[ENG SUB] Running Man S3EP2 “The 80’s Recall” 20151106【ZhejiangTV HD1080P】

[ENG SUB] Running Man S3EP2 “The 80’s Recall” 20151106【ZhejiangTV HD1080P】

beautiful lady where are you going? i can give you a lift can’t you take the initiative? may i help you did you draw this board? yes is this your handkerchief? so, what should you do next? do you know? this place is my favourite the train is arriving it is very dangerous to walk here hello uncle deng this pen is for you i’ll take it working is glorious Steady Get Set Yes you are heavy whose shoe is that? come on, fight! to the right start running this “bull”… has returned back to his “hometown” oh my love we need to return to beijing so nervous this is too well hidden i want to rip it off are we going to start now? so fast so fun everyone is ganging up on me quickly run run wildly running man china in the 80s, is in the infancy of reform and opening up Everything and everyone is exuding vibrancy in luoyang, an emerging industrial city, a group of ambitious and passionate young people beautiful lady Where are you going? I can give you a lift There’s no need do you know? this is my favorite place you like to come here to look at the train? i do not just like to admire the trains, i also like the gas train did you draw this blackboard? yes nice drawing i even did a portrait for one of the running man i love my country i love a trailer factory[guest:Song Jia] [cheating] come over… the tire is huge [showing off my english] [looking fierce] [butterflies] take a guess at what uncle has brought you [gentle] what’s this? listen to it [in the factory] [guest: Zhang Huiwen] is this your handkerchief? hui wen come over please[I have things to tell you] so, what should we do next? are we moving too fast? [shy] you are thinking too much next, we need to quickly install this into the tractor this is an announcement all staff to quickly gather at the assembly plant all staff to quickly gather at the assembly plant all staff to quickly gather at the assembly plant i don’t understand lets get back to work fun’s over lets go, time to gather lets go a new day begins you are not protecting me why am i occupying two race lanes don’t rush, don’t rush scholar, i believe in you angelababy song jia my old buddy[we know each other well] my “nemesis” weak physically combined with my stupidity you all love me being stupid okay, its my fault, i admit to it [actress: Song Jia] song jia lan lan my lan aren’t you glad to see me? did you come to take your “revenge”? i’m not that type of person come, give me a hug [let bygones be bygones] wang zu lan, OUT su su, you have to protect me [dangerous woman] senior junior senior why do i feel left out [fourth team: Li Chen, Chen Qiaoen] qiao en take a look people are wearing leather shoes take a close look we are all wearing cloth shoes she is wearing leather shoes i trusted you so much where’s the trust in people these days and then it turns out that you are the “traitor” [actress: Chen Qiaoen] when qian en came the last time she was so nervious when she looked at everyone but, when i was in the car just now li chen has already helped me taught me a few moves when you meet a guy, do this [kick] so, you all have to be careful today, i’m fully prepared come, take a look they are here [the fifth team:Deng Chao, Angelbaby] let go of my hand [changing attitude] su su can anyone stop him? step aside [what do you want] its not good to be separated into teams why do i have to be with baby in the same team? what??? nothing hey, there’s another team the youngling [the sixth team:Lu Han,Zhang Huiwen] come over hi everyone hi everyone, we are we are, 1…2…3…4 wow, people come prepared i like to tiptoe because i can see further this is our conviction no matter where we are [Actress: Zhang Huiwen] why are you a fast learner you learned wrongly your mouth is not in sync you must sing right actually, singing is… no problem, let me show you why don’t you show us a standard edition? no, i’m the standard what? [perfect English] why do i get the impression that you are trying to cook something? i want to, “go du go du” [cook cook] [I am gonna get back to you] these are li chen’s kids actually, i think the term “father” is too conservative should be “grandfather” how dare you see he has abandoned the kids are we still trying to record this episode? they are so young to have come to record the show, and you are not taking care of them now how do you feel about a person that is already married, and has a kid and has dyed his hair only then can he get on this show you noticed about my dyed hair? you are so irritating you have the nerve to say that [friends] hi everyone in the event that was held in the asembly plant a few days ago i realized that your dreams are to head to tian’an gate to see the raising of the national flag so today, we are organizing a “most glorious” staff sports competition lastly, the two winners shall be rewarded with two train tickets we can do it so please head now to the first site and compete in the first event running man [what challenge will they face?] cai jie what are you doing? wow, we passed am i wrong? hurry up let’s exchange? we are family ladies and gentlemen [showing off] today is a good day we have come to your factory we are very honored[running out of vocabulary] please accept from us, team of running men, and our friends team, a bow now, it is your turn most glorious work staff sports competition the first event is to protect the manufacturing resources “protection of manufacturing resources” event there is one round the top 3 teams shall receive the equivalent number of big red flowers isn’t this 4 sided? it is actually 6 