body won't just bounce back to original position by itself so after you go in don't just try to go up you have to come back so so that the feet are straight before you lift the heel five six then eight one-and-two one-and-two one-and-two one-and-two to being the snare one-and-two one-and-two few things to remember this stance you don't want to have the feet too wide because you have to in this motion you have to shift weight so you're going to be standing on the right leg on the left leg alright on the left so on so you don't want to have for the body weight to travel too far because that will slow you down a lot so find a comfortable stance usually we say shoulder width apart or hips width apart that should be enough don't get the feet too close because then you may not have space to move the heel or to shift weight that's one thing second of all watch watch your angles well not too closely but you know don't make the movement too big so I don't really care about like 90 degrees perfect 90-degree angle here I would say the smaller the better to be honest because you know this way you still it's still visible that you're moving the hill in inwards but it will just help you stay on being the smaller moves will help you stay on beat so that's our priority we said our accent on the snare drum on that what I always call Maine beat maybe it's not Maine but I call mine beat the loudest one we're going to bring the heel up so that's your deadline for this movement 1 & 2 1 & 2 1 & 2 1 & 2 ok then to make the movement look less robotic we're going to add knee bent so every single time that's optional that's you know if you're working on the feet work on the feet if you want to make the movement look looser so that's like the next stage we're going to add the double event so 1 2 1 so I think I talked about the double knee bent when I did the coordination and groove video so I'm going to link it for you the lawsuit can check it out but it basically explains how we can turn any movement into a more relaxed looser one by just moving the knees okay so that's what we're going to do now it looks like this one two one two one two and one so see every single time the heel goes in I bend both knees and every single time the heel is up I bend both knees don't worry that one knee will look like it's bending more this is just because the heel is lifted for this motion we already did the footwork we did the knee bent I'm now going to add any arms or torso but I will add a little weird part of the body because we'll be moving our head so all I want you to do is I want you to look down towards the foot that you're moving and see how it well you're now gonna see yourself if you do that but just trust me this if I'm looking too straight ahead even if I'm bouncing even if the arms are bent we'll look a little bit different than this just keep in mind that of course you won't be doing this movement for the entire song straight because if you're looking at you know your left foot and then your right foot for five minutes people might question you so if you just use it as a transitional movement maybe you'll do it just once on the right ones on the left and you add that look perfectly fine it will make you look more natural but you don't want to stare at your feet for too long of course I'm just putting it out there let's try it with the music five six seven eight just the feet – one two one two one snare one two one two no knee bent one two bounce bounce bounce bounce and then I'm going to add the look one two one two one two one two let me show you how I would fit all of this move if you like the movements that I'm using in my free style I'm going to post links to those videos in the description box below for you all right you guys thank you so much for watching that's it for today please subscribe for more videos that I'll add every week and I'll see you in the next bye

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  1. Dear are you in New York City 🌃 or in Poland 🇵🇱…. I told my friend that I wish to meet you atlest thrice in my life… first time as your fan… second time as your friend and third time as best friends…. it’s my wish and dream I don’t know it’s possible or not…. what you think 😄😀😁😆😇… I told her you have started your class in New York City she said to wish you congratulations so I wish you congratulations…. plz keep updating your community post so your fans should get updates…

  2. thank youuu sm for thiss
    can you please make a series for 1. popping 2. tutting
    for beginners because I'm hella struggling and no one really can help me besides you sooo please
    but keep making those footwork videos they helpful for my hiphop classes

  3. I already learn this one because you made a freestyle on another move including it and i thought it was smooooooth😆
    Love your channel so much don t ever stop!

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