– Yeah.
– Okay ready? – Oh, this is terrible dude.
– Get it doggy. (energetic music, laughter) – Surprises, welcome to a throwback vlog. This is pretty much
every video we filmed in Spacestation 1.5, was like
my favorite thing to do and we’re gonna do it again
today so enjoy the throwback. What’s up boys, we got a new hoverboard. – [Chicken] Speed test!
(laughter) – You know we’re speed testing. This is a weird hoverboard though. Pookie, I’m gonna need a
spicy fall, you got me? Chicken, we gotta speed…
– Speed test! – Sideshow, what’s your
hoverboard skill set looking like? – We’ll find out. – Perfect, welcome to
a Spacestation 1.5 vlog filmed in Spacestation
2.0 six months later. – [Man] Let’s go boys. – [Narrator] First test, send it down. No no no, loser has to slide down this without a shirt on their stomach. – No.
– Can you imagine that? Oh, are you gonna ice block it? Wait, let me get to the bottom so I can at least watch you fall. Hey I want that on a skateboard. (yelling and cheering) – [Narrator] Send it. – [Man] Sending it dude,
just play it really fast. (laughter) – [Man] Do it, Parker. – Oh my gosh.
– This is… (laughter) – Wasn’t that bad. – [Man] He said it
wasn’t that bad, Chicken. Give me a thumbnail here,
if we get the thumbnail in the first one minute. – That would be so sweet. – [Narrator] Send it. – Whoa!
(laughter) – [Narrator] Alright, let’s
open up these here boxes boys. – Ow.
(laughter) – The true throwback, go for it. Those skills, man I miss opening. Okay, real talk before
they get these open, I think I have time for a quick real talk. That is all mail that I
want to open this week. I’m thinking like a full
mail time blog like, we haven’t had one of
those in like forever. – Shaun, hurry.
– Okay, I’m ready. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. But leave a comment if
you want a full mail time vlog with the whole Spacestation crew. What if we open every single
package on livestream? Chicken, it can be a livestream where we open every single package, ‘kay. – I wanna edit that vlog. (laughter) – It’s on the vlog, Pookie
just said that if we do a mail time blog, he’s
editing it, so, good luck Pookie. – [Narrator] What’s in the packages? – Three, two, one. (Anticipatory yodeling) – Oh my word.
– It’s not focused… – Hovershoes?
– Hovershoes? – Dang…
(Mumbles) – What you just say?
(laughter, imitating mumbling) – That was like genuine excitement
from him, he’s like whoa. – [Narrator] He like lost his words. Alright let’s open these up. I have never really tried
the whole Hovershoe thing, I think Casey did a video,
iJustine did a video, I’ve seen a couple of my
buddies do like Hovershoe videos and I was like yo, I’m
the OG hoverboard guy, why have I not done a Hovershoe video? I like this new camera angle. I think I’m gonna…
– [All] Whoa! – [Narrator] I feel like
these need a speed test. – These things are heavy.
– Remember we used to speed test everything, I
want to speed test these. – Hey Parker, catch. – Uh, whoa.
(laughter) – Oh my gosh.
– That’s fresh. – I need to try these, Alex? Oh, baby. – [Man] Uh, one, you’re gonna… (machine beeping)
– Whoa, whoa. Alright, hang tight. Is that the same pair? – I think so. – [Man] Maybe. (laughter) – Hey, it’s standing up, dude. (Uncanny music) – [Man] Oh there you go, there
you go, green, green for go. – Yup, you do, oh, I already feel posey. (laughter) – Those are fast. – You started to run. – This is amazing, this is like the hoverboard I never
had, that I have lots of. (laughter)
– It didn’t go forward! Hey, Parker, get over here. First one to figure this out wins. (dance music)
– Here we go! Look at, oh no! – Pookie was moonwalking on it. Bold field of view, okay,
the right one isn’t working. – [Man] Yeah I don’t think
it’s on, or it’s on but it’s… (laughter) – [Man] Oh, he’s split in half. – I wanna understand. – Parker?
(clapping) – [Man] Oh, there you go. (laughter) (indistinct excited chatter) – So my favorite part
of these 1.5 videos we used to make was either Parker falling or Chicken attempting to balance,
both are just amazing. We’ll get a good Parker
fall here in a minute but for now just enjoy tall
Chicken trying to balance. These are low key the funnest
hoverboard I’ve ever had. – [Chicken] Okay, here we go. – You got it, okay. (clapping) Wait, Chicken, turn face the camera. – Uh, whoa. – Brandon, put a briefcase
in this man’s hand. Oh, two briefcases, he knows
how to awesome edit it. – I’m trying so hard just
to stay stable right now. (laughter) Going to work. – That was a classic, we
always have to have the briefcases, I’ll link our briefcase video at the end of this one, cool. – [Chicken] Yo, I’m actually
kind of getting the hang of it. – You are, you guys,
can we do a speed test? Line up, line up, come over here, line up here, we’re doing a speed test. (laughter) – Dude you scared me half to death! – I can’t stop, I can’t stop. (laughter) I’m being split in half! (laughter) – Oh dude, one foot’s the future, dang. It’s even easier, you don’t have to worry about two feet, it’s just one. – [Chicken] Yeah, I think
that’s the key is finding out… – My transition. – With the regular
hoverboard you can kinda like steady yourself and then you can… – I can’t stop! (yelling and laughter) – Why did we every stop
making hoverboard videos? These are the best. Alright, speed test them, let’s go boys. Make you guys a finish line. – [Man] What’s that? – I think it, whoa. First one to cross, I’m
buying lunch tomorrow. – [Man] Your line is disappearing. (laughter) – Oops, first one to cross this invisible line gets lunch tomorrow. – Three, two, wait, wait, you do like, the hot girl, you do the flags, Chicken, can you do the hot girl? – Yeah, dude. Alright, not quite my boyhood quality, but we’re getting there. – Three, two, one, vwoosh! (energetic music) – Can I get a replay
finish, was that Parker? – [Man] I think it was Pookie. – [Narrator] Wow. – [Man] Good job, Parker! (clapping) Good job. – Alright Chicken, we’re up
and then we go to the finals. No it’s not even gonna be
competitive, maybe I’ll race Alex. Alex do you wanna race?