sided… 6 sides scholar a dice has 6 numbers worrying IQ he has poor aging eyes you are wrong my belief is that this is a 4 side object so i will flip it faster than you all the colour that your team is assigned is in between the two “missing” sides you will never find that colour there are 4 sides these 2 sides will never be flipped where is it, where is it? just cannot find it. [Stop embarrasing me] now, please change your clothing lets change here, right? deng chao can change here [well equipped] [catwalking] [practicing] [I will do it as well] [flipping] all competitors please line up if anyone were to touch the cube we will immediately deduct 5 points from your total score look, there is no single red cube take a look at the blue cube how many have been flipped already there is a red one obviously, this is unfair you are definitely aging quickly let me tell you who says that there are no red ones li chen team, deduct 5 [unexpected] [Team Blue lost 5 points] just now, it was a joke right? not a joke qiao en, go! that is a joke, now shocked me you are going to deduct 5 from my team? he says to add 5 what did you say? are you going to deduct or not? deduct everyone, please be ready do we want to fight against the “bull”? we must let us lock him down from the beginning [ready for a fight] 3 2 go [being locked down as soon as the game started] [struggling] [the other side] [a roaming deer] [back to the base] lets arrange them move to that side lets do this for now wait for me to distribute them [I am brilliant] i am basically occupying the two of you, such a waste we still have to make this sacrifice we still have to make this sacrifice qiao en [not good] what are you doing? li chen li chen [excuse me] [why] [ultimate trick] [you can’t run without shoes] [help me] [I am coming] wow, you are heavy so heavy one minute remaining [stressful work] [you can’t stop me] we are not participating in that [set free] [Zu Lan, wait for it] li chen, no countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 [the most neat] we didn’t run a lot whose shoe is this? second runner-up blue team 1 big red flower thank you it is showing, let me arrange runner up yellow team 2 big red flowers winner green team 3 big red flowers thanks [just stay where you were] we are halfway to getting our train ticket okay, the first event has ended mud pool again uncle and sis you finally admit to being uncle uncle and niece sis, don’t be like this why do you want to be my niece and xiao ming is my brother that makes you he is also my uncle comparing the two uncles around the same age age is not an issue, we are very compatible the second event “transportation of manufacturing resources” event one member shall sit in the vehicle the other member shall push the vehicle move along the ridge the first team to arrive is the winner is it the female pushing the male? i don’t think it is that simple are the ladies really doing the pushing? in reality, how would the task really look like? “transportation of manufacturing resources” event there will be 3 rounds in the first round, the female shall push the male in the second round, the male shall push the female in the final round, the male shall push midway and the female will push the remaining half the first three teams that have the shortest total time shall receive the equivalent number of big red flowers doesn’t that mean that my team is doomed to fail my vehicle will not move female push the male sorry sis are you sure xiao lu is okay, is hui wen able to push him? why don’t you worry about my team? i need to push him! [gotta look good being pushed] what happened? human tragedy why did you jump into it? i just wanted to sit in the vehicle. dear, i cannot lift it up i cannot lift up the wheel barrow he is too heavy what should i do? go pro what should i do? [how would I know] ready get set lower, right, sit in the wheel barrow [streching the neck] [tragedy] don’t be bothered with them they are here to provide comedy they are the dean of the “pengci” university right, they did it on purpose dead before the ship sank that is basically referring to me on your mark get set don’t move around, it is unstable on your mark get set don’t move around, it is unstable go! go… start be careful, must be careful steady, steady cai jie, go! cai jie, lets go! blue team is in the lead good job! too heavy yes, i know go, final push song jia, song jia, you can do it! lets move, lets start moving song jia steady steady, good job be careful to the left, to the left yes now, to the right good job, good job i’m so happy i have full confidence in you i have full confidence in what you are doing now come come come, a miracle is happening in front, good job so sorry doesn’t matter, we won we are number 2 don’t give up i cannot pull my leg out of the mud go! go…go…oops cai jie what are you doing??? i’m so sorry don’t mind, lets try again let me go over this is good, this is good what are you doing? continue how did i move across two lanes? uncle, so sorry why is it not moving? sneakily reach out with two little hands as brothers, we should share the pain starting again! still fail… what should i do? what type of game is this? up till now we are still at the starting line. go, go, go don’t count your chickens before they hatch we finally passed unexpectedly first keep it balanced, then move ahead i’m steady no problem you can do it purple team has a habit of falling over quickly escape still got splashed by mud no problem we have moved forward by 1 meter 1 meter is also considered progress hold on, right, you have found the key hold steady it is not moving come on, baby! yes, this is the way this is the way baby