Finding LA’s Rarest Streetwear!

Finding LA’s Rarest Streetwear!

(static hissing) – [Elias] Rematch. (heavy music) – Danny and Dex are gonna win. – This is just to piss off Elias now. – A hundred K. – He’s crazy. – 101, the whole 101. – That’s crazy. – I’m confident. – Holy grails will be found then. (funky music) ♪ P-A-Q ♪ (sign chirping) – PAQ presents – Everyone hands together. Come on. Come on. The Holy Grail. (uplifting music) (laughing) – So this is our first full LA episode. – If your not subscribed
you’re gonna be missing out on all the mad LA episodes. You’re gonna miss out
on the crazy collabs. – So make sure you guys
turn on your notifications, so you know the minute we drop an episode. What we’ve been working on out here is absolutely crazy bro. But enough of all of that. Rarest Fits Part Two. – Mmm hmm. – Rematch. – Fam, and no one’s cheating bro. – No, I’m vexed! I’m vexed. No! Oh my god, I’m burning right now. – Swear, swear, swear. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. – I want to leave the studio. I always wanted to go. No! F*** this. (swearing) – So everything you love – F you all, I’m going. – So everything you love – Obviously certain people – Mmm hmmm – Left the country when
I thought the rules were we stay in the same vicinity. – Last time, Dex went to New York and I stayed in England. Hearing the choice between
the Raf Simons PCL Parka and the Kanye West Pastelle bomber jacket and who chose the Pastelle? – [Man’s Voice] Oh God – What made you choose
the Pastelle over the Raf? Cos that is like my all time grail. – I don’t even know. – We’re staying right near Melrose Avenue, Fairfax, the craziest central
part in LA for hype garms. There is so much on Melrose. – We have to go take as many pictures as we possibly can with Grail pieces. One team’s gonna go left, the other team’s gonna go right. – Whether we go left we go
right, we’re gonna smash this. – We’re gonna link up with some YouTubers, Jacob and Fernando. They’re gonna take us around, hopefully help us find these grail pieces. – And we are gonna be filming some stuff for their channels as well, we’ll have a link and a
description below today’s channels. – We’re partnering up with Fernando. He’s a local round here,
he knows this place. – Well that was bound to happen. – Gangway – This is like… This is like… – So our guide is Jacob Wallace. Jacob’s got connections,
he’s got the inside knowledge and stuff like that, he’ll really be able
to show us everything. – If it wasn’t for you
guys at home we would not even be able to be out
here in LA right now. – If you wanna see us in
more places, always comment, we’ll try and go there, try and discover. – Keep supporting, keep
subscribing, keep sharing, love to you guys at home for real holding us down since day one. and if you’re new
checking out our content, welcome to the family man, for real. – Enough talking, let’s thrash these man. Safe. – PAQ and the holy grail, let’s get it. (sublime music) (western movie music) (drumroll) – So the guys over at Polaroid
have hooked us up with this. It is a limited edition 96 camera, so we’re gonna be getting
a few shots of that, of the rarest stuff. So yeah, big up Polaroid. – I say we bang out the best place. – Right. – Strategy. – Imma pull up on maps,
just to see how far we are. – RL2 is literally just like here. – Why does Danny know more
than me about everything bro? (laughing) – We’re heading now to Round Two, got three stores and each of
them is packed full of gems. – I’m gassed that we’re going right, I forgot what store it
was but I’m gonna remember when we walk past it, they’ve got a factory default with a upside-down Nike
Tick on the Air Jordan One, there’s only one of them
that got out of the factory. If that aint rare, like one on one bro, you might get that, you might get that ‘Preme,
you might get that Raf. This one is one on one
in the whole world bro, the whole world. – The thing that’s nice
about going right is they basically got all of Fairfax which is a lot of stores. Like they’re gonna get a
lot more stores than us but the stores they have
are much lower quality for the rare stuff. We’re going in the Gallery. We’re in a competition
with two other dudes and so we need to find
something like really rare that’s just like, when
you see it, you’re like… – That’s Pastelle, that’s Kanye’s brand. [Jacob] – Oh that’s, okay,
I’ve never even seen that. (polaroid prints) These are like actually rare, you should definitely take
a photo in front of those. No, it’s Raf Simons so it’s good. – It’s Vans Raf Collette, – To all my Space Jam fans. This is just to piss off Elias now. You know who would love those already. – [Danny] Shaq. (laughing) – On to the next one. – Let’s go. – At the end of the day
they might have Round Two, but we have the KicksStore, the kicks are worth a lot of money. So this is a place that
has the upside down kick of this crep. I’m gonna ask them out
the back if they have it so we can take a photo with it. – We don’t have it here as of right now. – No, really, no. – Yeah. – Did it go yesterday? – So we had a crazy
online bidding war for it. Shoe ended up getting almost $100000. – Oh my god. – I got a picture of it yesterday. – 100K, 100K. You can’t really see, it’s so dark. – And be like, “we’ve
got a picture with it, “just before the guy took it”. Honestly I took that photo
of the shoe yesterday, so what I’m gonna do, is
