Go BareFoot! Fila Skele-Toes vs Vibram Five Fingers Flow Review

Go BareFoot! Fila Skele-Toes vs Vibram Five Fingers Flow Review

Alright! This is John Kohler of Okraw.com
today I am outside my local JC Penney’s Store. I am outside my J C Penney’s Store
because I heard they have these shoes called the Skele-Toes which are made by Fila which
are actually very much in my opinion a knock off of the Vibram Five Fingers which I am
wearing today I love so much let me show you my Vibram Five Fingers so I love my Vibram
Five Fingers these are the shoes I love to wear the most you know what they put you back
in contact with the ground back in nature and they have a really superior grip and you
know we are not really made to wear shoes no other animal on earth wear shoes but us
so these are basically barefoot shoes they are for running but I wear them for everyday
use definitely build more muscles up in your feet they can actually hurt when you start
to wear them but you will get use to that over time and you will build more muscles
in your feet and they are definitely cool. Here in JC Penney’s they got an imitation
version the Skele-Toes by Fila we are going to check them out and they also sell them
at the local Kohl’s Store and you can also order them online but I just wanted to see
if they are any better than the Vibram to see how they compare because actually they
are less money and I am always interested in seeing competing or similar products I
am into the revolution the revolution into eating raw fruits and vegetables as a primary
source they are calories in your diet that are truly the best. Here is the display of
the Skela Toes by Fila I remember Fila from like back in the day here they are the Fila
toe shoes what we are going to do today is compare them to the Vibram Five Fingers so
this is the backside well let’s go ahead and grab the right size and see what it says
gravel, water, mountain, mud, trees, rock pit and dirt these ones are not necessarily
made for running well let’s grab it and check it out. Sitting down here we got the
Fila’s Skele-Toes remind me of skeletor I use to watch cartoons back in the day, you
can see here where my little Vibram Five Fingers flow I like these a lot these are the most
durable I have had the KSO and the Sprints they wear out really fast they have this neoprene
material more resistant to tearing at anytime you know these are what I am use to these
are my eighth pair of Vibram’s I have been wearing them over three years now I love them
a lot I like the rubber compound especially on the flows the black flows specifically
they have a nice sticky rubber compound that is really critical for me and this is why
I like the Vibram so much because they really do grip the ground really well I am wearing
a M42 this is European size so with European sizes I think you get a little more precise
fit on the foot than the standard American shoe sizes these guys have fit me really well
so what we are going to do now is take off my Vibram and compare it to the Skele-Toes.
There is my Vibram I just took off and and let’s check out the Skele-Toes so the Skele-Toes
in the USA sizes this is a size 9 and a Euro 42 so that would be the same size as my Vibram’s
here so let’s check it out here it is side by side you can see they pretty much they
look similar but this is where the Vibram has five fingers let’s count one, two, three,
four, five this one has four; one, two, three, four, like a dinosaur in some shoes there
the other thing you will notice that this material is a similar neoprene as the Vibram
but the neoprene is a little more forgiving and flexible and this one is not quite as
flexible on there the other thing is the closure is pretty much similar you have the velcro
closures on both you can strap down is tight but the thing is the Vibram closure is a lot
more flexible than the Skele-Toes the Skele-Toes are not quite as flexible but more durable
a nice little feature on the Skele-Toes is a little thing to help you get your foot in
instead of doing the tightening it is there to help you get your foot in they have one
on the front and the back that is kind of handy and the Fila inside and Vibram on the
inside the only thing you can take your hand and feel like the bottom of this and the soul
is nice and thin but on the Fila I am not measuring I have no measuring apparatus but
I will definitely gauge just by feeling it about double the thickness and immediately
you will feel on the back let’s look at the soles. The two soles side by side Vibram
razor sight you can see it when you bend it mine is getting kind of worn out I wear them
a lot you know it is a really soft rubber compound like high performance tires on your
car rubber compound will wear out fast they want this to happen the manufactures so you
will buy another pair but that just means you are getting a better grip. With the Skele-Toes
here much harder compound not like rubber more like a plastic that might not give you
the grip and traction you are looking for and another thing this razor sight I really
can take this and really bend it all the toes will flex so you know good for running it
is going to let your foot work like it is suppose to I can flex it but it will take
a lot more pressure to bend this back and forth because it is a lot more thicker so
it might be good if you are not going to run and you want more protection from things going
and puncturing through but not good for running okay once again no arch support in Vibram
in nature there is no arch support in nature we should be able to support our own arches
in the Fila’s you need some arch support there is probably some arch support because
there are no you can see there is an arch built in and there is a little bit and once
again not much at all that is pretty much the bottoms oh yeah the back of course the
back with the back adjustment on the Vibram back here is the one Velcro on the Skele Toes
there are two Velcro’s one on either side to tighten it back up otherwise looking at
the back they almost look like they just ripped off the Vibram and made their own version
a bit cheaper and not as quite durable I don’t know how they will last well next let’s
just try them on see if I can get my foot in there one handed let’s get my feet in
must go in and toes interesting part is you got to get the toes get them wined up they
are not quite use to this two of your toes are going to actually going to go in this
part one toe there, one toe there and the big toe right in there alright I got it in
alright now I am installed alright here we go I got to pull the strap down so there we
go I got the Skele on one foot and the Vibram on the other foot, Skele-Toes on the left
foot and the Vibram on the right foot and let’s go ahead and take them for a test
walk I feel like the Vibram are much more balanced more in contact with the earth but
the Skele-Toes I definitely feel like I am not fully in contact. I feel a bit more insulated
in the sole doesn’t quite flex as much it is not that I don’t like it the other thing
I notice you can see my big toe popping out a little bit technically I am a size 9 ½
the Skele-Toes come in a 9 or 10 the 9 appears to be a little bit too small, cause my toe
is popping there that may turn into a hole later
size 10 is a little to big
so after wearing both these guys I am going
to stick with my Vibram. Skele-Toes while an attractive price at $60 on sale for $55
or $49 whatever they are they just don’t compare to the Vibram you know I am going
to stick to the Vibram I am going to pay a little bit more money because you will get
a quality shoe than the Fila you know that is of course just in case you want to look
stylish and be more protective from puncture I don’t know about the durability it probably
be more resistant to punctures but if you are a runner you will need to be a little
bit more flexible go with these guys you want the real ones the Vibram so we are going to
put these Fila’s back so I hope you enjoyed this episode learning about the Vibram Five
Fingers that I love wearing so much once again you know I am always about getting back to
nature eating natural foods diet rich in natural fresh fruits and vegetables always going to
fuel you better than processed foods made from factory, So once again this is John Kohler
with Okraw.com will see you next time keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables wearing
your Vibram’s