baby brother deng is once again in the mud brother chao, i’m so sorry slowly no problem still encouraging baby you can do it relying just on strength is not sufficient, you have to master the knack but my hands are slippery you need to lift it up do you know that you are hoeing the field? i’m not afraid, come on i’m not afraid come on, what’s the worst that can happen? the “vehicle” in front, please move to the side a curse that you cannot escape from hurry up, cross over go go go you all are too realistic you guys go first did you kick me? i did not who kicked me? on my face… come on baby you are the best we are here careful, be careful okay lets go i have mastered the skill of qing gong why? its difficult, it is really difficult why you are too skinny finally, we have reached the finishing line not yet just a little bit more good on the edge with a lot of help in the front all teams have completed this round this side is very tight a mud face mask [after the game] [before the game] now, lets start the 2nd round safety is the number 1 priority topmost priority is to not flip the “vehicle” on your mark get set go good good…oops sorry sorry what happened? an accident? i did not do it on purpose don’t be like this [small accident, we will fix it soon] lets rest a bit 1-2-3 lets go this pair shoes is so slippery. i’m regretting it this is fast steady cool we are almost there don’t drop no problem put me down [being scared to death] li chen wants to fall over once he said that he wants to experience how a mud loach feels like he does not need to experience that, this is his “native land” screw you Bull and mud goes hand in hand Lets begin the final round most glorious work on your mark get set [who is going to win this time] brother si, full speed ahead! full speed ahead traffic jam what’s the situation traffic jam move away be steady great don’t hurry lets go he has grabbed my foot hurry up and get in grab the lane first my goodness great job! my foot… the authentic way to push a cart don’t waste your strength give me the gloves [trying to get himself out of the mud] you have pull one foot out at a time he is no longer a “bull” he is a “bullfrog” now can those people in the front move faster? baby, lets move to the side we shall not fight with them baby, come on brother chao, this cannot be done come up, come up move him over here wait for them, nobody have moved yet there is no rush come road block “peng ci” has appeared here now whose vehicle is this? are you here to provide entertainment? you actually jumped in on your own accord? we did not touch you why did you jump into the mud on your own? look, they are moving on a different route [4th ring – reference to beijing highway] look, they are moving on that side quickly take a look there li chen, take a look over there look over there someone is going to cross over hurry over to stop them li chen, spare us spare us, spare us please spare us, spare us my team’s score is already quite behind my team’s score is already not good spare us, li chen we are not going to be nice to you now not going to be play nice move ahead go away, go away, go away he has not come over yet let me go over, let me go over [can he successfully block the road?] ma su ma su, li chen…you… 4th ring is definitely not jammed [reference to beijing’s highway] you are so smart, “wife” behind every successful man there must be a capable woman come on baby brother chao, just fall over a couple more times and we are there [sneaking forward] you are down anyway, so please move aside change “vehicle” [weird way of moving forward] we are the flight army every bullet will hit an enemy we can definitely reach there no matter how high is the mountain, how deep is the sea in the dense forest every bullet you can do it good good good good job be careful of your leg we have reached chen he, you are really something can you sit a little bit more towards the front how whoever is pushing you has a massive task on his/her hands even i cannot push you ahead, i can imagine your teammate’s pain see, aren’t we moving now? see, we are moving ahead li chen, hurry up hi everyone, i’m chen he i’m very heavy today be careful of your legs come on go go go good job this is finally over we have finally completed the event cai jie, are you okay? you have fallen so many times still very worried about you you have been stuck in the “vehicle” when cai jie pushes me, i am reminded of a song cai jie, is it the song goes like this dao la ji [taking out the trash] when you filmed the movie [xxx], you have incurred the displeasure of cai jie zu lan, did you manage to push ma su? they have forgotten zu lan is the cleanest see how clean he is no no the two of them did not fall over a single time not really everyone come out to have a shower together… lets take a little shower announce the results the winner li chen [will it be us? we were fast as well] pink team, 6 minutes 17 seconds its them its not us? us, we are the pink team i did not hear wrongly we are the pink team right? yes we have created a miracle yeah miracle congrats congrats congrats runner up is naturally very distinguished blue team we are the blue team certainly, he has been very accomodating he even did a “peng ci” once if not, he would have been much faster, much faster you have to understand, as a “bull”, this is his native land so he does not feel like leaving the “bullfrog” has also returned to his native land oh my love get up my darling [such a good actor] [what is he going to do with that mud] [sliperry] forget it please be careful second runner-up yellow team let me invite the staff to present the prize winner gets 3 big red flowers blue team gets 