[Eps. 77] REMOTE RIDING in Tajikistan – Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4

[Eps. 77] REMOTE RIDING in Tajikistan – Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4

[Muziek] en dan [Muziek] koopwoning in mijn tip is 120 7 in de moderne aanpak werd er dit jaar oud idee om hier in de wacht en valley en al uw woning pakt u de en forty bonen of losse koffie pamir highway which i suppose to be heeft rode god wat before i reached at effenaar doorgangen than twenty six kilometers of perry duits brood het als jullie aan de maak zelf uw leiding hier in de war gaan valley en en m gonna cross hier muziek ja back over er pas back aan de panerai reaches the white line en zo heeft de krassen maand hem pas wat je ziet in het leven als een toegang er pieters zo dit kan be the first to the high gloss arwy lezer in dat je staan ali kony van higher wat van auto die hij is dat zo let go en tankt voor de delicious for zo bord thank you [Muziek] wij [Muziek] nou wij denken wettelijk oh dat je luisteren [Muziek] wel veel live at all [Muziek] [Muziek] ik denk je zo uit voor de café tanks kruis goed laat het lukt miljoen de tanks jessie landen rood [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek] en om maakt en nee duizend man dat je te duiden dat ze maar met essay zal de wol zo noem jij een schutter oké jij bent redden [Muziek] [Muziek] en [Muziek] nee [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek] het is bij de stad ver picture week als het zo sterk en a17 tijd kilomters de door de versperde stil langs zou de app en borders er is de stil of kennis staat nl klasse met het epos zijn afgedekt en waar er uit wordt de baas ra verderf en bellen ga meer huilen [Muziek] en nee en nee [Muziek] en binnen en [Muziek] tuurlijk het is rood van de distelvink ik hebben or i like tiny little box super vaak voorbij en relax [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek] heiloo [Muziek] [Muziek] thuis naar de basis [Muziek] l [Muziek] [Muziek] trefwoorden halve ringen alidada ik wil dat u [Muziek] ja de pondjes bent het leven [Muziek] dat moet ik ook nog de op de route ze wil hebben [Muziek] [Muziek] en maar how amazing dat is reuze leuk leuk leuk hier [Muziek] nee het was koud en dood was [Muziek] oh oh de [Muziek] [Muziek] die kennen [Muziek] je voelt hier een zakmes andere zoals naast zeggen in plaats van de wijdere zullen naast engeland tijd maar ja en die weten de rood was ‘s avonds was een jullie toch d dus wil je dat die zie je weinig tot een pape hij heeft wel super nee dan zul je daar punten als ik zie nu wat zou of de beste zien ernstig en omar dus ik was het vorig jaar wanneer de mens in kilometers er was is nummer i know how ze snel people no no no no car narsingh zo en nou het zo is bidden van special filip toewijding en place which fairy mooi zo a junior it may be some hot cheeto’s christen rientjes echt je week werd koud en hem dus kan een yogi sunset raam hier en daar zijn zit wordt het deed ik op je lijk je video of impliciet ik denk dan sap en set naar tableau en daarna als een in expedia [Muziek]

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  1. I m truly impressed
    She as a woman has all the guts to ride alone and to so many countries
    Making some of us men feeling ashamed of ourselves
    But i m still wondering if she brings along extra batteries ….and if she is able to change the tire in those deserted places when her bike’s tires give way
    What about machanical problems where spare parts are needed?

  2. That has to be one of the most remote roads in the whole world! When you saw that highway, you said, "I'm in heaaavvveeennn!" That was great. And what do you say to a yak? "Yakety yak, don't talk back."

  3. 8:22 – in the middle of… a closed shaft with a small stop cartel; … how metaphysical to cross it (…if nobody shoots you)

  4. I tripped myself walking from living room to kitchen to get a drink and there you are riding on the top of the world…geez, back to watching your video, this typing is also so tiring lol 😀

  5. Charley and Ewan are goin to have to up their game for their next series, ie drop the full support team and medical team for a start, because you have set the bar so high all on your own ,and they used bikes 4 times the price of yours, you are amazing .