I’m gonna screenshot it. I’m gonna change the date, then crop it, so that when we show the photo, it’s like we’re doing it today. (upbeat music) – So this jacket is rare, cos Supreme got a cease and
desist letter from the NCAA. It’s hard to find them, never mind find them in black
and a size small, it’s… – It’s the rarest version of the jacket. – There’s a few things here
that are mad rare and expensive. So I think we should take a vote, these… – There are the VLONEs – There are the VLONEs
and the thinner Air Max. But the VLONEs they had didn’t even drop, they’re about four grand. Craig Sager’s Air Forces
which are about 5K as well. We just walked out of Flag Club. The guy there was a G, he
let us take a few photos with some of their most grail pieces. – Okay, so we went into the vintage store to see they had anything rare. Rog helped us out, this tee is very rare. Misfits and Cramps. Hard to find. Good. Woo. – How much? – $1000. – [Jacob] For that tee? – Each? – Out of all these sunglasses what would you say were
the most expensive, or the most rare? – You’ll probably recognise these because Amigos right. We have these Chanel pairs. You also recognise the Gucci ones that he just for the Ric Flair Drip video. These are almost $3,000. – These are solid. – You know when you meet the middle Goth, the master Goth, this is the final look. Oh my days. – So we’re going to Hora Vay Q O, they’ve got some mad archive pieces. It’s a short Uber ride away. No one said we can’t hop in an Uber. (yawns loudly) – So we just arrived, it was literally just
like a 10-minute journey down the road, if they’re
man can catch a flight then we can catch a short Uber ride. – 2,400. So, you get the Snow
Beach theme re-released but this is the original. – Walk right in here, it’s
the last store on your left. (grand music) – [Robotic Voice] Access Denied. (lone violin plays) – I don’t know what…pretty
sure he would be open. – So I guess we just… bag the 100k and hit home. – I guess so. – What we did find
beforehand was pretty good, we were just going here
for like a last resort – Yeah. – Just in case we
stumbled across anything. It turns out it’s closed today. – If you guys wanna be really rare, Danny could get a tattoo
of something rare. (laughing) I’ll pay for it, I’ll
pay for it, are you down? I’ll pay for it bro, if it’s
small it’ll be like 10 minutes. Think of the content dude,
think of the content gold. – Dex will do it. – Think of the Instagrams. Okay, so these boys are
too wimpy to get a tattoo, but I stepped up, I’m
gonna get a rare tattoo. It’s worth it, it’s worth
it for the challenge. (laughing) – This is sick. This is so good – It’s worth it bro. – This crazy. This is crazy. – It’s not that crazy. – Crazy. That’s crazy. Cut. – How would you like me to send it? – He’s gonna hit you up later. – Danny is a pimp. (needle drills) Bro, he’s crazy. It’s crazy. – It’s crazy, it’s crazy, it’s crazy man, you know it’s crazy. (laughing) – I feel like we got our grail. Out of everything we could
find, that is one of one, 100K just sold – Yeah – Like, come on. – You know I guess it’s time to head home, see what the other boys got. – I’m confident. – Yeah, yeah. Yeah I know. (violin plays) – 20 minutes left, but… – Let’s chill bro. – Just kick back. We have arrived, 20 minutes early. (thunder clap) – What’s going on everybody,
my name is Richie Le. You already know Tan. We run a YouTube channel. Talks a little bit about sneakers, fashion,
lifestyle, basketball. We were invited by the PAQ boys to judge the Holy Grail challenge. They’re in the heart of
that streetwear hype, beast culture if you want
that, you know what I mean. – I mean you walk up
Melrose, Fairfax, La Brea. Holy Grails will be found man. – Let’s check out these pieces though. – Now I heard you guys been up to some crazy stuff here in LA. You guys got to let me know,
what’ve you guys been doing? – The Holy Grail, we
did a rare fit challenge back in the UK, but a certain
man took it out of the UK. So this is the rematch. – Who won last time? – Me and Dex. – Oh right. – But they cheated. They cheated. – We each found streetwear like grails, and then pick our top three and then you decide who
found the best three. – I’m definitely gonna try
and take the inner hype beast out of me and try to have more of a broad, you know, judgement . – [Richie Le] Shaq and
Elias, you guys are up first. – The undefeated. One of the rarest Jordans, about $30000, I know that Carhartt Eminems
are quite close behind, but I know these go for more. – These have way more
history than the Carhartts. – I’m actually gassed with the guys, we don’t even have to talk. I’m just feeling calm, like I’m the butter on the
corner, I’m just melting. The next ones are some of the
most rare sunglasses actually the Chanel Paris worn
by Pharrell, offset… – Not really that rare then. – No but they are though and here’s why. – The shop only had one black pair, one white pair, the white pair sold. – Yeah, okay, they’re rare. Elias, I know you love your sunglasses. – There’s probably about 20 pairs of Nikes that go wrong in manufacturing, right, but they never get out except – The one pair – That did. And these are it. – These are the… I literally saw them everywhere online before we even got out to LA. – We was actually with them
when they saw the shoe, originally, so… – But the difference is when we got there, the buyer was there to collect it, and they sold at $100000. – Obviously I took a photo
