How to choose Flat Pedal mountain bike Shoes | Skills with Phil

How to choose Flat Pedal mountain bike Shoes | Skills with Phil

in many of my videos I talk about the
importance of learning new skills with flat pedal shoes so this video will serve as sort of a
buyer’s guide if you’re thinking about purchasing your first flat pedal shoes good flat padal shoes are important but
often overlooked piece of equipment for new beginner riders since you only have
two main points of contact with the bike hands and feet shoes can make a big
difference in your ride quality so when buying shoes for mountain biking
there are a few features that you will want to look for. The first feature is a
flat sole which creates a big usable surface and allows your foot to make
full contact with the pedal. We also want to shoot me groupie this
can be accomplished by either having a tread pattern that hooks to the pedal or
rubber compound that increases friction. The last feature of a good flat shoe is
a stiff soul which provides good foot support and also absorbs to the big
impacts there are a few other optional features
such as lace covers material type and color but in this video we will not be
focusing on those. Which shoe is best for you comes down to personal preference
and your budget. Skate shoes are great because they are very affordable and
easy to find not to mention most brands will have
some sort of model with a grippy tread pattern however they are designed for skating
which means they are usually very thin and the rubber compound is hard and not
nearly as script be compared to mountain bike specific shoes these are still a
huge upgrade for riders who are currently riding in running shoes or
even hiking boots. On the other side you have these 5.10 shoes. They are more
expensive and are only available at certain locations however they’re designed specifically
for mountain biking the soul is very stiff and the rubber compound is very
soft and practically glues your foot to the pedal these are by far their grippiest shoes
out of the bunch some writers who are not used to riding in 5.10 shoes will
actually find these two far too grippy because once you set your foot down on
the pedal it cannot be repositioned very easily. So if you don’t want a heavy shoe
in group is what you’re going for look no further than these. Somewhere in the middle are the shimano shoes Like the 5:10, shoes they also cost a bit
more it can be hard to find but they use a stiff Vibram sole with a medium rubber
compound this will allow you to reposition your
foot while still giving you adequate grip. Riders who find 5 10 choose to be
to gripping may find these used to be good in between as they are also very
comfortable in the lightest out of the bunch personally I find these to be some of
the best looking mountain bike shoes there are a few other options that i did
not feature in this video since I didn’t have access to them I will have a link to the shoes i have
featured in this video on top of other suggestions of a my website which i will
link below so I hope this helps. If you have any
suggestions for shoe options leave yours in the comments below my name is Phil Kmetz thanks for playing
bikes with me today and I’ll see you next time

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  1. I have some hiking shoes that have low ankles so they are much lighter than normal one and are more of a runner with an aggressive tread. I find these are very good as the pins dig into all the nooks and crannies of the tread.

  2. Get the cheapest pair of vans you can find, if you have the kind of pedals with studs coming out of them. They work amazingly and literally feel like you are clipped in due to the studs slotting into the tread on the vans.

  3. so I was at a bike park recently and noticed as I tried to jump the table tops and get more air I encountered the issue of the bike pedals dropping away from my feet. is there a way to hang on without clipping in? I do wear a skate style shoe.

  4. Adidas Ultra boosts work well. bit expensive but the sole is soft and grippy and they absorb impact well.

  5. just snagged a pair of 5.10 freerider vxi elements for 65$ usd, and i gotta say after today's ride, they're fantastic. Much more grippy than my NB MT-110 that i've been using for the past two years. They're more confidence inspiring than my clipless pedals that saw very little action

  6. I go with Vans high tops. The waffle sole are a little deeper for your pedal to dig into. It also gives you support around your ankle. It's light weight and durable. They also have shoes with impact soles, but are a little more expensive.

  7. Is there a brick and mortar store I can look at Flat Pedal Mountain bike shoes with a grippy sole like Five Ten in person? In Northern NJ where I live all the bike stores only stock cleats meant for wannabe pro racer Freds. I live close enough to travel to NYC btw. I would really like to see and try on shoes in person.

  8. I had a rock fly off my front tire and strike my big toe the other day. Man was that painful. I've never thought to need protection for my feet while riding before but this has caused me to consider foot protection. What are your thoughts on this?

  9. anybody use O'neals? the oneals trigger to be specific…, i wanted five tens but not available in my country 🙁
    wondering if the oneal flat mtb shoes are any good?

