Fashion icon David Beckham sports grandad-style socks and sandals – Latest News

Fashion icon David Beckham sports grandad-style socks and sandals – Latest News

DAVID Beckham is caught red footed making a shocking fashion faux pas.  The normally style-conscious star was spotted wearing bright red socks and brown leather sandals along with a navy suit  Ex-England ace Becks is normally a shoe-in for fashion awards.  But the dad-of-four, 44, let critics score an open-toed goal as he filmed an advert for his House 99 skin care brand in Dorset  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, 69, is a fan of the socks and sandals look and singers Justin Bieber, 25, and Rita Ora, 28, have also given the trend a go  A source said: “Even my dad refuses to wears socks and sandals nowadays but it looks like time is catching up with David He was happily strolling around set like he didn’t have a care in the world.”  Fabulous magazine Fashion Director Tracey Lea Sayer said: “It was once a look that only your granddad would be dozy enough to wear  “Socks and sandals has always been high up on the Woman Repeller list. But this tricky summer trend is now all the rage with celebs most read in showbizWAS THIS THE END? Peter Andre calls Katie Price an ‘arrogant b***h’ in furious TV row’TRULY PATHETIC’ Piers Morgan lashes out at Marks & Spencer over new LGBT sandwich  “And it is like Marmite, you either going to love it or hate it  “I love it! A classic Birkenstock or just a good old F-Ugly Velcro sandal with a chunky sock might not be to your taste but it was a runway hit on the catwalk for both men AND women this summer  “Step forward David Beckham, fashion trailblazer and stylish ‘Dad about town.’ The man is a fashion legend ” By Tracey Lea Sayer, Fabulous mag fashion director  ONCE a look only your grandad would wear, this tricky summer trend is all the rage with celebs  It’s like Marmite — but I love it. A classic Birkenstock and chunky sock is a hit on the catwalk Stylish dad-about-town Becks is a fashion legend

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