December 2017 Ballet Heel Stretching

December 2017 Ballet Heel Stretching

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  1. Cool video. I am wondering if you have any advice regarding sizing of ballet boots? Is it best to but the exact size? Or perhaps a size bigger (or smaller)? Does it depend on the maker?

  2. You might want to buy ballet shoe toe pads

    from, the ones I have are blue silicone

    and make a big difference !They are item 990 I am on

  3. A lot of ballet boots have too tall a heel many of us cut off between 3/8 to 1/2 inch off the heel that make them so you can walk in them. I only was successful after I modified the heel height.

  4. You might want to spend some time in high heels start at about 5 inches and work up to 6 or more depending on your shoe size!

  5. From the side view I fear that the heel are about 1/2 inch too tall for those boot , seem to be a common problem I had to cut about 3/8 of an inch off mine before I could perfect walking in them well enough to go outside in them and later to wear them out in public and to clubs and diner!

  6. Unfortunately it's a common problem that the heels by ballet heels are to tall or that the shoe arcs are not as they should be. To correct the shoe arcs isn't so easy. So cut about 1cm of the heels so they are in the correct position.

    Then walk always heels toe and try to load the heels always with your full weight not the toes!!!!

  7. Did you buy boots in a bigger size so you could wear double to protector toe pads, are they the Silicone ones from or a different one. And you are right slow stretching is key and so finally keeping your knees straight!

  8. Miss Julie you look so uncomfortable, you are walking like you are crippled. Don't torture your feet, try a feminine strappy heel😄

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