(laughter) – [Alex] Chicken, here, you can film. – [Chicken] Give me the camera. – This is just like 1.5, because I troll Chicken all the time. – [Chicken] Yeah that’s true. – We need a flag girl to wave us in. Let’s give us the three,
two, one countdown. – Ready boys, three, two, one! (energetic music) – [Man] Unbelievable. Boom! And there you go. (excited yelling, machine beeping) – Wow! – Oh my god. – I should’ve raced Chicken. (laughter) These are fun! Alright next up, next up, we’re
doing one foot speed tests. Gill, have you tried these? – [Man] Welcome to 1.5. – Stack at 1.5, if you
worked at the Spacestation, you had to do stupid stuff every day, it was like a rule, there was no working, it was just like, fake working. Try it! – Nope, sorry. – Gotta get a one footer down. – One foot?
– One foot. This used to be your job, was just to do stupid stuff that
I wanted you to do, like you didn’t used to send email… (excited yelling, energetic music) (clapping)
– Wow! – Chicken, check it. The smallest one wheel
ever recorded to man. (energetic music) – [Man] Whoa, wow! – Alright, one foot races,
let’s do this, four contestants. Chicken, you’re in this.
– Oh dear. – You’re in this, Gill! – I don’t wanna die…
– You got hired to 1.5 this is in your contract,
ride hoverboards and stuff. We’re doing the official
one foot speed test with the Koolwheel Hovershoes, which we’re making look a little bit
harder than they are, now that I’m used to it
they’re actually really nice. One foot speed test, ones and twos. On your mark, get set, go. Wake…
– Three and four. Three and…
– Me, Parker, Alex, Gill. The tables have been turned. – [Chicken] There you go, I’ve got a lot of hopes for this race. – Yeah, we need to scoot
over, me and Gill are cramped. (laughter) Old shimmy. Curl me in, Nick. – [Chicken] Oh, there you go. Oh, cool, look!
– Curling! – [Chicken] I was making
sure Gill was working. – Okay, is everyone ready? (laughter) – Ready, go! (energetic music) – [Chicken] Boom, boom! – Levitage, and then we elongate. (laughter) – [Narrator] There’s that Parker fall! – [Man] Oh, Gill! (laughter) – Welcome to our old vlogs, you should go back and watch ’em, they’re great. Chicken, be recording this B-roll, someone else take the camera, Chicken’s losing all the shots. – [Chicken] I missed like, one shot. Dang, we were doing it right at 1.5. – Let’s try my knees, hands and knees. – [Narrator] Yah, yeah, yeah! – Okay, ready? (laughter, energetic music) – These are the best invention ever! (energetic music)
– Woah, whoa! (laughter, excited yelling) – It’s that first time…
– That first time, yeah. Good try, Chicken! (machine beeping) Wow, that’s impressive though. – [Man] Let’s do wheelbarrow races! – [Narrator] I’m down, pick a partner. I need a, Bird, will you be my partner? – Yeah I’ll be your partner.
– Alright! Alex?
– Oh my gosh. – [Man] The old Chicken
strategy on this one. – [Man] Gotta worry about me catching up. Micah, my water. – Alright, so, down past the grease line. – Or yeah, or Chicken’ll…
– Stand on the line… – Gill, you have to go a round… – You go left, you go right.
– We have to go a round, Chicken, er, Gill. Okay, you ready?
– Yeah. – Okay, count us off, my wrists hurt! – [Man] Three, two, one, go! (dramatic music)
– Go faster, grr! (excited yelling) (laughter) Go, oh baby! – Intersection!
– Yeah, baby! – Yes, yes, yes!
– Woo! – Come on, they’re catching up! (excited yelling, panting) – See ya later, nerds.
– Woo! – I’m exhausted. – My wrists hurt so bad. I’ve broken both these wrists skateboarding, and that sucked. – Some people make
excuses, some people don’t. (laughter) – Pookie’s quotes, I wish we
had a book of quotes from 1.5. Anyways, I feel like we just
filmed for 30 minutes straight, so I’ll probably cut it right here. Guys, get over here
for the outro, come on. – Yeah!
– Good old fashioned 1.5 vlog. – [Man] Okay, I got this one, dude. – You got it, okay. – Hey guys, thank you for
watching Spacestation Stuff. (laughter) – Put what you want in
the comments down below, and we’ll do it.
– Anything. – It was like, my favorite
thing to do, so uh, throwback. (crickets chirp, man sighs)

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