Hacks vs Hustle and Which One Nearly Ended This Channel

Hacks vs Hustle and Which One Nearly Ended This Channel

– Morning, Trainiacs. So, I just recently had
a point in one of the, oh, you gotta be able to see, sorry. Had a point in one of the
little booklets that I’m writing about swim, bike, run, to help guide people through
their triathlon journey, no matter where they
are in their progress. And it hit me that I’ve
never really communicated what I’m about. And the two words that came to mind, because they’re all over
Instagram, is hacks versus hustle. And I realize that a lot of
my content might confuse you. Am I about hacks and shortcuts and using the least possible effort to get the most possible result? Or am I about constant work and hustle? Well, it’s neither, and
frankly, both upset me, because I think both are
detrimental to the mindset of what we need as triathletes. So, we’re gonna talk
about hacks versus hustle. (energetic music) (spacey music) Easy, easy. That was 6K in about
32 and a half minutes. So now, it might be a little
bit of a conundrum for you, seeing me now doing 15-hour training weeks and doing a video every day and a podcast and an Instagram post every day. And meanwhile, I’m doing
videos talking about hacks and tricks. Frankly, one of my most popular videos has trick right in the title. Yet, here I am, saying
to you that hacks, hacks, the online culture of hacks, is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Now, when I think about hacks
and defining what a hack is, versus optimizing, I
think about a story of when I first left being
a financial advisor and started building up a
friend’s social media division. One of the things that he was
trying to get me to do is, he was pushing me towards this AI software that automated creating videos. And the videos that it created,
sure it created a video that we could post on social media, but they were awful videos. They would be talking
about a Samsung Galaxy S7, and showing a picture
of a Samsung Galaxy S5. It felt low-quality. And yes, it accomplished
the task of posting a video, but it was a complete cheat. But the intention of it
was to cheat the system without much work and try
to get the same results. And that’s what I define as hacks. I think this hack culture is
putting it in everyone’s mind, and in the case of triathletes, it’s putting in triathletes’ minds that if they choose to
do four six-hour weeks, there are secrets that nobody knows about that you can do a six-hour training week and still crush an Ironman. Well, guess what? You can do a six-hour training week if that’s all you have time for, and yes, you can get the
most out of that six hours, but there isn’t a hack
that is going to allow a four to six hour week preparation to be as successful as a proper, say, eight to 15 hour preparation. And the problem I have with this, is that this mindset of, I
have to hack the approach, it gives people the sense
that they can put in less work and get the same result,
and then when they don’t get the same result, it makes them upset, creates this dichotomy
of your expectations versus your results. But then, instead of being
about to look at it and think that the results are
reflective of the effort, people get upset and they
look for the next hack, a better hack, a better secret
that nobody knows about. And it just creates this
cycle of being unhappy with your preparation and your results. So, I’m on a bit of a time crunch, here. I have to get to swimming, but
we gotta talk about hustle, because hustle is just as bad,
if not worse, in my opinion. Now, hustle is where the
second half of that story of managing that social
media division comes in, and that’s where it gets really risky for pretty much everyone. I very much suffered from
the hustle mentality, and this whole triathlon
Taren Team Trainiac thing might not have ever
happened because of it. So, eventually I left that company, started my own social media company. I was training for a
triathlon at the time, and I was trying to build
this Triathlon Taren thing at the time. I was getting up early. I was training as early
as 4:30 in the morning. I was working late. I was trying to build a business, and I was sacrificing
sleep and thinking that that’s what you had to do. That’s what society and like, hustle, entrepreneurship culture
is ingrained in us, that you gotta be working all the time and you can sleep when you’re dead. And then, it unraveled big time, huge. So, after about a year of
trying to train for triathlon at a high level, trying to build
a new social media company, and trying to grow Triathlon Taren, I wasn’t doing any of them well. The business was kinda growing, but I was struggling,
