Herman the Worm – Camp Songs – Kids Action Songs – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

Herman the Worm – Camp Songs – Kids Action Songs – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

♪ Healthy music for a child’s
heart, body and mind ♪ – [Narrator] Herman the Worm
from the award winning CD Action! Fun! Dance! by
The Learning Station. (upbeat music) There’s a red heart that magically appears somewhere in this video. Please let us know where you find it in the comments section below. Click on the images to
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view videos or playlists. Don’t forget to click on the
thumbs up to like this video and please leave a comment below. We will reply to you. ♪ I asked Herman what happened ♪ ♪ And he said “I burped!” ♪

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  3. Hey dude! You’re great, except you’re slappin’ on you’re right knee singing slappin’ on my LEFT KNEE!! Fix it. Pull it down, cause you’re bigger than you think…..even in China teaching kids English

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  5. I was singing the song to my preschoolers ( I'm a teacher) and I got to the part where it said I swallowed 3 grapefruits, and they looked at me and said Miss em those are oranges not grapefruits

  6. The things he’s eating in this are invisible that’s what it looks like after the pics of what he ate (this is a joke so don’t go saying omg you are so dumb)

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