Ever Boots | The Weldor | The Boot Guy Reviews

Ever Boots | The Weldor | The Boot Guy Reviews

today on the boot day we are looking at the welder from ever boots guys yes I know I've waited a really long time to review this boot because when you look out there in the blogosphere in the internet and on the interwebs and all that stuff what you're gonna notice there's a lot of guys saying really nice things about this boot and I had to determine whether or not it's because they got free boots and they didn't want to lose they didn't want to cut that off you know you're getting a bunch of free boots when you are working guys it's a really good thing so you kind of don't want to shoot yourself in the foot and not get any more boots because that could save you you know a couple hundred bucks over the course of a year if you're getting a bunch of these for free so I really wanted to wear these a bit look at them a bit and get to really understand if they really are everything that guys are saying about them before I shot this video before I told you guys that it's a halfway decent boot I wanted to know if myself all right so let's just look over the basics of mousse it's a basic leather wedge sole boot it's your classic American style work boot it's not made in America this boot is made in China this boot runs about sixty 9.99 so this is not an expensive boot this is not a Thorogood this is not a red-winged and I gotta say for that price point this is not a die hard either or a Texas steer I mean you know these brands it's came out at Sears I think if you can get them online now its diehards only online I don't know if there's a Whore Sears stores left but that's where this boot falls into the classification the price range classification would it be in a $69 boot is your worth 69 bucks hell yeah this thing is worth every penny of $69 and as a work boot you're gonna be comfortable it's gonna be semi durable when you consider how it is that they built this boot and designed this boot and their philosophy behind why a boot like this exists all right so as always let's start with the sole let's talk about the sole that they're using let me take this boot apart so we can just start looking inside here as we move along as we start to really do things with this boot I'm pulling out the insole we're not talking about that yet we're gonna talk about the soles so thick wedge soles a soft crepe material it is nothing like a Vibram Christi it is nothing like a Thorogood max we're Sol it might look like it it might feel like if the urethane rubber material that they're using here is much softer much less dense and offers a really big bounce now that might be good if you're looking for a super comfortable all day boot and don't get me wrong I love a nice soft pair of boots I mean there's nothing wrong with it but when it comes to work boots when it comes to durability when it comes to longevity the sole is the most important thing so in my opinion the material might be a little bit too soft if you're planning and wearing this as an everyday boot on rougher surfaces now if you're a finished carpenter if you're an internal carpenter if you're even a framer strictly carpenters you could be an electrician you could be a new construction electrician no construction plumber you probably shouldn't wear this if you're a plumber but if you're in any of those trades where it's all new construction where you're walking across plywood or MDS is that what that stuff is called that particle board from the georgia-pacific I think it's called MDX if you're walking across that stuff all day long yeah this hole is fine but typically what I'm used to seeing guys wearing wedge sole boots are not carpenters here in the Midwest when I see guys wearing which soul boots are usually pipe fitters they're usually iron workers or they're the type of carpenter that's doing a lot of framing for curbs for rebar and stuff like that so this soul is much too soft for those types of trades and it's not that it's bouncy soft it's not that it's you know it's a less of a dense soft it's too soft for that standing a rebar all day long with this or even staining on I beams with nuts coming through and bolts coming through if you're steppin on a bolt it's going to Telegraph through the sole as much too soft for that kind of work finish carpentry new construction that's all perfect alright so the leather doesn't look like leather it truly doesn't out-of-the-box when they're new it looks like a vinyl it looks like a cheap vinyl jacket from the 70s a Fonzie coat let's let's say that right but it's leather and as you start to wear it throughout the first and second day you start to sweat and it the leather takes on more of a leathery look it gets past that finish that they put on there and I'm noticing a lot of the less expensive boots are finishing their leather so that they look consistent all the way through and that's really important if you want to create a consistent looking boot so that when the consumer pulls it out of the box that they don't see any scarring or any too much oil in one section or something like that like you get with other fine leather made products yeah I understand the look I understand the finishing when you approach it like that because guys that are paying 70 bucks for a pair of boots they might not have the grasp on how a leather boot should look or how it's made or how when you have a leather boot and you start to push on it you can push the oil out of it when it's a heavy oil boot this when you push on it there's not a lot of oil in here it's been chemically treated it's been taken care of so it has a consistent look between both pairs I can't see a color difference and it's not because they cut it from the same piece of leather it could be but it's just a consistency in the dyeing process it's nice it works it does nothing to hurt the boot but that's why they don't look like