Hard Work That Goes Into Making Cowboy Boots

Hard Work That Goes Into Making Cowboy Boots

A lot of work goes
into those motherf***ers For one pair, dude! It’s the full quill ostrich
on there. So they do
the pre-cut outline to make sure there’s no damages
on the actual skin and you can get three pairs
off ostrich skin. They’re gonna do the lining
and exterior of the shaft. And that goes for the outside
of the shaft So that’s gonna be goat You see right here to get it
prepared for the stitch pattern on the shaft so they put
that material in the middle so it won’t mess up the leather so they’re putting it together
right now as you can see. Right now they’re putting
the boot together on the sides. There cannot be any wrinkles
at the skin so that’s why he has to pull out the screws
sometimes then put them back in. This method A lot of manufacturers aren’t
using it no more, it’s harder to make it. You have
to make this mix by hand. So they mix it in the morning.
They’re putting the bottom sole
on it so they heat it to make sure
the glue activates. And they put on the sole. Now he puts the nails in there. That’s the last step
to make sure The boot is attached together. Those holes are
for the woodpegs. Then they gotta make sure the
nails aren’t popping up

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  1. Compre como 2 o 3 botas de yerba cowboy lo más durable y mas bonitos que eh tenido/ i thought 2 or 3 boots from this company the best AMD most durable boots i own

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