Face pack for skin whitening – Tamil Beauty Tv

Face pack for skin whitening –  Tamil Beauty Tv

Face pack for skin whitening – How to skin whitening at home? Tamil Beauty Tv Hi Friends. You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel. Today we are going to see a different face pack but before that I want to share an important message with you. Even after knowing it is harmful for their skin people use readymade face packs. Have you ever thought why store bought face packs are not getting spoiled. Some chemicals are added to preserve which is harmful for our skin and it may cause skin cancer too. Instead of using readymade face pack if you use homemade face pack you will not get skin problems at any age. In this video let us see how to prepare an easy face pack at home. There are 3 steps and 1st step is cleansing. Take 1 tsp of multhani mitti, 1 tsp orange peel powder, curd and mix well. Wash your face and apply and massage for few minutes. Wash it after sometime and multhani mitti is highly beneficial for oily skin. If our skin is oily impurities stick to our skin and clog the pores , multhani mitti and orange peel powder helps to clean the skin. Next we are going to prepare facial mist. Boil a glass of water, take it off from the stove and put a cup of rose petals in it. Let it cool and take a fresh aloe vera piece. Take the gel part and Add rose petals water and aloevera gel in a mixie jar, grind it well. Filter the water and store in spray bottle. Shake it well and spray on your face and let it dry. Don’t wash your face after it dries. Vitamins and minerals present in rose water and aloe vera keeps your skin fresh. Wash your face and spray it on your face in the morning and evening and your face will be always fresh. Final step is whitening pack. Take liquorice powder in a bowl an you can get in country medicine shop. Add turmeric powder, 1 tsp honey with it , mix it will, apply on your face and wash after 15 minutes.

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  1. Hi sis, I need a video called how to remove the dark circles over the mouth.. some tips to lighten around the mouth part

  2. வெயிலினால் ஏற்படும் கழுத்து கருப்பு மறைய tips solunga pls

  3. Multhani meti use pana enaku pimples varuthu adhuku bathila vera ethachum use panalamaa plzz reply panunga sis

  4. All are very useful tips, thank u so much😊
    How to prepare orange skin powder, orange skin yetthana naal veila kayanum🤔

  5. Mam two months la face color akanum endha tips suggest pannuvinga sis..neraya tips iruku yedhu follow panrathunu teriyla..plzz reply

  6. Akka 1 month la colour aganu pls ka epdinu sollunga over color illanalum oru alavuku color aganu pls ka sollunga

  7. Hi sister I'm new subscriber unga all video pathu nu iruken neraya video la honey use panriga honey illana enna pannalam 3 step la kuda honey use panniga honey illama enna potalam

  8. Side effects iruka multani metti use pana??? But enkita readymade multani metti pack ta iruku… What is multani metti.. Idu natural enga kidaikum??

  9. Orange peel powder home made ah apdi seiradu andu neenga senji kaminga pls romba help full ah irukkum….⊙

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