DANNER LIGHT boot & shoes wound repairダナーライト 革靴のアッパーのキズやスレの補修・補色(eng sub)

DANNER LIGHT boot & shoes wound repairダナーライト 革靴のアッパーのキズやスレの補修・補色(eng sub)

Hello, this is shoe repair RADIAN Sugiura. Here is the repair of the shoes introduced here. I want to repair Danner’s Danner Light wound. Toe or heel These parts are also colored. There is a feeling that I wore it, and it is still cool. This time, I would like to clean the surface of this leather with a repair agent. I think that the familiarity of the leather paint is good, so I think it will be beautiful. Since these parts are also discolored, put the color I want to keep the whole thing clean. I would like to repair Danner’s wounds. I will repair the wound, but I can see that the surface is fuzzy. It won’t be a good finish Also, I’m a little worried about the dirt and the steps here. I want to clean this part and clean it up. Toe wounds or mouth It was safe and beautiful. This time, the sole and edge were cleaned together. Cleaning does not mean that it was washed. Cleaning the sole and edge Lightly scrape the surface Also, if you wear it for a long time, its shape will collapse, so it also serves as a correction. Finished with black ink. Since the cross section of the sole is cut, it is almost the same as a new one. This time, it is a repair agent used for wound repair. Safir renovating cream, etc. I use ad color etc. from Columbus. Of course, these were used for business purposes, It is also sold in general. I do n’t think there ’s a home center, I think there is something like Tokyu Hands. If you follow the steps in this video, You can do the same thing, your arms. Overall scratches As expected, repairs are a bit scary, but small scratches If it’s a bit of a scratch, you can easily fix it Safir is also in a metal tube. Just use it like a paint, and just paint it out to hide the scratches. Can I use colored shoe cream? There is also a part, You can use shoe cream on your toes, When dry, there is an advantage that the color does not transfer. For example, if you paint with colored shoe cream at the mouth When you put on and take off, the color will transfer to socks and socks. It is convenient to use the color repair cream in places where you don’t want the color to transfer. It can also be used to repair dents. Repair cream in the recessed area If you apply it in a thick coat and keep it flat with paper, It ’s easy to say by mouth because you can repair the dent, It is convenient to have one other than shoes cream. It’s hard to align the colors. There are many color variations. You can mix it and use it as a paint. You need a sense, but you can make it to match the color of your shoes. This time, instead of replacing the soles and repairing the heels It was repairing the upper wound. I picked up Danner, but the same goes for men’s shoes. It will be cured with this procedure. In addition to the reception desk, we are also waiting for requests for custom repairs at home delivery. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or line. In addition to repairing RedWing and Danner work boots, we are also repairing other shoes. If you have any trouble with shoes, please feel free to contact us. Shoes repair RADIAN Sugiura.

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  1. 色付けの部分が特に素晴らしい!!色って微妙に違ったりするじゃないですか…。素晴らしい動画です!

  2. 銀面の補修とか知りたかったのですごく参考になりました

  3. Великолепно ! Я , тоже втираю жидкую кожу руками . Потом ,все руки грязные ,а обувь красивая становиться . : ))

  4. 今回の補修でおいくらとか気になりますね

  5. 靴補修クリーム、今度見てみようと思います。

  6. 同じ程度のダメージがあるダナーライト持っています.ソールは今までに2回貼り替えています.

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