How to Be a Faster, Stronger Runner!

How to Be a Faster, Stronger Runner!

hey you guys it's Christina and I am so excited to be back with you guys today because I'm going to be sharing with you my tips on how to become a stronger faster better runner those of you who know me know that I love to run if you follow my snapchat you'll see that I run six to eight miles every single day and I know that I recently just made a video on why I love to run so much I'll put that link below for you and ever since making that video I've been getting a lot of questions from people on how to become a better runner so today I thought I would share my tips on how I've become a better runner because I was not always good at running growing up sick as a girl with hyperglycemia I was never really able to be that great at sports as a kid growing up and now that I've been healthy for years now because I've been fully raw for about eleven years running to me is like a gift it's a privilege and I love to do it every single day because it is like me time it's like meditation time oh I feel so good so just a quick disclaimer on this video these tips that I'm giving you our merely tips that I have used and that have improved my running keep in mind that everybody is different and what works for me may not work for you but I'm hoping that me sharing these tips they can somehow help you to become a better runner a faster runner or motivate you to just get out there and start moving before I get started with my main reasons I have three tips that I want to give you that can apply to any workout or any sport or any type of athletic activity that you are trying to achieve one of the most important tips I can give you here is that consistency key making sure that you are consistent with your workouts every single day I'm not just talking about running I'm talking about whatever it is that you love to do the more consistent that you are with your workouts the better you're going to get at them the more you're going to improve even if you are just taking baby steps consistency is key motivation is key if you're not motivated to be athletic or to be physically active or if you're not motivated to do anything you're not going to do it where there is a will there is a way and you have to be motivated to get your workouts on if you really want to get better at them and third breathing is key I know a lot of people may disagree with me on this one but I have noticed such a huge difference in my workouts when I am focused on my breathing and when I continue my breathing not just in my workouts but throughout the day breath is life it literally brings oxygen to your body it helps you recover it better breathing is key consistency motivation and breathing all three of those tips can apply to any workout that you are doing those will help you with any activity any sport no matter what you are doing stay true to those three things I promise they will help you okay so jumping in specifically to running I'm just gonna share from personal experience that I used to suck at running like I couldn't even run five minutes before like I was heaving and huffing and puffing and I would remember thinking I could never ever run more than ten minutes this is miserable and I would just put myself down in my head and play these negative tapes and tell myself that I can never ever do it believe it or not but I used a running and I never ever saw myself as a runner and look at me now I love it what shift happened for that to occur I tell you I remember as I was overcoming my hyperglycemia right when I first started eating fully raw I started regaining my help and before even just walking for me was a struggle because I would get dizzy or I'd get nauseous or I'd feel fee need to go to the hospital any one of those things but I remember as I started eating more fruits and vegetables started eating more raw food and I started regaining my help I had a lot more energy to play and to feel like I wanted to be out in nature and do things and believe it or not but I started off just by going for small walks every day I remember I just went for like small ten-minute walk small 20-minute walks before I knew it I was taking like thirty minute power walks every day that's all I was doing thirty minute power walks which is something that you can do that is so simple gets your heart rate up power walking is a great workout it's great and I remember one day I was power walking and out of nowhere I just started lightly jogging and I remember as I started within the first five minutes I told myself but I can't do this and then after five minutes are like oh my gosh I just ran for five minutes and I was so proud of myself even just for that five minutes I was felt like fire her great and then the next day like I went for another thirty minute walk and then I ran for like ten minutes and a month later before I knew what I was running for like 15 20 minutes and for me that was good enough every day because I still felt great I was feeling the benefits I was feeling that runner's high and I think over time in a slow evolved 'men of my daily workouts I slowly built myself up to running from twenty to forty five minutes it probably took me about a year to get to that point but now here I am like ten years later and I'm able to run six to ten to twelve miles in a day without even blinking an eye without getting sore without feeling pain without feeling tired my runs energize me now and I love them I would never give them up for the world so if you are just starting to get into running and you're wanting to know how to do it my tip is to start walking start walking 20 minutes a day start working 30 minutes a day start power walking and power walk so much every day that you get to the point where you can take that five minute jog and then once you get there start building up your jogs from there and before you know it when you exercise consistency motivation and breathing I promise your endurance running will only increase drinking water is incredibly important if you're not going to drink water then eat a lot of fruit or drink fresh juice another tip make sure you have good running shoes go to a shoe store have them look at your feet look at the arch of your foot whether you're flat whether you're high get the shoe that fits best for you I love minimus shoes I love having very little padding but if I ever feel like my body's sore sensitive I don't mind grabbing a shoe that has a little bit more padding for me the type of shoe you use is incredibly important and be sure to change these out every two or three months to keep your knees in good check and the rest of your body especially your back for those of you who are experienced runners and who are trying to get their speed up or perhaps their endurance up here are my tips if you are trying to become a faster runner what I recommend is taking four to five Sprint's like hardcore sprints for about maybe like 10 to 20 seconds if you can in between your run or your jog and that day and I say this only because as you start sprinting your body literally uses everything it has to turbocharge you forward and then you take that slow little like laps in-between to kind of catch your breath it keeps your body moving and then you go again and you sprint taking these Sprint's in the middle of your long jogs or maybe perhaps even just taking five sprints in the middle of your day is going to help increase your speed but keep in mind you want to do this in addition to your running and in addition to your walking that will help you increase speed for those of you who are trying to increase your endurance or maybe perhaps your stamina or how long you're running your mileage one of the best tips I can give you is to power walk as much as you can what you want to do is put in the time because the more time you put in the more breathing you put in the more motivation and consistency you put in the longer and faster you will be able to go but keep in mind that endurance running is not always about being fast it is a slow and steady pace until the end of the race I don't believe that there is a sprint or endurance exercise that is more important than another I believe that a mix of doing many things is going to benefit you something I do recommend that will help your running is mixing up your workouts for instance even though I run every single day I still do yoga four to five times a week I go to a hot yoga class I love boxing sometimes I do spinning classes all of these strength building exercises or strength building workouts helped me to develop muscles and other areas of my body they helped me develop my core they strengthen my legs and ultimately these help me with my running they make me faster they make me stronger they help my stamina keep mixing up your workouts they will help you in the long run no pun intended and last but not least those of you who are trying to recover from injuries he lied on yourself it's going to take time for your body to rebuild heal and restore and it's okay to take light walks and to be easy on yourself if running is painful for you or your knees take a lighter impact workout there are certain machines at the gym that can still use the same muscles that keep you moving that won't be as strenuous on some of your joints or your ligaments in addition to all those tips of course I am going to recommend that you have a clean diet eating fully raw fruits and vegetables every single day get in those carbohydrates from fruit get in those minerals and proteins from greens edom edom eat so much of them that your body has nothing to do but feel grateful for all of the good nutrition that you are putting inside of it you guys are looking for more recipes on what you can eat to help you feel good or recover after a good workout check out some of the other videos on this channel here I have so many and I'm going to be posting more for you guys especially every Sunday as my goal is to try and get people to have three fully raw meals a week so remember every Sunday I'm putting up three recipes for you to try throughout the week to keep you feeling your absolute best all right you guys those are my tips on how to become a better faster stronger runner if you guys have appreciated this video please give it a thumbs up and comment below and let me know if you have any tips that you would like to share with us as well you guys need more tips tricks or recipes on how to go flea rub please subscribe here to flea rock Cristina's we have fun getting healthy together you guys want to follow me daily you can also find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and Twitter hopefully rod Kristina oh and snapchat and stories happily rock all right you guys I'm gonna go get my workout on today and I hope that you get to go and do the same motivation consistency and breathing let's go

