[Eps. 73] TO THE AFGHAN BORDER – Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4

[Eps. 73] TO THE AFGHAN BORDER – Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4

Drive through Registation Hello Hello Glasses, glasses Can I help you? Do you know Russian? Take it off

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  1. Wooaaaaaaaaaa 👏 u r awesome I wish if I could sit ur back & enjoy journey tell me r u still riding 🙈🙈

  2. It is pakistan tourist ministerial organised advertisement….under protection of gov…so dont fool yourself….go by safety….or u put ur life on risk….
    I didnt see any civilian on road if it is that much safe…be carefull my loving tourist….

  3. So addicted to ur video, we were literally riding along with you….
    It’s really awesome…..
    U made me think about traveling ….

  4. Great video,,, you have guts to be traveling alone as a women,,,Congradulations,,,to live your life experiencing other countries and culture,,,,and you have a great attitude and personality,,,wish you the best !!!

  5. i was fascinated by your video. watched it for very first time and loved it .. the vibes there was peaceful. love from India 🇮🇳

  6. لازم انتي تجي في الرحلة الجاي السودان ومرحب بيك في بلدك التاني 00924918558955 حسني الامين

  7. WOW Afghanistan is a gorgeous country. Maybe one day it will be safer to travel. I would love to see this with my own eyes.

  8. The road u took is very beautiful and literally I was feeling that I was driving through the way…and yes the background music went pretty good with the road and scenary

  9. Wow i love this lady rider for being brave and strong in her journey to exploring gulf countries….😎
    Stay safe

  10. owesome video thank you very match to share with us those beautyfull places in Afghanistan and Tajikistan, one day I will do a trip with 1200gs .
    Alah protect u and protect Afganistan and his people.
    hello from Morrocan man in Canada.

  11. Wakhan in Afghanistan is a peaceful and wonderful place, you can visit it from Ishkahim Tajikistan and Explore the beautiful area. I hope you'll keep your Journey towards the Northern areas of Pakistan. Enjoy your ride

  12. Hello I am from Afghanistan I watched your nice video Insha Allah hopefully I will Go there soon with my family Insha Allah

  13. I pull my Hat 🎩 for You Lady 😍
    My Allah God Bless You and Keep You Safe 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

  14. Hello. This is the first video of yours that I have watched two weeks ago. This is now my second time watching it because I have started from the first and have watch all videos up to this one again. I have given you a Big Thumbs up on all your videos. I went today to the Royal Enfield dealer in South Western Ontario Canada today. They had a black Himalayan. The bike is even more amazing in person. I am thinking I will be buying one soon I hope. This is My Favorite Video. The Mountains, the river, your riding skills through the washed out roads. The kids were amazing too. Cheers! Keep Smiling and Ride Safe " Lets GO!! "

  15. Love Tajikistan the best neighbor of my country ever .
    Afghanistan have many beautiful place too but the terrorist destroy what ever they can unfortunately hope one day my country be safe as othere country . Peace

  16. that was a really nice video i must say, what camera did you use on your helmet while riding. It was so smooth. Could you please mention the cam

  17. hoi itchy wow mooi avontuur, je hebt mij geinspireerd en ik ga van uit nederland naar Bulgarije rijden op rond reis, daar en een bezoek brengen aan mijn vriendin dat ga ik doen op een Suzuki burgman 400 heerlijk het avontuur op zoeken

  18. This so great to see. You travelling with your 'friend' Basanti, 2 become 1. Friendly people. Children; they are so honest. Only boys ;-). I am on small vacation with u.

  19. i am from afghanistan now i am liveng in Germany wellcome too Tajekistan the sim Languege Afghanistan all so speking Dari farsi Tajikstan allso speking farsi i hope your good rise😋😂

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