other leather boots alright so when you unlace it and you look we got nice brass eyelets nice brass single piece machined speedlace is very important I talk about speed laces all the time because these are the parts that break off these are the parts to get caught on your pants these are the parts that usually fail our speed laces ever took the extra step and they did use a very nice speed lace I'm happy to see this this is this is thinking you know if you're ever going to engineer something that's gonna be for a working man you got to understand what they're breaking how they're destroying it and speed laces come off all the time so this is a nice touch it's a gusseted tongue I like the gusseted tongue I like the gusseted tongue in this boot there's no cut out so you don't run your laces through the gusseted tongue is thick enough and heavy enough that it stays in place it doesn't roll around it doesn't Rock into your ankle on one side or the other it stays right in place and it's extremely comfortable the other part it really stands out is that they used a pig padded collar nice touch you find this on all the higher-end work boots 150 to 200 dollar work boots they start using nice cured Pig for the top of it with a little padding behind they're very comfortable lacing this thing up the first day that collar did not dig it and actually nothing in this boot dug in on that first day alright let's get to the internal guts of this boot now on the inside what you're gonna find is it's unlined leather and yeah it's nice I love online leather hot weather 100 degree day plus weather no break from the Sun an unlined leather boot when you have to wear boots and that type of weather is ideal now the heel cup I don't like they used a paper type fabric material in the heel quarter I don't like this it's nice and smooth it's comfortable I would like to see some pigskin back in the heel section but in the vamp also they used a heavy cotton so kind of the heel section for construction for engineering for the way I know boots gonna wear out not really keen on it but we are talking about a $70 boot here we are not talking about a $200 boot where they can take that extra step they can buy those extra cereals because you're gonna carry it through the price of the boot will it fail no you'll probably wear it out like you would on any of your heels if you got pointing heels but it's just not one of my favorite things I like leather because as your foot sweats leather offers some sort of resistance so that means when your boots tied your foot there's no movement in the heel there's nothing there to cause a blister on a long day cuz you're locked into that whole section and having a polyester type material back there because that's what it looks like and that's what it feels like I don't see that really holding up that well but like I said $70 boot insole nothing to write home about in the insole it's a basic single layer foam insole with a little bit of a polyester wicking material on top it's soft it's comfortable it is what it is when you think about this boot but under that you do have a nice hard footboard and that was a nice surprising touch that that hard footboard if you have to wear orthotics if you're one of those guys we've got orthotics from your doctor that your company paid for this boot is going to accept your orthotics really nicely if you have high arches plantar fasciitis any of those conditions where you're wearing special insoles this boot is actually going to accept them extremely nice it has a Goodyear welt now that's nice and it is a real Goodyear well it is stitched all the way around it is stitched down it's nice it is a great touch for this it's a double stitch across the toe so if your kid gets tough you're not going to pull those sections apart like if you remember from a few videos ago that I did a pair of wedge sole dress boots I tore off the front now wedge sole dress boots wearing his work boots you could expect me to tear off the front but that stitched down because like I said before with the eyelids ever actually looked at work boot stain and look at casual boots they didn't try to make something that's based around that world they based it around a work boot and that is really nice all right so let's talk about comfort and size and fit in one single block okay comfort out-of-the-box first day no break in this boot zero breaking unlike a pair of higher-end Redwings Thorogood or even Danner's you're going to have to break those boots in its thicker leather it's a little bit heavier sole it's a heavier welding process the stitching is even heavier everything and those brands is made to be heavy duty work boots this on the other hand the stitching is lighter weight there's less of it the welt is a soft welt so it flexes easier the sole is softer it's less dense so it's more bouncy you have a bouncy insole on top of a hard footboard no lining inside the leather so there's nothing to make this boot uncomfortable your first day on the job site with it out of the box starting out on Monday morning at 6 a.m. they're gonna be fine to you you know the whistle blows at 2:30 3 o'clock you're gonna be ok all right now about size and fit the one thing I notice is I got my size from the company and yes twelve fit fine so go with your size they only have these no double D's but the boot will stretch out if you're a double e you can swing a D if it's tight the first hour by the second third hour you'll forget about it because you'll be so comfortable with the bouncy sole the soft leather and all the other stuff you're not gonna worry about that now a drawback here on the ever boots is their size scale 6 to 13 they're not making 14 and 15 so you're losing a lot of customers thereby not making no sizes but whatever is a new company they haven't been around for a hundred years so they're just getting used to it they're getting their feet wet so they're starting