of the shoe yesterday, so what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna screenshot it, change the date. – I like it, he’s selling
himself, you know, he’s selling it, he’s selling it. Alright. – 100 G’s baby, I hope
you’ve got 6 figures. (laughing) – I’m addressing something. What you really need to work on is… Not running your mouth. – Yo, Danny, Dex, you guys ready man? – Born ready mate. So this jacket’s a Supreme jacket. At first glance it doesn’t look like much but the NCAA gave Supreme
a cease and desist letter – Wow. – So it was technically illegal to make. – Okay. – So first of all they had the NCAA jacket and I looked at it and I was like, okay, this just looks like a Supreme jacket that’s just got some patchwork on it. – It had a cease and desist letter, which means that it’s not
even allowed to be produced, like fair enough it
does look like a jacket, but so does any item of clothing, that is why it’s a cease and desist. – It shouldn’t be in stores, you know, it should be in police custody. (police siren) – Next one. – So this, right here,
these are two band tees, these tees are very,
very, very hard to find. Literally both these
T-shirts go for a grand each. – The whole point of this
challenge was like, yo, you want something that people would die
to get their hands on. I just don’t think that a couple of them band tees were… I don’t even think they
would make it go Grailed to be honest with you, they’d
probably make it to Etsy, but not Grailed. – Okay. – Oh man. – So, when we did the Rarest Fits One, Dex flew to New York and
got the blue Pastelle. – Just to annoy these guys, I’m gonna get another Pastelle piece. – The only people you
annoyed are the people that look back at you
in the mirror brethren, because that is where you took the L, by doing the same ting you did by far. – We basically said to them, like what’s the rarest thing in here, like complete rarest and it is in fact this Kors figure right here. The basketball’s supposed
to be super rare. – [Richie Le] Got it. – So what’s your rare item, the jacket? – [Danny] the photo itself. – That was the biggest load of crock, the biggest blag I’ve ever
seen in my entire life. “Yeah, so we’ve got all this
rare stuff from one photo “and what we’re gonna do is, what we’re… “We’re gonna decide what
the rare item is based “on the judges’ reactions”. See I’ve peeped that man’s game. – Oh, it’s too many rare
things in one photo. Didn’t Kanye make that one? – [Dex] Yeah, actually yeah, I think this is actually
the only sample piece, because he actually said that this is, this is made by Kanye. – The pieces are dope. – The Pastelle jacket is pretty crazy. – The rock tees, I
don’t really like those, you know what I mean, but they were, they were cool, you know. Shaq, Elias man, I think
you guys did your thing, you know, but undefeated Force, crazy, you know, like
those just speak to me. – Of course you got the upside down check. Automatically you’d think they’re fake, but then once you get
down to the nitty gritty and they’re not, it was just a misprint, everything else was
scrapped except this pair. – Little weasel came in the,
probably the recycle bin, (laughing) took those out, but anyways man. I know last time you guys won, but this time man, I think
Shaq and Elias gotta go, they got it. (cheering) – Alright to give you a… – Yeah man, you guys did it man – This guys not talking anymore. (laughing) – Thank you for picking
the right team, you know, obviously, this is how
you’re meant to win, the right way, no cheating. – Yo, if we screenshot the photo. That was a well deserved win, no cheating, was all fair game. – So these lot are saying it was fair game when in reality, so we’re
near the middle of Melrose, we went left they went right, when we go out and walked,
we always go right, so we’ve seen all these
rare items before, like… – I had a feeling they
were gonna get them. – Shout out to Richie and
Tan for coming through, absolute cool guys, sick judges. – If you’ve got anyone else
you wanna see in the episodes, any challenges, just
hit us with a comment. – Make sure you stay subscribed,
plenty more heat to come. This has been PAQ, the Holy Grail, I hope you enjoyed this
episode, we are your champions. – I’m back yeah because I was overhearing these man talking a
whole load of wass here. First of all, Yeezy bosser
did take us and tell us where the shoe was. But here’s the thing. Their leader, Jacob flipped the coin, and told them man, they’re going left. We got stuck with going right. So the smart thing to do would
be to go get the Nike tick. I was even saying to Elias, if worst case scenario,
we have to turn right, if we make a couple rights we can go left, and another thing is yeah, about a statue getting in the photo, it didn’t have to be in the photo. So was the basketball. You wanted to get that in there because you thought you
could get a loophole. (sighs) – [Elias] It’s alright Shaq, we won. – No man, no man. – Come on, come on. – So really quickly. (laughter) (upbeat music) (cheering) – Whole lotta gang here, you know what I mean from
the mill to the hill, so let’s get it.

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  1. It's funny to me how much you guys love Nike. Bill Bowerman gave my mom a pair of the first run of their first ever shoe (made with a waffle iron) and she demoed it before it was ever for sale. I live across the street from the headquarters.

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