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  1. I am seriously considering going out for running 🏃🏾‍♀️ as per your enthusiast personality! Thank you 🙏! I have felt that running high- that’s a natural way of making me feel better and stronger!

  2. The only problem for me is finding where to run. I don't like people looking at me while I run. Ever since I started running, i start at 11:30PM-12:00AM because my community security doesn't allow people out after 12.


  4. Thank you for telling me to take my time and enjoy my journey of running. I just started running and what I mean by just started is two weeks and I need this thing, thank you

  5. I wish I could run but I cant do it consistently because I have bad hips and the impact will eventually cause me pain within only like 4 consecutive days :/

  6. so you run every day and only wash your hair once a week… I think someone is telling porky pies

  7. I was looking for a video like this… I suck at running and no one seems to talk about how out of shape they used to be and that its possible to become a fast/strong runner… thank you this was great!❤

  8. Most of the top coaches swear by LSD ( long very slow distances ). Even the Kenyans build up a solid baseline of long very slow running – it might start at only one kilometre, but eventually you can build it up to 20 kilometres, at the nice easy slow pace of 6 minutes/ kilometre…..Cheers from Australia.

  9. Thank you SO much for this inspiring and wonderful video! I always get so much happier seeing you smiling and speaking with so much love! love you so much kristina💕

  10. Hi Kristina! I think you're amazing:) There's that power and motivation coming out of you! It is so easy to see that you love what you do and that you share a sincere opinion and thoughts. Love from Lithuania! Keep going girl :*

  11. THANK you Kristina!! I use to run all over the place when I was younger.. I loved it.. but here I am now .. 50 and out of shape.. LOL.. but your my inspiration… I will succeed.. or die trying .. =)

  12. You know what helps… running drills. Tempo runs, lactic days, alactic days. Form days. Etc. Just running every day will only get you so far. Time over distance is how you measure your fitness. Not just mindlessly putting in mileage.

  13. I'm so happy that she finally did this video. And random side note, I love that she always does her videos outside (unless it's a recipe one, obviously). So refreshing. So much love and respect for this beautiful soul! <3

  14. THANKYOU again!! I'm working out now everyday. Small steps but consistant. I'm using my mini trampoline Pilates. My body looks trimmer now weight needs to come off. I want to nourish my thyroid because of hashimotos. You're the best thankyou😀😀

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