  10. Yo Phil,
    I am planning on getting those shimano shoes. However some people say that their sizes are smaller than same size from other comlany. But I wear DC shoes and I saw them in this video. So I was wondering could you tell me your DC shoe size and Shimano shoe size?

  11. Thanks for the videos, they are really useful, in my country we have great riders but unfortunately very very few bike stores, so I learned all this the hard way. Paying a lot for bad stuff. Thanks!

  12. I inadvertently wore my dress shoes riding w. flat pedals. I was surprised by the fact that the soles gripped the pedals and how stiff they were when pedaling. I'm still getting the 5.10 shoes since there are some in a size 15

  13. Decent review, very stiff and to the bullet points of the shoe.
    Keep going, but dude, please get laid soon, your analytically basic review reflects ALOT….

  14. I made the mistake of doing some decent size drops with tennis shoes and my foot was coming off pedals…got just some cheap flat skateboard shoes while on vacation at walmart and just those made a big difference in keeping my feet on the pedals.

  15. man you need to get on Peeks Social app and earn $ for doing these types of videos, earn in real-time, forget YouTube

  16. my first bike shoes are specialized 2fo and the are great. I use them trail riding,downhill and dirt jumps this is the 3th year with them but been thinking about 5-10

  17. In this video you said that there are only two contact points on your bike… WRONG there are three, pedals, handle bars, and SADDLE!!

  18. If there isn't something you can just put over your shoes, that might be a good invention. Kind of a niche market though.

  19. I folded my foot up to my leg 7 years ago , so I have been riding with salomon quests ,l pulled every tenon and ligament in foot up into leg , sprained my ankle so bad it grew out over 3 inches in 10 seconds , and broke foot in 2 places. I just don't have the confidence to ride in lows. Does anyone have any input on highs with very good ankle support. I have no problem riding in hiking boots but everyone gives me hell about it.

  20. Do the 5.10 shoes run smaller or bigger? Im going to have to order my shoes online due to me not finding a store near me and want to choose the size accordingly.

  21. Hey Phil. I noticed on your gear page on your site that you state that shoes now, are pretty much five tens. So, has your opinion changed on the shimanos vs the five tens?

  22. ok, I was given Shimano TYorbal sh-m089 shoes. I am planning to use platforms. Will these shoes be viable? The sole is not flat… I currently have your cheapest, stock pedals (the ones made from resin and often used in commuting city bikes) and these are quite grippy with my new shoes but I dunno about platforms? Oh, and because during the week I am commuting, clips are out of the question 🙂 so should I leave these cheap resin pedals or will my new (and quite frankly amazing) shoes handle platforms? Thanks in advance for letting me know 🙂

  23. This might sound a little absurd but I think brand black tabi are incredible, the grip is well balanced; good pattern and high friction but still easy to adjust, stiff, large, flat sole with exceptionally breathable and flexible upper fabric and due to the design highly adjustable. Despite their appearance, they are a real shoe aesthetic aside

  24. Hey mate do you ever take a Leatherman or something to help get a valve out of a tubeless rim? Had an issue recently in the middle of nowhere..

  25. any skate shoes will get you started….. But as eventually you start to get a bit more rowdy your gonna want to upgrade to some shoes with proper support, durability, protection and grip 🙂

  26. My favorite flat pedal shoe is a Van's hightop it's super grippy not to heavy and I like the ankle support from the hightop. I wore them when I raced BMX and now when I ride MTB

  27. The skate shoes can be bought with a thicker more supportive sole if you are buying online and the description reads something like "good board feel" they will be thin

  28. Hi Phil another great video. But I have a problem BIG FEET I wear a size 14 shoe I've try to find a pair of 510's in my size but dosen't seem posable . can you help me . Thanks in avance .

  29. 510's are the air jordans of mtb, me personally like sakte shoes specifically dc rebels last long and unlike most skate shoes are pretty firm in the sole

  30. Puma suede classics, gum bottom , waffle "x" pattern. Tough, grippy and great off the bike as well. 50 bucks on Amazon.

  31. Screw DC, if you don't have money for the 5.10, ride globe or etnies. The Brandon Semenuk signature model is not for everyone, but still, etnies at least support MTB

  32. Palm gradient river boots or shoes.
    Similar sole and grip to the 5.10 rubber, designed for wet environments, extremely tough, keep feet warm when wet too.

  33. I love my 5.10-shoes. Their grip are amazing and make it much safer and easier to ride difficult places. Been using them for many years now. They still work like new.

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