with the belly sizes with their core sizes it's understandable give them a year or two let them sell another hundred thousand of these to the American market to the overseas market and I bet you they will add in widths and they will add in more sizes all right so now my personal opinion on this you know since this is something that gets talked about out there into social media a lot every time you search out these boots for the next three or four days you're gonna get the cookies attached to your Facebook attached to your Instagram or whatever you're using to check out the social media out there you're gonna get the cookies of the guys talking about the booze Tonya how you know they're a great work food and whatnot and that's where I really draw the line and that's what I talked about at the beginning of the video if you're sending somebody a free pair of boots and they're just gonna talk about in favorably it or not gonna open it up and really look inside you're just gonna work in it understandable they're gonna be favorable if they're not having a bad day at work if they're not stepping on nails and they're coming through yeah they're gonna say okay you know I like the boot from the boot guy reviews opinions okay send me all the free boots you want but I am going to deconstruct it look inside there and say that no this is not a thorough good this is not a red-winged don't think like that this is a inexpensive work boot if you need a pair of work boots for the summer because you're working with your old man you're working with your family business or you just got a job on a crew for a short period of time this boot beautiful perfect it will do everything you expect it to do it's not safety toe there's no heavy-duty shank it's super soft it's comfortable you'll be happy at work as you're learning a trade great boot for that if you're a seasoned worker if your guy that's been in the field for more than 10 years unless you're on a tight budget you just got divorced or you're going through some sort of financial issues yeah okay avoid these unless you really just need an inexpensive pair of work boots remember these are not waterproof no amount of mink oil or spraying these is going to make them waterproof the leather has been chemically treated so it's not going to accept that type of treatment like a oiled boot will so you're not going to keep that much water out if you're looking for that and that's why I said earlier this is not a good boot for plumbers electricians finish carpenters framers installers guys like that yeah the one thing I'm gonna say about this too is the soul is too soft and what really freaks me out with soft souls is puncturing the soul because I work around a lot of sharp metal a lot of self tapping screws you know sometimes I'm cutting shit apart and I'm just leaving it laying around and I'm walking on it hence why I mainly work in like loggers and heavy-duty boots that have you East a leather or a puncture resistant heeled midsole this thing freaks me out especially seeing a lot of framing carpenters use these because you step on one nail it's going right through somebody's shooting nails below you and one pops through a 2×4 or this sole is just to soften it I would imagine that even a hawthorn walking through a field could probably puncture his soul and that's not the best thing in the world it's not the worst thing in the world it shouldn't be a game-changer for you because soft soles are comfortable and comfort is good being happy at work is good not thinking about your feet is good so in my opinion it's a great place to spend 70 bucks if you can afford a better more expensive boot then you need to start looking at better more expensive boots if you need a inexpensive pair of boots go for it you won't be sorry [Applause] so that's the welder by ever mutes hey guys if you're currently looking at final parodies or if you've got a pair if you're walking around he's in the job site right now please comment below if you're one of the guys that shot a video and talked about the boots favorably please comment below let guys know where they can find your media let them see what it is that you said about this boot because all that information for a working class guy is really important before they dish out the money on a pair of inexpensive boots is it going to be money well spent please guys comment below hey guys if you're interested in seeing some of the photos I took while I was running around these for the last two weeks please swing by Instagram you will find the photos there the few that I did take you will see me out the field testing these boots out I gotta say I was happy but I still did go back to wearing my loggers mainly because it's not safety toe and it's not puncture proof and I need those things in my line of work gentlemen if you're about to buy a pair DS and you really got some questions now after watching my video and watching other videos please feel free to contact me on Instagram you'll find my Instagram link somewhere up there are their go through that send me a personal message tell me what your plans are what you're going to do in these boots and let me help you make that purchase alright until the next time I'm the boot guy thanks a lot for watching

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  1. Thx for the in depth review on a price point product and thx for not just bashing it cuz its cheap. This boot would not work for me, but that adds validity to the channel and THAT i can appreciate.

    Not gonna lie though, after a month long hiatus, you retutned with this- aaahh ya cant win em all

  2. You get what you pay for… I'm done buying cheap boots… They don't last so I end up spending about the same amount of money in the end if I had just bought a good American made boot… I've had my Thorogood 4600's for about 2 years now and love them…

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