2 big red flowers second runner-up, yellow team 1 big red flower what’s the next game? 1,2,3 go wow, you moved quite a distance now, we shall begin the test of each team’s teamwork ability this test shall be on how well the male understand the female and how well the female understand the male during the process of answering the questions the person answering the questions shall sit in the platform ahead the other person shall be sitting on the bar behind if the person in front answered wrongly the person at the back shall be penalized what type of penalty? must be a shot of water must be shot by the gun those high pressure water guns high pressure water guns very likely very likely, i think that’s not good my fake nose cannot take it i just did surgery on my teeth and got a fake nose let me tell you the main issue is actually the fake brain inside your head may suffer some problem “test of team’s understanding” event there will be 2 rounds first round, the female will be responsible for answering the question the male shall be the one facing the penalty second round, both teammates shall switch place each correct answer shall get 1 point top 3 teams shall get equivalent number of big red flowers please look at the first question [peaking] What does the T in the 2.0T of an automobile emissions log represent? [excited] this is such a simple question when it is our turn to answer the question we will definitely be stumped let me tell you i’m most proficient on questions about the opposite gender 3 2 1 [worried] [looking around] please show your answer guo cai jie, please explain in chinese to us what is the meaning of “turbo”? energy wrote in english its engine power how to explain Turbo is …turbo please see the actual answer turbo Isn’t Turbo “wo lun”? [wo lun is the chinese term for turbo] yes, turbo is “wo lun” thats why i wanted you to explain in chinese your explanation is engine, energy Turbo is energy, energy Question 2, please prepare what’s the name of this basketball star? this is so easy this is simple who is this? Wolves – Garnett please show your answer don’t tell me that someone wrote “Jordan” as the answer? “Jordan” guo cai jie, what’s your answer? Kobe she wrote “Jordan” [ I don’t know anyway] please see the actual answer [looking back,laughing] who is that? i feel that i have let them down Garnett This guy is called Garnett okay, next question when we say 3 dimensions, list the actual 3 dimensions i think you might as well unleash the water gun on us in the show “man vs wild” on discovery channel, what is the name of the host? bear what is the name of china’s first aircraft carrier? liao ning no. what is this? yes, baby baby, when you are sitting here later i will not let a single drop of water touch you you are a scholar, i believe in you definitely. let them see. more difficult questions please please ask last question [can they get it right?] which country was the designer of AK-47 from? should be maldives or thailand sumei island luoyang’s specialty please show your answer teacher xiao hua england russia germany soviet union [are you kidding me?] guo cai jie: germany chen qiao en: iraq chen qiao en, what did you write? iraq what? [desperate hopeless] soviet union and the actual answer is… “wife”, you answered correctly again [excited] suspicion of ma su’s copying the answer so, she only got half point its okay. half a point is still okay half point is okay first question [what is making him so surprised] [come on] what’s the term for this type of nails? [Are you kidding me] later, when it is about purely questions on the opposite gender we will definitely be defeated later on, you will not ask about nails type of questions right? just write down whatever that comes to mind that will be the right answer whatever that comes to mind…? please show your answer [screw it] and the actual answer is… baby, when you are sitting here later i will not let a single drop of water touch you [the promises] [are gone] my answer is also wrong? isn’t this “yi dao qie”? “yi dao qie”, are you thinking of buns? the correct answer is “french style nail” french style no, french style nails [impossible to understand] what meaning does the flower lavender convey? please prepare i know this i know this there is finally a question that i know the answer to the meaning of lavender? hypnosis [what is it?] 3 2 1, please show your answer wait for love, protect the love brother chao handsome guy like me have you thought about baby’s feelings? [helpless] the actual answer is once again, all wrong cannot be right how can we get it right? the meaning is, wait for love wait for love i told you that it is to “wait for love” you are unable to act the movie “lavender”, i acted in it you see, nobody would believe me next question, please prepare what’s the main function of the peptide? what is peptide? i’m not going to write i’m going to wait till the countdown so unfriendly prevent aging prevent aging [got it] please show why did i let you see? i don’t know chen he, your answer is tasty brother chao, your answer is… prevent aging, good for the skin don’t say anything what trick did you use? li chen, your answer is prevent aging zheng kai’s answer is stain removal wang zu lan i also want to know the answer is good job the main ability is to prevent aging a guy that enjoys life will not let a single drop of water touch his girl uncle deng, you are good! what’s the term for this type of high heel shoe? baby is drenched once again why, oh why…. so hard to be a woman what’s the name of beckam’s daughter? congratulations. everyone got the right answer their questions are so easy on online shopping platforms like meilishuo, what’s