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  1. @faylinameir you should just get the ones he's wearing FLOW's they are a good all rounder. Ive got em they are awesome just take a little bit of getting use to but after a while its like your not wearing anything!

  2. Heman!! 😉 Vibrams are on my wish list for sure. My only concern is how much wear I will actually get out of them. Between mesquite, cactus and other various thorny things around here I am just bound for punctures, lol. I saw these in Kohl's and the first thing I noticed was the 4 fingers. Glad to see the review, I was actually considering them. I'll continue to toss a few bucks into the vibram bucket here and there 😉

  3. I tried some Vibrams, they don't fit me right. Felt like they were cutting off my circulation too. I like moccasins much better ; )

  4. hey when did that vibram come out with that solid big toe the ones i got last year tore right at the tip of the big toe on both right and left

  5. Nice review John. I just saw a huge billboard for these. Vibram must be doing pretty well for Fila to jump in 🙂

  6. I am wondering if these type of shoes would fit if you happen to be an unfortunate person with some slightly webbed toes?

  7. VFF Flows are great shoes, but not for winter.
    And I can put them on bare feet only. I use Injinji toe socks with my KSO Treks.
    I suppose that the Skeletoes shoes offer better protection from cold and better traction on ice. Wearing them with toe socks should be possible either, and this troublesome little toe will not cause problems.