kind of not figuring out exactly what we were going to do. My triathlon performances were suffering, and it all unraveled one day where, I don’t know if it was
a nervous breakdown, but at four p.m. one Friday afternoon, I basically curled up in bed and was on the verge of tears, telling No Triathlon
Kim that I didn’t know how I was going to proceed. I had trained myself
into such hormonal issues that I was fatigued, I was
beat down, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on things. I felt like I was going to let people down if I gave up Team Trainiac. I was an emotional wreck. And I wasn’t enjoying life. And this is what the hustle
mentality brought me to. I thought that I had no choice but to work and work and
work and work and work, and if I didn’t keep doing
that, I would be a failure. And in the case of triathletes who are already putting our
body through so much physical, hormonal, just overall stress, adding the stress of all that pressure that you put on yourself,
constantly feeling like you have to do more,
is the exact opposite of what we need to do. So today, I have a completely, well, negative opinion of
hustle, do work, do more, if you want it bad enough, you will make all necessary sacrifices. I think that is so tremendously
dangerous for triathletes. And unnecessary, geez. Let’s have some fun with it. Now, all this might sound kind of funny, as I’m gearing up for my
second workout of the day, but after the swim, when we
get back to the Pain Cave, I’ll explain how I think
people need to balance hacks and hustle for their
particular situation. Leads to fun. (groovy music) So, when that ended up happening, this whole Triathlon
Taren thing nearly ended. I had to give up something. But what was it that really
allowed this to keep going? Why am I still here? What I realized throughout that, that no matter how much
I want to do everything, I might want to train like a professional, going like 20 plus hours a week, I might want to build this
giant social media agency, I might want to build a big podcast and a YouTube channel
and multiple podcasts and print magazines and all these things, and have this giant empire. I can only do a certain amount of things before it becomes unhealthy. And what I looked at was,
what am I enjoying the most, and what am I enjoying the least, and what is not good for my health? And what I was enjoying
the most is this, is us. I didn’t want to give that up. What I was enjoying the least
was the social media company. So I started focusing on that less. What was detrimental to
my health was just doing more and more and more training. I had to figure out what was
a realistic amount of work that I could perform well,
and only focus on that. And to do well at that, I have
to constantly be thinking, what is the most effective way to be good at this that
doesn’t just involve hustle? More work, more, more, more. So practically speaking, now
I work from about seven a.m. to about six p.m., and within that time, there’s about two hours of working out and about two hours of eating. So, on a big day, I’m trying
to put in a good quality seven hours a day, and that’s about it. I’m not hustling away. I’m just trying to make sure that I do enough of the right things to make sure that I’m making progress. And this relates perfectly to training. It’s how we’ve set up teamtrainiac.com. I don’t prescribe, all right, you have to do these 10
workouts every single week. Or, you have to work out a
minimum of six plus hours a week. I just say, here are
your seven days a week. Slot in the workouts that you want to do, because you’re the only one that knows what you’re capable of doing. And with the hacks side of it,
the optimization side of it, we will do everything we can to research, scientifically back all of the methods that go into those
workouts, so that if it’s four hours a week of training you do, you get an effective four hours a week. If it’s eight hours a
week, you get an effective eight hours a week. There aren’t any shortcuts,
but there also isn’t the pressure from somebody outside saying you have to train
more and more and more. Because instead, what generates success, be it in life, or in training, is a consistent amount of work that you are easily capable
of doing repeatedly, month after month after month. That’s how I was able to continue
doing this stuff with us, and that’s how I was able
to progress in triathlon. Not by having these massive workloads in either professional or health life. Consistent work over time,
with some rest in between. There, rant over. Hacks are a problem, hustle’s a problem. Somewhere in the middle,
find your middle ground. Whatever you’re doing,
make sure that you’re happy and healthy doing it. All right? Later, Trainiacs.