  6. I chuckled when you stop on that military checkpoint seeing it's empty 😂🤣all sorts of crazy ideas on my head😂🤣like dead body's & the road before that looks like it's been cleared by a tank mine clearing blade😂🤣🙏

  7. Iam also like to ride alone to these kind of place .u r so lucky .thank 4 your great spirit and keep it up.god bless u

  8. I think this would be the third video I have seen of yours , I guess im a little late to the party . However I love every one I have watched so far , amazing views and places and people . I have driven some rough roads in the past in 4×4 some times with mine fields either side , but what you do all on your own with no support and probably no phone coverage …..you are one brave Woman . I look up to you ….and im 6ft 2inch , my God you are adventurous and a free spirit . Ill think of you when im next in a traffic jam on some featureless road and ill bring a smile upon my face . Happy Journeys and safe and fun at that as well .

  9. You should stick a tiny piece of foam on the mic of your hero 7. It will help a lot to reduce wind noise …

  10. This must have been the hardest route to ride, not only because of the bad road quality, but also because there was nobody for so many kilometers! You are so brave!

  11. Ik kijk mn ogen uit. Had alle videos gezien, maar zat af te kicken haha, dus nog wat mooie video's eruit gepikt en nog eens kijken. Waanzinnige beelden, je raakt niet uit gekeken. En btw… Een geluk dat ze daar 9:20 niet begonnen te schieten op je, illegale oversteek haha. Je weet maar nooit . Ik zie trouwens landschappen/beelden die ik nog nooit zag. Dankzij jou zie ik dit allemaal. Thnx 🙂

  12. That was some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen. Thank you for taking us there!! Around every corner the view was better than the last! Wow…

  13. At the unmanned check post, there were structures with roofs on right side. So 125 I'm.was not first village .

  14. The place where you are riding today is so dry, no tree, no bush, no nothing. No place to hide for "natural needs" !!!

  15. OMG..you are really brave beautiful lady.One needs guts to drive on the lonely stretch where even security guards (military post) can not manage to stay.
    take care

  16. I hope you don't mind me saying, but I think you are an inspiration for many girls and women you meet on your way. Aswell for me and many others by the way. Groetjes, Patrick

  17. Hai dear…how r u.My name is Harshal…am Indian. Now am working Saudi arabia….
    i watching ur bike riding vedieos and following ur next vedieo also.i think this was best vedieo 125 klm Nothing an alone you a lady only riding there…that place an the tuff road is too like danger.. So i appreceate ur great job…..Goad bless u honey…..😘😘

  18. Love you you are very brave woman in the world .
    A falower of you from Belgium.
    But I am AFGHAN.🌍❤😘👍

  19. if your bike's tire gets flatted what would u do? there are some wolves in everywhere, i don't know had u ever thought about this situation

  20. come to pakistan,,,, most beautiful country in the world and also hospitality very good people are good u will love it

  21. Wow – completely desolate (except for the Swiss couple and the marmots) and exquisitely beautiful. Quite special to have the face of the Earth to oneself even for a few hours! Haha – I can imagine your relief to reach the paved road. Until you got there, were you even sure you had taken the right fork in the trail every time you reached one?!

  22. you are so a kind and brave laday i pround for you which you standed with difficults condition on trips and maked us video we enjoy ..thanks alot all your videos are fantastic
    in the last i wish success for you in every where you are ..regards

  23. You got be crazy riding in these places. I already asked you several times and no answer yet so here it goes again. What mileage does your motorcycle do in these roads? Keep up with your work, really cool and nice videos. Thank you!

  24. hi iychy boots friend on youtube you have a nice cuo of coffee and watching for the uk in Wales in Cardiff I live to

  25. Wonderful friendly people in Tajikistan . Everyone you passed waved at you. I watched a video of your ride into Austria, nobody waved or acknowledged you in any way. A morose lot.

  26. Have you traveled down to Philippines?.. There's no much to see but it's nice. I will keep following your blogs from now. Have a safe ride dear.

  27. I think Black Bear Pass near Telluride, CO is a better road/trail than what you rode in this video. And Black Bear is one of the toughest in the USA.

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