  8. I think you wanted to "review" the two pairs of shoes, however, your heavy Bias of Vibram over Fila comes out. I am researching which pair to buy, and based upon your video alone, I am leaning towards the Filas. The Barefoot Sensation is a Fad. From a Medical person who has served over 20 years in the military, jumping out of planes I have seen my share of foot injuries from road marches, jumping, running. I don't have room to explain all of my reasons, but thanks you sold me on FilaSkele-toes

  9. the shoe you've been wearing for months should be more flexible… wouldn't you think? would be better to compare new to new.

  10. i really dont know but i think that with a thicker bottom it would be better on rocks, which is what some people need

  11. on the vibrams your mor likly to have a nale go thoudh your foot but with the fila that wont happen so likly

  12. WOW YOU HAVE SMALL FEET IM 11 years old and im a size nine oh and i have a pair of vibrams and skeletoes and i noticed i got more blisters wearing the skele-toes

  13. The fact that FILA is saying that their Skele-toes isn't supposed to (or were not made to) compete with VFF is only a marketing deception. If VFFs weren't as successful as they are, FILA would have never entered the market for "toed shoes." They just want part of the money-making pie, like a lot of corporations if not most.

  14. I'm a new runner/jogger and have always worn thick soled/heeled eunning shoes to supposedly help the dact that I wear out the outter heels of my shoes… over pronation? Anyway, been researchin' many "minimalist" shoes and thinkin it may be better for us tgick sole users to slowly transition into the near bear shoes…Fila might be the way ta start out..lil more protection and lil less "road" feel. I'm not sure I'm ready to feels rocks, pebbles, occasional unseen fragment of broken glass.

  15. Sorry about typos… touch screen typing sucks. Liked this vid though… even though he preferred the Vibrams, it gives us viewers a chioce as to whether his dislikes were important to us viewers or not. Thanks for the vid!

  16. @fishersmedic This is an incredibly unhelpful and useless reply. You want to buy the opposite of his preference why? Most of those foot injuries you speak of are probably caused by marching boots and raised heels. As a Vibram wearer (Vee-brum) I was intrigued by the Fila's price. The price quickly made sense upon even holding a pair in my hand. They are CHEAPLY built, inflexible and all around a piss poor attempt at competition. There is no comparison. Get over yourself and buy a quality shoe.

  17. I should've checked this video before buying the skeletoes, I just bought them. I'm having a hard time finding the vibrams for some strange reason.

  18. @Bayshore1995 I've owned a pair of the KSOs for nearly 6 months now with a decent mix between indoor and outdoor usage and they're still in pretty good shape. If you'll mostly just be walking in them, particularly in indoor areas, then you can expect them to last a long time. On the other hand, if you plan to run in them a lot on concrete and sidewalks or rougher terrain, the soles will wear out faster.

  19. @Bayshore1995 They're expensive, but totally worth it; easily my most comfortable shoes. I'm getting ready to buy a pair of Flows so my feet don't freeze over winter. I've also loved all the positive reactions and questions from strangers I've gotten while wearing my Vibrams.

  20. @Zer0Zer0W0n Honestly with the whole minimalist idea behind them and the principals of barefoot running. They are essentially just protection for your feet while running barefoot style. This would suggest that they should last as long as they fit comfortably and continue to protect your feet from the elements. Biggest complaint i hear is about stinkyness which Vibram claims they are machine washable with air dry only. 🙂 Been looking into getting my own pair. ;D

  21. Good review but truthfully these shoes are good for people thatvwant fivefinger shoes but arent sure if the are comfortable and the alot cheaper than the VFF

  22. @swu880 are you referring to the metal plate we stick in to the hooves of horses? the ones that ruin the way they walk and have been proven to stunt muscle growth in there knees? then yes

  23. @faylinameir i prefer wearing fila skele-toes amp they are really good light weight shoes and nothing can go through the soles and thier eaiser to put on than the vibrams the only bad thing is that is that the bottoms of the shoes attract small rocks but besides that i really like them

  24. I don't see how you can accurately review two shoes, one of which you have had time to adjust and break in and the other which you pull out of the box, only after ripping on them before looking at them. To me this doesn't seem a reliable review due to this factor. If you wanted to make a video about your vibrams, you should have just done that instead seeing that this video is mostly a review of the shoes you already own.

