-children screaming in background- are you
done screaming? … welcome -tongue pop- k so there’s probably
going to be screaming in the background, we’re ignoring that. Pretend you can’t hear it, pretend it’s ambience,
pretend it’s just like setting the mood. It’s like the vibe… it’s like chaos and
like trash content, it’s like… honesty it’s pretty correct so, it’s cool. So in this video I’m going to show you how
I made my boots! Probably shouldn’t put like your shoes kinda
on your face and in your hair… does it again! So yeah in this video I’m gonna show you how
I kind of revamped these boots, it’s actually like a super easy DIY project, umm I got these
black booties earlier this year. The front is like a faux suede and the back
is a faux leather, you know they’re just a simple bootie. They were a lil bit too big but umm instead
of exchanging them because I didn’t know if the other size would fit and blah blah blah,
they literally have an insole in them… you can’t see it. But there’s an insole and that’s the only
way that they fit. Um with that, the ankle was also just a little
bit too wide for my liking to wear with shorts, a skirt, or like a dress. Like because the ankle is so wide compared
to my ankle like the gap, I felt like it looked really weird unless I had pants on so… I thought if I just glued some crap on it
that would probably change the whole vibe and then I wouldn’t care and I would be okay
with it, and I was actually really correct so that’s cool! I brought these boots into summer and I actually
really love the way they came out! They’re cool, they have like my vibes to them. They have this colorful rainbow sequin heel,
they’re sparkly, they”re holographic… So these are actually inspired by a lot of
boots that I’ve seen online and stuff, but really none of them came in my size so even
if I like had funds for them I couldn’t fit them on this foot, like she’s. a. big. foot. I think the first pair I saw was from YRU,
and you know I’m obviously obsessed with like all sorts of sparkly things, holographic things,
we have planets! This one has a pentagram! It’s like spoopy space alien witch with a
rainbow heel, just for that like super kind of like 60’s 70’s moment, it’s kind of like
everything I wanted out of a boot and like yeah! And it’s a super easy DIY, it’s really just
making some patches and gluing crap onto a shoe. So stay tuned if you wanna see how I turned
my boots from these, inserts a clip right now! From these like plain black Torrid booties
into these kind of 60’s 70’s glam Ziggy Stardust boots! Add some sequins to your feet! So I basically just made some patches to glue
onto the boots and I kind of made it up as I went along, I didn’t start off with too
much of a plan. So after gathering some supplies that I thought
I would need I tore off a piece of freezer paper to use to kind of like trace out the
shapes that I wanted to do. I made sure that I traced onto the kind of
plastic-y waxy side rather than the paper side, so when I glue stuff on top I can just
peel it off of that plastic-y film layer situation. So I just used a sharpie and traced out some
shapes, some stars, moons, like whatever you want to do. So I ended up doing two different types of
patches ’cause I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to go with, so the first one here is a rhinestone
patch. It’s super simple i just cut out a piece of
this purple tulle fabric, using kind of like sheer netting-ish fabrics works really good
for this kind of stuff ’cause you can see through it and then when you put it on you
can still kinda see through it (it blends) so it’s easier than trying to make the shape
on the boots, that way you can make it and then just plop it onto it basically. And then I just used some pieces of scotch
tape to kind of like hold it down and flat around so it didn’t shift around and it’s
just as simple as putting glue on top of your traced out shape and filling that in with
rhinestones or like whatever you wanna do. Super simple! So I’m just using my trusty Gem Tac, after
it dries it’s washable and it’s nice and flexible, and everything that I’ve done with it has
held up really nicely going through the washing machine whatever. My nozzle was clogged so it would be a lot
easier if you could just use the nozzle rather than trying to smear it on with other things
but you know whatever! So literally just tracing around the star
then filling it in with rhinestones! But what I ended up actually doing for the
boots is using this holographic sequin trim that I had, it was like $2 at the craft store,
and then the base of it is actually some scraps of black stretchy power mesh. So I’m just doing the same thing again, taping
it over the shape and then tracing around the outline and just putting some sequin trim
on that. It’s really super super simple, it’s really
just outlining with glue and then using this sequin trim which all the sequins are already