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  1. This was my favorite video of yours so far Taren! I own my own swim instruction and triathlon coaching company and I love the wisdom and resiliency that you described here! It's all about the long-term! It's a marathon, not a sprint! 🙂

  2. Totally agree, a hustle example from me. I had to delay my long bike-run from Saturday to Sunday due to a storm and after a 530 start to swim this morning followed by 11 hours of work and commute, skipped the run tonight and crashed out

  3. My fav videos are the ones that don't come with a sponsor product attached to it. Your advice on this video was on point. Very cool to have some insight on your actual daily life.

  4. Great video. This is why you are at 64K and growing. You speak to the 'everyday', 'age-group', 'weekend warriors' like me. It helps me to stay consistent, and not lose hope.

  5. Agreed, you're best video so far by miles…. this is EXACTLY what a lot of us need to hear. Knowing someone as experienced, driven and accomplished as you also went through the same challenges with stress and balance makes me feel "normal" again, and helps keep me grounded. Thanks so much Taren, being open like this really helps.

  6. Easily your best video yet. I appreciate the vulnerability on display. Your work makes a difference and the time and effort you put into it is easily noticeable.

  7. Interesting and a little bit of deja vu. Except in my case, I found training as a savior from stress. I believe triathlon and training made the transition as a Financial Adviser to owner of my own investment advisory firm more tolerable and the last 36 yrs. less emotionally impactful. The fact that I managed to completed 5 Ironmans, 20 or so half Ironmans and Interantional Distance tris, and hundreds or sprint distances is something that may have been physically challenging it also made me mentally more resilient. But, I must admit, their were various levels of swings in my commitment to both work and triathlon… and, at times always wanted to quit one or the other… with the Financial Adviser profession as ALWAYS the looser preference.

    Fast forward (now, at 61), I found myself slipping into retirement for the past 5 yrs. and the urge to climb back into "hard core" training for triathlons because it made work tolerable… and, now it appears to be making retirement tolerable. Who would have thunk.

    Oh and BTW… if social media had been around when I started in the sport (mid 80's), my future may not have been what it is for me today… who knows.

  8. Watch your videos daily, subscribe to your platform, enjoy your way of thinking. This was a video I really enjoyed because it felt real, you connected on a level we can all subscribe too no matter our circumstance. It would be great to see one of these from time to time so we can continue to invest in your's and our journey together, thank you!

  9. Looks like the low carb lifestyle is changing your lean mass balance. Looking more jacked bud. Anyways, keep up the good work.

  10. Right on great discussion in the video. Have to put the time in but make the right balance also. BTW you look tired get some rest !

  11. Hi Taren, not sure this video really addressed the hack issue.as a long term viewer of your channel I would never accuse you promoting hacks or cheats and cant see where that would come from! Your channel has been a fantastic vlog and of instructional videos as basic as cleaning your bike. Your recent progress now looking at nutrition lchf is fantastic as we also progress through our triathlon career albeit you appear to have more like a pro training week but your training week being in hours quite normal 9 hours was it? And qualify for worlds! The latest vid about your running economy makes so much sense to me. Seeing your progress and training at z2 will a real eye opener to me. As I have a similar bodybuilding back ground and want to train harder. I haven't seen any hacks or cheats on your channel keep exploring and hope to see you at Kona in the next few years

  12. Great video Taren and an awesome insight into life focus & priorities. It must have felt nice to get some of that off your chest (you did let out a big puff at the end)

  13. Ahhh, hope this would have been topiced little differently! Most important things you've talked about, mate. Kudos! Really important stuff here folks! Balance in life is important to your overall wellbeing. <3 keep up the good work T!

  14. Hi Taren! In my opinion your decision was right, keep on going! You help all of us out here with this fantastic sport! I started triathlon training in Nov. 2018 and i can´t wait for my first raceday right now. I´m so excited and hope i´ll enjoy my day and perform well…..

  15. Mate, it's the 'I realized i can't do everything' content that we want more than anything else. This is why Lionel Sanders is so popular among triathletes… the human side of training is much (MUCH!!) more interesting than the scientific breakdowns.

  16. Loved this. I pushed it too far about 10 years ago. Kids, work, social life and no exercise – I ended up a blubbering wreck in my office one day. Not good for staff moral!

    So I started running but kept getting injured. So I took up swimming as well. And now here we are. Me watching triathlon Taryn on my trainer, sweating all over the garage floor.

  17. As I've always found you, easy to listen to, never felt pushed. You only advise, help and motivate people. I don't do celebrity, but can't wait to meet you one day. Great video mate. My go to Triathlete. 😉

  18. Taren, THIS could not have come at a better time. Hustle mentality has been wearing me out, especially as I build a Personal Training/Coaching business, and try to pick up triathlon training while still apparently fighting Epstein Barr (mono) virus. Thank You for sharing your experiences! Your message has helped me see some things I need to let go of so I can do a few things well, instead of many things mediocre.

  19. Thanks Taren, great video. The title nearly put me off watching but I just did so. And I am pleased to have done so. I am going through some issues related to overworking, the hustle life, and it’s been really helpful to hear your story. I am back to work next week after a few weeks off, I think I raised the flag in time for me. What this video has given me is some clarity and more motivation about my next steps. Not going to let life take over anymore, I am going to take over my life again, and get more sleep.

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