the meaning of “do not accept the knife”? deng chao, do not look behind i didn’t do anything, my neck is like this so, only you know the answer i also don’t know if you cannot answer correctly, this is a big problem director, please do not do this wang zu lan, your answer is only accept the big knife lan lan, you are trying to… zheng kai, your answer is save on the small change bargain don’t want US dollar do not accept US dollar little knife is the embodiment of angel against the villain it is the name of the female lead in my new movie her name is zha xiao dao [zha little knife] sorry baby this time, you will definitely get sprayed on yes you answered correctly so touching all 10 questions have been answered please present the big red flower director we are not asking too much can you reward us with 1 flower? it has been a day, and we still did not get a single flower there is still one last event i know that there is one last event okay…? 1 2 3 thank you director reward us with 1 flower… okay, give them 1 flower happy that worked? director, you are such a nice person too easy to talk to let’s run, big red flower zu lan and xiao hua have a “grudge” zu lan yes, this happened last time last time, xiao hua and i also had a grudge there’s a saying, if you don’t fight, you will not get to know each other better they are on good terms now i believe that this “grudge” heh heh heh last time, xiao hua left me in the place where you drank the ink i cannot fight against a woman she kept blocking me at the door from now on i will teach you how to hide how long do i have to hide? hide until everyone else has lost zu lan, what are you thinking about? [wait and see] [welcoming Luoyang citizens] got on the train and left? please get your mission card final mission please let it not be about snatching red flowers [maybe it will be] “compete for the train ticket” event search for the hidden train tickets that connects on any one route from luoyang to beijing and put the train tickets into the safe house, the team that did it will win how many tickets are there? so hard all tickets that are based on those written up there? correct luoyang to beijing any station this is complicated for the safe house, even if you find it its power is only activated 1 hour from now the top 3 teams have an advantage which is they can first possess one of the station ticket [we don’t have anything] once they got it, we can start to snatch it? once they got the ticket, we can start snatching it right? how are you going to snatch it? once you get it, i will go and snatch it away from you don’t be like this not a problem, the tickets are just in your possessions for the time being help me keep hold of them let the current top team select i don’t care where are we going go go go go go to the 2nd floor 2nd floor where are we going? who cares, lets put some distance away from them first [bright library] [where is the train ticket] i like to wander around the collection of books i’m not thinking of going anywhere i just like to stay here actually its time for the scholar to impart some wisdom i have already walked here i feel that i should remember fondly such a place full of books and knowledge brother chao, please return back to reality okay, lets go lets hide this thing first lets put it here can it be seen? too obvious there’s someone over there. did you see them? yellow xiao lu is there hi sis [they don’t have a ticket yet] luo yang station pink team’s safe house this must have been searched by someone already there has to be something here must have green, safe house? i must be a genius just like that, i found the safe house who can i boast this to? how can the other players compete with me? i feel sad for them so pitiful for them so pitiful till they are only left with pity… this place is too big sigh, i hate to look for things i don’t have patience am not careful i want to snatch i have practiced at home for so long on snatching in the end, i don’t get to display my skill wow tianjin, yes yes yes but it seems a bit far a bit of a distance who cares, i’ll take it first tianjin station has been recovered by green team what’s there left to play? within 1 minute found the safe house found the tianjin station tianjin station has been found by the green team really? so fast? they have already started so that’s why come over here tianjin is too far no use what, they have found it tianjin is too far, not very useful too fast. nothing here what, what take a look my god we need to find this line liao cheng, ba zhou we just need to find two more and we are set our stations are very low key lets do it our route is very short and near kai feng station has been found by the purple team they are too smart i’m worried that i cannot hide this properly hey, hui wen come over, come over lets hide this somewhere we have to do it, listen to me no, they have already started searching de zhou station has been found by the red team not an issue, we have 1 hour we can go and snatch from them what type of pace is this? so good found it? please keep it hidden this looks like a place that will have something i want to cry i feel so helpless i have not found anything how… [piece of cake] ji nan luo yang – hou ma – jie xiu – tai yuan jinan is here jinan is useless to us keep it on you first jinan station has been found by the blue team jinan station jinan station yan an station has been found by red team they are so fast found another one yanan station over here on the chair yes good job i thnk this route is also feasible hua shan – xi an – da tong so lets look for our red safe house [countdown] [trying to find a safe house] i have found the yellow team’s