  25. I gotta try the Vibram. I had one set of Skeletoes for an oceanology program, and after the 3 weeks the Skeletoes pullstring broke. I got a new today and the pullstring broke trying them on. So, I think the Vibram is next to try

  26. This wasn't a comparison video, it was a "my shoes are better video". Should've pointed out pros and cons of both shoes.

  27. im gonna pick up the flows for kayaking. those filas look like garbage. thanks for the review john. how often do you wash them considering there are no socks.

  28. My wife and I both have a pair of the Fila and after the break in period I found them to be both comfortable and functional. I also run in them and find they have a very good grip considering I haven't busted my ass yet. I haven't worn the Vibrams but I originally purchased the Fila out of curiosity. And I have to say I'm quite satisfied with the Fila.

  29. why would you want to have barley any padding on you footwear (vibrams). so I would rather get fila skele-toes 2.0

  30. Tell you what, I eat about 5000 calories a day, 90% of which comes from meat, and I am healthy, have a properly working body, and take about 2 shits a day and I don't give a fuck.

  31. How are you i liked your video,But I did want to say something about the filas do some more research on them if your wanting to spend alittle less money I have seen now days that they have more of a choice and may in fact have what your looking for I just got a pair today matter of fact going to take some getting used to I must say lol but I do like them! As for the five Finger man they do look good as well just don't like the price and I woun't be useing them for funning just normal everyday

  32. Well I Hope you find what your looking for I know everyones looking to save more money these days lol as for the comment about the horse shoes thats not what he was meaning and no horses don't have shoes in the wild as he was meaning lol anyways great video man thank you for the review!! HI5

  33. Ok i post a post sometime ago i had 2 pairs of fila skeletoes and vibram im liking vibram but you fill more with vibram and takes time to get use to them of corse they are super comfortable the fila ones are great for running d first time and u dont have to get use to dem but get vibram

  34. The point of 'minimalist' footwear is to be as close to the natural movement and flexibility of the bear foot as possible. Running bear foot over glass, nails, rocks, etc. is no fun. Yet the VFFs would indeed protect the foot from the kinds of glass, rocks and debris one would find on a typical city thruway or town dirt road. The stiffness and 4-toe design of the Filas are not desirable for forefoot running because the last two toes and the arch wouldn't be able to stretch/fan-out properly to distribute one's weight correctly. MOF – the Filas would be horrible for climbing, incline hiking or traversing river rocks.You need to be able to stretch and grip with ALL the toes and the Fila's rigidity inhibits the toes and feet from flexing in odd or opposing ways over rough and/or unbalanced terrain. You can wrap your toes around the edge of a rock in VFFs – wet or dry – and not slip, which could happen even with bear-feet

    When it comes to hitting the outdoor trail, hill, road, woods, forest, etc. with minimal foot wear, VFFs are the way to go. They have a variety of styles for various needs from trekking, running and stretching upon the Yoga mat to working it out at the Ballet barre; skipping rocks in the Delaware to traversing your favorite shopping Mall. LOL!!

  35. If you really want your foot. To be close to the ground get you some haurache sandals

  36. Comparing a completely broken in shoe with a new out of the box shoe isn't an accurate measure. I have worn FF and skeletoes. I have small feet at a size 8 and find the FF spread my little toe and fourth toe a little too much, which is what got me interested in the skeletoes. I have found that after the break in period the skeletoes have loosened up pretty good and are quite comfortable to run in. I only wear these types of shoes when it starts to get too cold here in New England. So I have not worn them out yet. Otherwise I either run barefoot or with my Xero Shoes Amuri Ventures.

  37. I liked the skele-toes better for the short time that they lasted. They break apart fast.

    But I felt as if they were half way between a normal running shoe and a barefoot shoe–was better on concrete. I felt exceptionally agile in them.

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