Getting Revenge on Old Lady in Heels – Dynamite

Getting Revenge on Old Lady in Heels – Dynamite

(traffic noise) – Oh god. – [Interviewer] You look a
little tired this morning. – Oh yeah you know every
(bleep) morning at 6 a.m. this old lady next door
she gets her newspaper. She wears these (bleep)
heels and they’re like clickity clack, clickity
clack, clickity (bleep) clack. Well you know what? This morning I got a
little surprise for her and I’ll tell you what, boy is this gonna work. (laughter) Here she comes. Ready, one, two, three. Oh (bleep) I got it. I got it. (explosion) Ow that (bleep). Hello? Hello? I can’t oh (bleep) it worked. I can’t hear a damn thing. Yeah you just keep on walking. (laughter) Oh yeah this is awesome. I’m going back to bed. Nighty night. Oh hey you. Hey, hey thanks for checking
out our latest video for Dumpster Docs. I know you’re jealous of my looks (laughs) but don’t hold that against me. I was born this beautiful. Hey don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel, like our videos and leave a comment below telling us how handsome I am. (laughs)

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