safe house [excited, but not my team’s safe house] [surprise,so many snacks] [it’s not ours] [still looking] what is this? [empty room] jail what’s the purpose of the jail its not like there will be people that will be eliminated yeah maybe not maybe there is the snatching of tags do you think we should find a place to hide the items? maybe hide them in inside the fire hydrant? there is a small black room let me hide them in the little black room hide them in a place where there is a lock nothing nothing there is a key to the lock such a big insect scared me is this empty inside? let me open it and then hide the items in it good idea, smart lu han, someone’s coming someone’s coming no one, no one no no no don’t frighten ourselves now i need to thank the production crew why? what happened? this is taped too tightly bring them over here give me, give me no gave me a fright second cabinet, second cabinet [hiding the ticket,failed to lock it] this cannot do, i cannot lock it screw it, i’m not going to lock it not going to lock it safety index (yellow team – 1, red team – 4) let me look for other teams now why are you following me? i’m looking for things you are searching for things here? [my ticket is in the safe anyway] you really have not found it? right, i have not found any yet i did not find any too what is your station? mine is zheng zhou zheng zhou and…? that’s it we are too weak but when we have some news lets exchange okay [carefully] [excited] yue shan yue shan station has been found by the yellow team yue shan is very important yue shan station is a very important station for us now, it looks like in competition with the yellow team is it obvious? it is not obvious, right? you can see it? sigh, not going to care now. so many items now let me head to the 2nd floor first walk slowly i don’t have anything walk slowly two tickets now why? usually, the clues are very simple today, such a big place and yet i have not found any… my “wife” must be very disappointed how can it be that there are none here there’s no announcement over in this side see, i knew it where is this? shi jia zhuang shi jia zhuang station has been found by pink team i knew it shi jia zhuang station is in the possession of the pink team pink team has finally found one cai jie i think when we bumped into someone we can start snatching i have discovered zu lan lets go over and snatch. okay? [doesn’t see anything coming] yours must be the real one also “real” the trick of the “empty city” is it effective? have met the “thief” we are brothers after all we all thought of the same trick zu lan [emergency] [who is yelling for help] [what are you wearing] who dares to snatch from me, i will i will be easily discovered this cannot work this is too dangerous let me see what props are here see what be of use to me with this, they will not easily snatch from me [pregnant cook] wow, i am going to have a kid/ what’s the name of your kid? have you given the child a name? yes luo yang wang luo yang isn’t your child called zheng zheng zhou? kai feng what are we looking for? your child is zheng kai feng yes wang luo yang please remember this little child his name is zheng kai feng this is your brother when you are in need, remember to look for him currently, we are still good friends does luo yang need a ticket? no luo yang i’m joking i found your safe house on the third floor i’m very kind third floor theirs? yes yes our safe house? we have not discovered it yet what have you been up to? it has been so long i have been looking just that i did not find any you didn’t find any and did not find your safe house [disappointed] tai yuan station has been found by green team the world is such a beautiful place the world has become more colorful my leg is no longer painful haha our luck is pretty good good for them tai yuan station is a very good station green team has almost won luo yang station green color why is it green again? why do i have two safe houses? does the previous safe house belong to my team? i have forgotten so embarassing i did not find my team’s own safe house red color is deng chao’s team this is so fun their safe house doe snot “exist” anymore [put red team’s board outside] is the previous safe house mine? over there [ I have to check] [oops] [I am just going to check it out] come, share with us me and you let me tell you up front brother chao you need to beg me i beg you? not a problem why? because your safe house you will never find it why? no more, no more if you don’t talk to me properly tonight, you shall never ever find your safe house oh, can be destroyed? you need to beg me beg me your safe house is also unavailable we did the same trick? yup green team’s safe house? this is a godsend godsend [put up a block sign] yes perfect you have destroyed my safe house? let me grab the ticket first i’m going to fight with you worse come to worst, tonight we shall both be exhausted to death come how about this? lets exchange i don’t have hey, do you have something to exchange with? we, the red team, has not found any how is that possible? if you claim that, then i’m a cripple don’t do this to me no problem, what you boys don’t dare to do i will do them how can this game be like this/ chen he [robbing] leave one for me my leg three of us to pin you down need 3 people to defeat you okay, lets go how can it be like this? this world is too crazy which is useful to you? make a choice both stations are useful to me both are useful? lets share, one each okay. i’m easy [so depressed] li chen qiao en did i pass here just now? i think this place may have something [isn’t this place where…] [searching] [I think I see something] [found where Lu Han