Designer inspired Zara haul | ANDREA DELUCA

Designer inspired Zara haul | ANDREA DELUCA

Hi everybody, thank you so much for watching and welcome back to my channel My name is Andrea DeLuca and today I have a try on Zara haul for you these are some items that I recently ordered online that I really can’t wait to show you because each item is inspired by a different designer and I’m just super excited that I get to share this with you. I feel like summer went so quickly here in Toronto We’re already getting into fall and I need to make sure that all my guys and girls you guys out there are ready to go and have your fall trends in order if you’re interested in seeing what these trends might be then just keep watching so the first trend is Menswear and suiting this is actually inspired by Gucci. I’m gonna put some pictures up on the screen This is really just an amazing trend that I’ll personally love it is definitely oversized menswear inspired suiting You’ll see here that I’ve got a matching suit set. I have a blazer It’s navy with a pinstripe and the matching pant Navy as well as a pinstripe It is very high waisted with a balloon like in a cinch ankle and then of course an oversized double-breasted blazer with horizontal stripes to make you look tall and lean but still representing the menswear inspired oversized trend the key with this trend is to possibly Size up in the jacket the pant and Jack here that I ordered are both extra small However, I could have sized up to a small in the jacket to give it an even more oversized feel I think Gucci does an amazing job at tailoring their Suits and they’re inspired menswear, but still making it feminine so bizarre I definitely captured this trend and of course, I will link everything below So you guys can take a closer look and see if through other options. The next look is inspired by Dior It is a sheer kind of polka dot. I guess this you would call this a dress It’s like an overlay I intend to wear this over Black slip over top of jeans and a lace bra. I also plan to wear this over a swimsuit Definitely inspired by Dior with kind of the straight sort of fit-and-flare Ruffle and sheer polka dot design. This is way outside of my comfort zone. I would never normally gravitate towards something That’s so full length and sheer because it’s hard to pair things under it But I think when it’s up properly it’s gonna look really awesome again I will link as many of these things that are so current and available below. Just check out the description box The next item was inspired by shrimps, which is an online brand. I’m going to be picture of their bag on the screen and This is the one that I ended up picking out from Zara it is a Really really huge pearl handbag. It has a long chain that’s attached as well And then on the inside sort of like a fabric line that you can pull closed The shrimp spec obviously has tall panels But I kind of like the idea of this bag being a pearl bag You can kind of put your hand through because I feel like it’s very different So this is obviously a more affordable bag and more affordable style I’ll put it on for you guys So you can see you could wear a pro bag with sweats to make the look more feminine and refined to go wear it with Suiting you can also wear it with leather I think adding pearls to your wardrobe is a beautiful way of incorporating More mutual tones without one totally over the top and buying it completely way back The next trend is inspired by Louis Vuitton in Virgil’s collection for Louis Vuitton. It is the iridescent PVC trend so with Virgil’s collection that came out you’ll see a lot of these iridescent duffel bags and purses This was definitely inspired by that collection. It has a detachable chain here on the sides You can also take this entire ring off of the side and turn it into which is the top handle clutch or you can keep the handle and a habit as A bag I think this is super cute if you want to wear something with color But you’re still looking for something in a neutral tone This bag has an overall appearance of silver But when you move it in the light Of course you get that iridescent finish which most of us are kind of more open to now because of Virgil’s collection for Louis Vuitton In the last China items that I purchased or shoes these are very much an ode to the tanga trend that is just Screaming over Instagram Bottega came out with these various square toe shoes in this aqua color Zara has done a wonderful job of giving us the more affordable version of these The only difference is because walk heel and the bottega’s have a skinny stiletto The issues are very very huge. They look great with denim I find that. This is also a nice way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe And this is definitely an item that I think it is affordable, but it’s a cool way of staying on trend the other pair I picked up is this strappy pair as well as the square toe? Obviously also inspired by Bottega They also made these in white that I missed out on getting them are so long and too quickly So I did grab the black pair I actually really liked a way that the shops cross over your toes because they are a great shoe to wear with suiting or transition with them into fall Before we step right into, you know wearing boots and meals these are kind of a nice way of transitioning from it’s and ultimate I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these trends and how Zara has made it kind of more accessible for us to stay Kind of up to date with what’s happening in fashion If you guys like these kind of little haul videos then please comment below Consider subscribing, and I look forward to seeing you guys next time. Bye

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