connected, and kind of drawing around the shape with this trim, letting it dry and then
trimming off all the excess and that’s really it. It’s super simple to just make these little
sequin patches, I made a bunch in different shapes and yeah! You can also totally just use these as patches
which would be cute, I might make some to put on like my jacket. So once you’ve made all of your shapes and
you’ve let them dry completely, I left them overnight, you can go ahead and trim off any
excess trim bits that you had to leave on so it could dry, and then trim off any extra
mesh. I found that it was easier to trim cleanly
and closer to the shape if I was cutting from the back of the mesh, but that was maybe just
me I don’t know? Once all of your shapes are cut out you can
glue them on to whatever you want to do. To figure out placement of where i wanted
them on the boots I just used some normal straight pins for sewing and I just pinned
them onto the boots and like moved them around until I liked the kind of pattern I got, and
then to make sure that I remembered the placement I just used some other pins kind of along
the key areas to mark out like this is how high it was and this is how far to the side. So I could take it off, put glue around the
edge where the sequins are onto the back of the fabric and then just boop, plop it right
on to the boot where exactly where it was before and then move onto the next one, rinse
and repeat until everything is dry. So the front of my boots was like a faux suede
and the back is like a faux leather so there’s this seam where they separate and I thought
it would look good to just add a piece of this holographic sequin trim right there to
just like… so I went ahead and did that and just used some pins to hold it in place
while it dried so it didn’t slip down with gravity! Then I was trying to figure out if i wanted
to add some sequin rainbow bars, kind of like around the heel and i obviously went with
it! So I just marked out some equal spaces all
around the heel, used a straight piece of card or whatever to trace some lines and then
you know… glue and sequins. It’s super simple, same thing I just made
sure that the sequins were all going in the same direction so there were all facing down
so that it looked it was intentional and cohesive, and boom after I let it dry and I trimmed
off anything that was left over we were done! Mystical… wow and here we are look at these
magical booties! So yeah this is how they came out and I am
super happy with them! One thing I will note is if you put sequins
on the heels, just like be mindful… oh you can’t even really see it. But like they kind of scraped against each
other a couple times when I wore them the other day and like some of the color came
off the sequins a lil bit, I don’t really mind over the years I’ve had to give up the
concept of keeping your shoes pristine and like not letting the ankle crease and the
heel get a dent or whatever. It’s a shoe it’s going to be worn, you have
to let it wear it’s fine! These are like my summer boot into fall into
winter… and then spring! Something about the like print situation that
happened makes me think of Ms. Frizzle, which is always a plus! So… there’s just like a lot of vibes and
elements happening and umm… I’m here for it! I mean that makes sense like… I made them for me so… Anyways I figured I would like record a lil
simple diy process, kind of like watch me make these boots and like you can get a general
idea of how to do something similar for yourself it you want it… and yeah! On the inside of the boots so this part where
the zipper is, I specifically left a space on each one where I didn’t put a patch, so
like it’s more bare on this part. That’s so when you’re walking or when you’re
standing still and this part touches they’re not going to like rip each other off with
the sequins trying to like dig into each other and pull each other apart, so like I specifically
left that part out so we don’t have that issue! So… yeah! We come in peace! -harsh whisper- SUBSCRIBE
for new videos whenever they get posted, social media crap in the description k bye! Can we like take a moment, fully unrelated
to like talk about the weird length that my hair has gotten to like… what is this? Like I have a bat clip just… There’s lots of like children screaming sounds
in the background, sorry but umm… that’s my life! K bye

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  1. AMAZING. GOTH MISS FRIZZLE REALNESS. I def need to use this patch technique because my wardrobe needs h e l p. xxxxxxx

  2. My brother and his kids just moved back in with us so I relate to the kids screaming on a personal level. Love the shoes. I'd say I would create this but at this point in my life it would be a lie ~permanently procrastinating~

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