hid his tickets] [so unbelievable] clues came too quickly for us quickly run they are blind okay, i’m easy yet another one found it, it is with me, lets go why does he look like a burst of wind that passes me by in the blink of an eye? yu ci statin [sharing happily] [what next] [all gone] my tickets are all gone [panicking] what happened? i need to think carefully this is no longer an option to hide the ticket this is too scary yue shan this is impossible just now i heard that yellow team has found yue shan station why is it that we can still get the yue shan station? and did you remember they did not carry any tickets with them? yellow team this is yellow team’s ticket yellow team’s hidden ticket brother chen its me who is that? chen he, chen he what did you have in your possession? i don’t have any have been snatched away from me who snatched them from you? deng chao and xiao lu, and baby why did they snatch yours? how would i know? appalling, extremely tragic i don’t believe you you don’t believe me? if you don’t have any in your possession what use is it for me to let you in? i come over here to discuss about our alliance no need for alliance you don’t have any ticket with you, how can i ally with you? yeah i saw baby let me chase baby first and then come back and then we ally chen he maybe you are under duress from deng chao i suspect whether the two of you are together right now right? chen he is over here pretending to knock on the door deng chao is at the other side waiting to rush in and steal our tickets baby baby is slightly in front of me towards the right i have found it my goodness hua shan ticket baby has found one ticket hua shan station has been found by red team hua shan is a good station you are not going to snatch from me right? give me no is this good? yes there’s a loophole in this game this game has to address this loophole did you snatch it over? let me tell you, right now, li chen has 4 tickets now, the safe house is activated now, the safe house is activated don’t hesitate any more so nervous don’t you have extras? wow, you have 4 tickets yeah, please give us one of your extras okay okay okay we don’t have any mistake, he has put it in the safe house just take a look, we are not going to take it we cannot take it anymore it is in the safe house let me take a look zheng zhou, zheng zhou anyway, they cannot take it i cannot take it now see, i said that they have taken it my two tickets are taken by you argh i think why don’t we just go into the snatch name tag sequence are you ok? drink some water i was about to choke see, i said i think it is like this he sounded so miserable i think it is like this should we consider returning this to them? return it back to them luhan, come over here okay, let me tell you we don’t want to be such bad people return one to you correct, you have hidden it and we found them here you go thank you we are good friends good luck to you bye bye don’t snatch ours we promise not to shi jia zhuang station has been found by green team found the shi jia zhuang station shi jia zhuang station has been found by green team this is the route right, we can snatch it shi jia zhuang station has been found by green team shi jia zhuang is useful useful, useful who is that? everyone wants to snatch from me? why not? go snatch from other people we are at the crucial juncture go snatch from other people. don’t snatch mine i have been looking and only just found this one everyone is snatching from me don’t snatch from me i have not snatched from you yet he is heading to the safe house yes, don’t snatch from me shi jia zhuang, shi jia zhuang, is it useful to you? yes, of use to us why don’t you take a look at the map? we want, we want we want everything how about this, what do you need if i found it, i will pass to you okay? can we not exchange? upright person can we honor this promise/ no problem. don’t worry why don’t you go ahead? let me be i have been snatched from in this entire night let me be alone if we found it, we will directly put it in your safe house okay take care, take care this is not easy this should not have any… because you can see that they have already been opened tai shan tai shan station has been found by the pink team now we have to snatch zheng zhou [should I take it, or not] leave one for me this is not easy for me. i’m only on one good leg i have sprained my leg i have searched so many floors why don’t you snatch from other people? i only have one don’t snatch from me don’t snatch from me… i want everything i’m so unlucky today wait let me analyze the escape route hold on a sec, no hurry [super nervious] [empty hall way] [going to take it and leave] liao cheng station has been found by green team let me change shi jia zhuang with him cannot, we have to snatch from him liao cheng station has been found by green team i need to protect chen he cannot let him be snatched from again hold on a sec [helpless] cannot, cannot there’s an elevator here. good [changing strategy] what happens if there is someone waiting outside when the door opens? [will they run into each other] so hard this game is too hard i’m too late i had enough today do you want shi jia zhuang instead? shi jia zhuang? right now, you have tian jin and liao cheng it is of no use to you no, listen to me you also don’t want tian jin? you want me to compensate you right? this is my safe house it does not matter chen he did i not say just now that i would give you an opportunity to exchange? no, you said that you will directly deliver it for me how can you snatch from us? return back to us i did not snatch from you you did he gave it to me impossible i was stuck in a dead corner i have