(Eng Sub ver 1.00) GFRIEND in OKINAWA EP.4 <Game to fly sandals>

(Eng Sub ver 1.00) GFRIEND in OKINAWA EP.4 <Game to fly sandals>

STAFF:Decide the line one step ahead from there STAFF:Let’s fly in front of that line (First, practice!) SB: I will begin . EH:You are good SB:This sandal will fly up SB: This sandal is light UJ: I’ll do my best EH: UMUJI ~ You are the lowest ~! EH: Win Umji! RH: Win the Umji! UJ: I can’t believe it….. EH:Won Umji~! EH:Won Umji~! SW: Who did it at first?
She was good SinB really flew well. SB: I did it well when I was a student SB: Yerin unnie is not the worst. EH:You are good~! As expected! As expected! Yuju wins! This was a practice once again UJ:I think the practice and production are the same result 1st place is Yuju-chan Second place is Sinb-chan 3rd place is …… YJ: It ’s getting better~Umuji-chan Sown-chan ( It ’s a real game) There is a sense of stability YJ:The youngest, Umji! EH: It’s not bad EH: It’s not bad The worst ranking? Wait a second EH:It was a dangerous place.
It was just off. I thought so Surprised~ Surprised~ Surprised? Amazing! EH: Umji, your shoulders are hot. Thank you~

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  1. Please let me know if there is any good way for me to continue uploading. It is impossible to continue in the current state.
    My energy is gone.
    Even machine translation takes too much time to add subtitles. This video omits a lot of subtitles and has a short time, so it's still easy, but a video with many talking scenes gets tired.

  2. There may be a big difference in the way of thinking of copyright holders in Japan and Korea.
    In Japan, uploading is prohibited without exception.
    In Korea, it ’s basically prohibited, but uploading is n’t prohibited and may be missed.
    Some people don't understand that.

  3. THANK YOU 👍👏💪
    I LOVE YOU SINB 😊😘😍💜💖💕💞
    I LOVE GFRIEND 👍👏💪😍💖💕💞

  4. This video has been re-uploaded without blocking Japan.

    Now I have to stop uploading videos. I am very disappointed.

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