nowhere to run i did not snatch from him. he gave it to us directly look at the rewind you do not need to come and exchange with me now deng chao has everything he is moving along the west line no, i have gone to take a look he is moving on the outer ring let me tell you what route i’m taking he is on the west 5th ring route mine is the messy route do you know i don’t have any route tian jin and liao cheng not connected at all but it is with me, so i’m happy i don’t want to talk any more let me be alone i just managed to get one ticket let me be alone lets form an alliance if we ally we can stand together on the champions pedestal that’s basically my intention i have already said it do you think that we are stupid tearing of name tag and snatching of train ticket phase has begun what did i say i said that today’s later half, we will have the tearing of name tag phase don’t run, don’t run, lets converse our energy tear name tag now, you can tear off other team’s name tags to render safe house ineffective any team can snatch the tickets from the safe house [are we going to do it?] [what should we do?] [not much time left] we are allies, we are allies lets put it this way lets be allies okay? okay so now you go and find one ticket and change with me shi jia zhuang why don’t you bring it here and i will exchange with you i go cai jie, you stay here don’t get lost we do not need to snatch we just need to exchange we are civilized never antagonize other people tear off deng chao and baby’s name tags let me help you make the name tag stick tighter right why don’t you try first? and see if it is easy to be torn off? of course, it is easy for me let me readjust your name tag more to the edge this room, quickly come in we just need to get one more ticket and our route will be finalized then we can go to beijing to see the flag raising to see the flag raising we need to persevere to the end if we can find an ally and then gang up to tear the name tag off then we will have gotten the zheng zhou ticket then we will won i think we should do this there is another way hide because we need to hide in the yellow team’s safe house if anyone were to tear off yellow team’s name tag we will quickly snatch the ticket and put in ours go go go, quickly leave this place it’s okay now? now i need tian jin and shi jia zhuang routes hide away, trust me, trust me we can hide this way everyone find a place to hide [yellow team’s safe place] wait for them to tear at one another someone is tearing at lu han now you would not be discovered right? stay lower don’t sabotage our plan shhhh, careful its lu han i think the two of them are easy prey lets head there quickly go [green decided to attack yellow] [they don’t see it coming] little kids, what are you going to do now? these two little kids what shall i do? right now he is hoping that one of the yellow team’s name card is torn off yellow team, its up to you please let your name tag be torn off we really do not have any ticket or rather nothing of use to you i’m being honest how are you going to convince me? give me a reason which station ticket do you need? right now, we want anything let hui wen remain here you go and get it for me no, after you leave trust me no no you can choose to believe me or both person name tags will be torn off or you go and take let her go and take, i will remain here i will wait for you here ok you cannot tear his name tag off is it here i remember that this should be the place okay, lets do it zhang hui wen you be prepared to grab this ticket i go and tear her name tag off the bridge [doesn’t see it coming] can you help me take a look? i hope that her name tag is not torn off by other people if not, it is a tragedy where is your safe house? on which floor? 4th floor which floor is this? 5th floor so nervous, i’m so nervous got it zhang hui wen is out oh no yellow team’s stuff will be split among the others go back to the safe house hurry hurry hurry go to the safe house run run run must be wang zu lan only he dares to bully a female do you think if you were to go out would anyone target you? yes, definitely [safe house is useless] yellow team is out you continue searching here i go you know which one to grab right? zheng zhou we are blind, really blind not going to show you ba zhou station has been found by purple team [too late] wait for me, i’m angry now entering a state of fury i am only going to tear at pink team today i’m back furious! berserk! they started first by tearing at my team’s female guest this way ma su, its up to you now [purple, blocking] i have confidence in zheng kai [close to the safe house] game has ended game has ended ended? she must have put it in already really? which team won? i’m the only that has the name tag torn off nobody else has had their name tags torn off only me… so this is called tear name tag game ended we are so dumb [which one made it?] finally, there is a team that depart from luo yang to zheng zhou passing by tai shan and reached shi jia zhuang and finally arrived at beijing which team? this team is finally, there is a team that depart from luo yang to zheng zhou passing by tai shan and reached shi jia zhuang and finally arrived at beijing congratulations which team? this team is pink team wang zu lan and ma su they won again congratulations tractor there’s a box on top we also want the tractor china red tractor this is china’s first model of a tractor at the same time to thank everyone for a whole day’s efforts we are presenting everyone a small gift of appreciation i like this more i like this can’t find this one anywhere else this is great running men!

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